Tools that Support Remote Employee Wellbeing

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State of wellbeing is essential for being a cognitive human being. All our senses work in collaboration to process the information and develop knowledge. This is the process by which we evolved from cave dwellers to the civilization we are today. So, it is our duty to preserve our wellbeing with any means necessary for the future.

Now, what is the future in today’s corporate world? 

There are many things that qualify to be an asset to a company, the value that makes a company futuristic, a successful one. Among them, employees are one and the most valuable asset to the company or business that are often overshadowed by revenues, sales, and other monetary implications. 

With everyone working remotely nowadays, there are different measures to support remote employee wellbeing. The solutions designed for efficiency of company’s growth, the technical remote tools solutions, created problems for the employees who are working in isolation from their home. Their social life has been affected, which in turn has affected their working potential.

As only a diamond is strong enough to cut another diamond, the problems created by technological innovation can only be tackled by technology. So, we need to find solutions for remote employee wellbeing with the help of the technology itself, additional tools.

What is Employee Wellbeing?

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The remote work trend has brought many challenges to employees as well as the employer. The psychological health of the workforce is one of the main challenges.

 Employees working from their homes face an insignificant amount of trauma and are conscious of their potential because of the isolation. These small stress levels add up to be a pretty big problem in the future if not dealt with now. 

So, employee wellbeing is a very necessary concern that has to be dealt with for their as well as for the company’s benefit. When the collateral damage is your mental health, it is not appropriate to state it as a benefit for treating the problems. But, with work and productivity, it might be okay; it is a mandatory mental test you have to go through. Face the consequences of remote work.

Or not. 

There are many types of tools that support remote employee wellbeing. These tools are specific in purposes but are distributed among almost all of the tools as features. 

There is a distinction between types of tools and tools. These are the types.

Types of Tools for Employee Wellbeing 

Project Management tools

Remote work brings all kinds of challenges in managing a project. You have to be very descriptive in every delegation to your employees or coworkers to manage work efficiency.

This task cannot be fulfilled by simple emails and text messages, not when you are working remotely with all your team members.

Project management tools provide you an environment on the dashboard of your application form where you can assign workloads and monitor progress from your remote location. The organization is a very important part of employee wellbeing, and the management tools make you a better organizer.

There are various types of tools on the Internet. Some give you a Kanban board setup, and some give you a Gantt chart style setup. Piechart, bar diagrams, graphs, all kinds of visual representations of progress reports are embedded in the tools. You just have to be selective and comfortable with your selection. 

Trello, Asana, Wrike, are some of the popular project management tools. Cost varies with an increase of the users and number of teams, and there are both paid and free variations of project management tools available on the Internet.

Collaboration tools

Working together means working with the support of each other. Sometimes, we have to climb up on our coworker’s shoulder to scale the height of the wall or grab by the foot while swimming in the depth of a lake. Real-time support is necessary to carry out our work in the best way.

Collaboration tools help us to work together in a team where we do not digress during our teamwork. They help us to append the same file from multiple remote locations, distribute the workload equally and make a contribution to new ideas. Whatever best happens, it happens in real-time, and collaboration-type tools help us achieve it.

Some of the popular collaboration tools are Google suite, Slack, Canva, Github. There are many tools available. Remote jobs are becoming so popular that every field of work has its specific collaboration tools for employee wellbeing. Programming, marketing, servicing, creative jobs, and many other areas are dependent on collaboration tools for daily tasks.

Communication tools

You would find it difficult to complete your daily task as a remote employee if there would be no audio-visual tools. Just imagine, even with all the supporting tools for your work management, it would be difficult to work in isolation. The video chats and image of your coworker on the other side of your screen always boost up your morale to be continuously productive. And happy as well. 

Communication tools are a very important factor for remote employee wellbeing. They preserve the essence of workplace social life, like popping up your head above the cubicle partition asking to have a quick reaction from your friend. Small interaction gives the comfort of not being alone.

On the Internet, there are many optional tools for communication that suits you best. Some are paid, and most of them are free for individual use. Your need determines which tools are best for you.

Zoom, slack, Google hangout, goto meetings are some of the popular tools. They have full functionality for audio-visual meetings with supporting tools and plugins. Most of the free meeting tools support two-person conversion for generally forty minutes. If the number of participants increases or you need longer meetings, you have to take premium plans. 

Productivity tools

There is less chance of stress when you fulfill your entitled job without any hassle. Even you are the best of employees, performing with the same level of excellence as from the office is somewhat difficult from the remote work location. As a result, you will be less productive in achieving your goal and struggle with your feeling of incompetence.

There is much software available on the Internet for the employees’ wellbeing, who are working remotely. These application tools are your productivity tools for establishing the same work style composure among your peers. They help to regain your self-esteem if you have lost your work speed in this remote work situation.

Some of the productive tools are Slack, Google suite, Toggl, Microsoft team, Asana, and likewise others. Many have AI embedded in them to do repeatedly occurring tasks and help create analysis reports based on metadata from employees or projects. So, the range of productivity support is pretty big.

Productivity is associated with every aspect of the work routine. It is related to time management; it is related to communication, collaboration, and project management. Therefore, tools that are used for any office work process are productivity tools.

Time management tools

Time has to be managed right away when you are working remotely. Every morning, if you show laziness to wake up for five to ten minutes from next week, you might be an hour behind on your schedule. That means in a month from next month you will be unemployed. It is a hypothesis, but with our talent in procrastinating, we can easily achieve failure.

So, time management tools are absolutely necessary to support remote employee wellbeing. They help to organize conferences, schedule meetings, discussions, utilize office time wisely, and have a work-life balance. They even have the feature to extract our performance report, which will guide us for time management. They will notify you if you are ideal or idle if you are wasting time on the same page for too long.

Calendars, time trackers, notepads, reminder tools are the types of time management tools that coordinate to give you the best results. Instead of using all the tool types, it is better to find a single tool with all the features in it. 

Google Calendar, Asana, Trello, timeTracko, etc., are some of the popular variations of time management tools. 


Remote work life is going to be a major part of the next-generation workforce. We are just in the starting line, and we are discovering the results of the system by facing a new problem every day. There are stresses, difficulty in work-life balance, and other various personal problems that affect the company and us in the long term.

We have to select our favored toolsets to work efficiently to our full productivity. Our future, career, everything depends on the decisions we make now. Selecting a suitable remote work environment is one of the decisions. We have to share our difficulties and use the tools that are made available for a healthy life at work and in-home.

Let’s not let these mismanagements affect our wellbeing and our prosperity. There is a solution to every problem around the corner.

We should just find that edge.

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