Best URL Shortener for Creating Short Links Automatically

Best URL Shortener for Creating Short Links Automatically
Best URL Shortener for Creating Short Links Automatically

There are times when we are too excited to tell a friend about a song or movie, but it’s hard to spell it out because of its long domain name and codes attached to it. Even when we send the link, the difficulty of just reading through makes the receiver indifferent. Our excitement dies somewhere in the middle, and we cannot communicate our idea properly.

This problem with a longer URL seems trivial but causes new ideas and imagination to halt. Short links are convenient in conversations in comparison. You can establish a notion just by customizing the relevant name to your product. People will want to see anything they can relate to, and an easy name is one of the things to generate interest.

We use thousands of URLs in our sites and documents. If these URLs could speak for themselves at first sight of the customer, chances build up automatically; chances of advertisement. With each click, there is the popularity of a product associated. Short links increase that chance of popularity.

Why do you need a short URL?

Short URLs are easy to remember. It would be best to think about the gibberish code that is always attached to the URL. If the name is short and in understandable language, you can easily communicate with other people. And we need to share URLs in our everyday work. A shorter URL is the easy way.

If we have the freedom to write our URL for our convenience, we can make it meaningful. By reading the name of the URL, you can know what the URL is for. You can know what the use of the URL is or what may be on the page is.  

The ease of understanding leads to the willingness to share a link. The user fully complies with the cause of the product represented by the link. It then gives organic exposure to the product on social networks and the Internet.

Readable URLs create user involvement. When you are reading through a text document, it’s comfortable to have links to readable URLs to quickly get an idea about it and click on them. Our brain tends to ignore things that are insensible to us at first. So, it is beneficial to have a short URL on our site.

These needs for short URLs have created a community that has developed a comfort level with short URLs than longer ones. They prefer others who use shorter URLs as well. Therefore, there is a convention in the workplace where everyone expects everyone to use shorter URLs. The other way feels wrong.

There are many benefits of short links. But in todays’ work arena, we cannot change every name manually. It is not just possible. We need something like a URL shortener application that could do it for us. And, we have found some.

A few terms and phrases associated with the URL Shortener application need to be understood to understand the whole thing.

  • API calls: API calls means the request sent to the server when a customer clicks on the URL. There is a response system organized in the server to reply with proper results, answer your queries. Based on API, the communication is done between different layers of a website.
  • RSS: It stands for Really Simple Syndication. An RSS feed is a fancy way of denoting a file with all the recent updates from your favored websites. It is used for marketing purposes.
  • Link Management: Link Management makes custom links, editing them, and organizing the entire link shared for a company. It helps to make plans and execute the best marketing strategy for your product.

Best URL Shortener


An illustration of a girl with a browser window is walking on the right, and a text and blue button are on the left of the webpage of bitly, an application to make short links.

Bitly is the best URL shortener for all-around users. It can help transfer links to powerful tools in marketing a product. 

The URL created by Bitly is recognized by the customers and used frequently. The links are secure, and you can integrate with any online tools you are comfortable with.

It provides many features like link management. All the modifications needed to link likable can be made by it. Your brand links are made by replacing with your brand name.

Mobile links are also influential aspects for frequent use. It helps to make short and meaningful mobile links. 

Campaign and management analytics is another feature in the bitly that can help you execute your plans for business based on customer engagement. You can instantly create your QR code with the feature. QR codes are very useful for trade efficiency.

It has paid as well as free plans.

Free plans include upto 1000 links/month, 2-factor authentication, unlimited clicks, customizable back halves, powerful link history and reporting, access to integration.


An application to make short links, Rebrandly webpage image has a media file on the right with a guy profile wearing glasses and a t-shirt and text and buttons on the left.

Rebrandly is used commonly by business persons to form brand links. As the name suggests, it has features specialized for business uses.

It is the platform to brand and manage links at a scale of business levels. Small and big, local to enterprise level.

Its features mainly include link management for better readable and usable customization, traffic routing, analysis of customer preference in links, and others.

You will manage domain names according to the customers’ behavior and collaborate with others through internet tools.

Paid options are expensive as it is meant for doing business. For starters, a free plan is a good start.

The free plan includes unlimited fast redirects, 5000 clicks tracked per month, 500 total brand links, 5 custom domain names, and likewise.


TinyURL webpage with turquoise blue background and input field to generate short links on the left. A blue button in the center with a list above it.

Tiny URL is specialized to provide you with anonymous URLs. It gives you aliases to your URL, which are comparatively fast.

Short URLs are really good for marketing and branding. If people come through a name, they understand or relate; they click on it. You can connect to your customers on the other end by providing a proper name your brand represents.

It has been providing service for 19 years and gives billions of redirects per month. It provides features like link management, branded and customized links, campaign monitoring, and analytics. The cost of plans is also varied according to your needs.

Free plans have unlimited shortened URLs, unlimited click on your URLs, no expiration, custom alias, alternative domains, and others. 

The webpage of, an application for short links, has a blue colored background with text on the front and a green button at the center. is an URL shortener for managing customers engagement when links are clicked. It is used by the small business owners as well as an enterprise.

It helps you to customize your link and manage all the operations by you a custom link. It gives you the analytics of how the customer is behaving with the link you provide. It helps with the growth of your company and scales the services as big as it gets.

The user experience is also quite good, and it is secure.

All the services are on a payment basis as per your team and the services required. But a 21-day free trial is provided in every paid plan.

It can be changed anytime if more services are required.


A white webpage of Shorby, an app to make short links, has a login menu on the center with a purple sign-in button.

Shorby is the Instagram bio link tool. It is an interface for the interfaces. You can create a page to list out all your links and distribute traffic rather than sending them all to your bio page.

You can feature your content in the dashboard, all the recent updates. There are links to all popular messengers. So, you can get connections quickly. 

It can also be used on other social media platforms and is very useful for marketing purposes.

It has custom mobile templates and performs best on smart devices.

You can start using it for free for a few days, but you need to take a subscription after that.


In short, you can see all the benefits of short links. Many applications such as URL Shortener will create a node to your site for all the visitors. There are marketing strategies involved and social engineering in action to bring more customers to your link and engage with your product.

These products are good according to your area of interest. Going through every product site and comparing is somewhat impractical. You have to know about your dimension before buying a plan. The specification that is attached in the description above may help you with that.

Create short links and use applications for the job. It will speed up all your business stats in no time. Small things have a bigger impact, and the benefit of short URL links proves the fact.

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