The Ultimate Guide To Email Personalization

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You send email everyday, probably, but never thought of implications on the reader. You just write it and read the reply.

However, we all have held our horses while typing the messages to our mentors, and teachers unlikely to when sending it to our friends. You remember the dilemma of putting “Yours Sincerely” at an appropriate place, when writing a formal letter for the first time.

Now, that is the moment or lets say moments of our moments with the personalized emails and messages. We write freely and even in symbols to our friends, while maintaining conventional style when addressing our predecessors.

It has its effects.  

Email Personalization

Customers in our business or work have different likes and behaviour. We communicate to them through emails, based on the information on their sent emails, to connect on social and emotional grounds. In simple words, we please them so they would buy from us.

The personalization of a company email to the customers on the basis of the subscribers data, without harassing them and providing them the full will over receiving end, is known as the process of email personalization. 

We make different approaches on different bases, so that the receivers of our mails open them and read them. All other decisions are made by the user. But, we have the ability to influence their decisions.

Bases for Personalized Mails

Relevant Subjects

A teacher is watching at the students illustrating on a white board, illustrating relevant subjects are important in emails.

Our customers have a variety of interests in products. One may like one thing and others may be disinterested. We have to know about their field of interests.

People with one type of taste must be approached with similar types of suggestions. You cannot send cruise vacation mails to a captain of a ship, or jungle expedition mails to a ranger. They will be instantly indifferent.

Personalized mails are as the name suggests subject driven mails. Until and unless you communicate the idea to a customer, and invoke interest in them for their own benefit, it will not accomplish its purpose.

Real-time Information

The popular activity and products at the moment are seen and shared on the Internet. People get easily engaged in the things that are happening now. 

In business, it is even more relevant to give the customers real-time information about the products available. Fashion, daily services, every need and demand, are related to popularity.

In personalized mail information about the latest trend and what can happen in the future, probability of change, can be mentioned. It will make it easy for our customers to be up-to-date with their choices and will reply to our mail with definite actions.

It will increase the chances of bringing more customers to our product and services. They will even advertise about our business in their social circle, if we focus on popular activities.

Personal Mail

Name delivers acknowledgement in a mail. When we see our name, we feel we are recognised among thousands of users. This sense of belonging to an organization makes customers courteous enough to read the emails.

When you send a mail with the receiver’s name at the top, it triggers a sense of personalization. It will make them believe that it is for them, and it is. 

It’s only natural to use a name for the mail, but the perception of business makes it extra special for customers. They sense the value and try to reciprocate better.

Name mention must be at the top of the list while preparing a personalized mail checklist. Don’t know why I put it down here. But, we understood the importance just by the name “Personal Mail” and that is what counts, the name.

Content Presentation

A girl is having fun in a firework presentation seen from the back, an illustration of presentation importance in emails.

Content in your email must be well structured and intended. It must be based on gender, age or any other attributes of the customers, specific to a group.

You can use images, videos, texts and links to make your content more dynamic. All of the information must be communicated in a short and sweet manner.

Color and design selection also plays a crucial role in making content specific to a group of a person. Somewhere strong color and stylish design works, while in some places mild color and plain design is preferred. Email is a personal thing and the receiver responds to a personalized message with the things they love.

Content has the ability to attract the receiver in an instant. When the email is open you can quickly grab the attention with the right design.


Based on the analytic report of recent browsing and previous purchases, you can send the recommendation options in the email. This will bring more purchases in the future.

The ultimate objective of sending personalized email is to do more sales and bring in more users. With the recommendation mentioned in the email, we can achieve both efficiently.

Customers are choosing the best options for them, and that will make them buy more things than they require. With our proper suggestions on their interests we can help them buy correct products and from us. They are definitely going to seek other options, so why not make them find their choice in our products through to-the-point emails.

It’s only good business.

Reminder Emails

Sometimes in haste or some other technical difficulties, the customers will not be able to complete their purchases. There is a big sum depreciation in abandoned purchases in online business.

Our personalized email can be used as a reminder to the customers that there are left out purchases in your cart on the website. It will let them log in right to the point where they left out last time.

Offers After Purchase

Festival offers and sale information are valuable in making the customers come back to your site regularly. Such information when included in the personalized mail, will give users a chance to have a better deal without searching for one.

People tend to buy more items during festival seasons. All the family members are going to be together and it is a perfect time to make purchases and spend money on presents. 

And, it is the auspicious time for business sales. We have to put our front foot on the advertising through personalized emails, and send all the amazing offers until our inventory is empty, well theoretically.

Or it may be real if you try all the tactics for personalized mail. Who knows, it may be the most beautiful time of the year for you with a lot of earnings.

Software for Personalized Emails

There are many software available on the Internet that will help you with all the necessary implementation in your personalized emails. 

Ominsend, ActOn, BounceX,etc are some of them, some of the best in business. All your queries are answered with easy hands-on features. It’s just clicking to the multiple options and you will find the right design, right model for your emails.

You may be working alone for your business or for an enterprise where you have different criteria for email sending. The software will manage your task and let you focus on the real creative part.


There are other many facts that you may know about your customers that may not have been addressed by the above options. You need to include those facts to make better connections to them.

There is no such absolute way to gain more customers through emails. We all are trying our best to deliver service and do more business. It’s like every lock has its own key, the optimized email with personalized features depend on the process of designing it.

Therefore, applying new ideas and sharing with one another can be a perfect guide for better email personalization. 

Not some concrete steps.

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