15 Social Media Marketing Tools

Different social media emblems on the left and title of social media marketing tools on the right with blue background.

Marketing work has always been the work to chase people. Wherever there has been a deficiency in the market, for a product, the search for the target population is started and goods are sold, money is made.

But what if the population is amalgamated in such a way that you have access to all of them yet are confused for whom to approach. It surely is the problem before you have to run towards the people and now run away and find a safe space to filter.

The social media business is something like that.

Many people are using the Internet, but only a handful will care about your product or services. In such a scenario, social media marketing and its tools are handy for any new business owner and entrepreneur.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Most of them are free to use. If payments have to be made, then it must not be too much for a promising business. The following list is made with the notion for their possible best usability.

For Detail Analytics – Facebook Barometer

Facebook Barometer provides insights into the Facebook advertising data like none other apps. It helps to compare the statistics with the competitor.

Black text on the white background is on the webpage of social media marketing tool, Facebook barometer, with a blue button.

Facebook is divided between raw organic and paid organic content delivery. So, the organic reach has limits. Barometer helps to optimize Facebook organic research. Based on the report, you can optimize your campaign.

It has the features to prepare analytics on the recent 50 posts, based on Facebook reaches, engagements, and click-through rate.

Heat map color spectrum is used for the graph representation; redder for negative, greener for positive.

For Automation – IFTTT

IFTTT is an abbreviation for “If this, then that”. It helps to integrate apps, devices, and services so that all Internet of things would work together in a much powerful way.

A colorful webpage of IFTTT with a black background, and bubbles of emblems floating around, for social media marketing.

It works with security systems, social media, and other internet services. We can access the connection across systems with voice commands.

You can customize the applets more using advanced features, filter codes, queries, and multi-actions.

Every service is made up of a trigger and an action. You can create an automation that will help to achieve the integration of systems using the trigger.

Social media applets help to post content automatically and line up the marketing strategy. You can connect your product to the world’s best brands instantly, and more of that is on the official website.

However, the free version allows three applets to be managed. After that, you shall make purchases.

For URL shortener- Bitly

The webpage of Bitly, an URL shortener that is handy in social media marketing, has an illustration of a woman walking on the right and texts and a blue button on the left.

Url shortener helps you to grow your business.

It is a simple tool with a significant impact on advertising. It changes the longer URL to a more readable URL. 

Smaller names are easy to remember and share, which is crucial for marketing.

It helps to build communication as the meaningful name gives recognition. It provides details about link engagement based on which we can make our future preparations.

It has a feature called auto branding. If someone else is using our link, we can automatically get a redirection to our website.

For Insta stories – Canva

Canva is the solution to develop any graphical images from business presentations to social media stories. There are many tools that help to design your photos and illustration for business.

Many tiles of social media marketing tools are seen on the webpage of Canva. It has blue and white simple color theme.

It is mostly used for designing, branding, and presenting at a professional level. But if you have some scratch tasks related to photo and flier designs, it can equally satisfy you.

You can work with photos, icons, print products with your brand logos, and internet applications with the help of Canva. It is the face of your social media marketing. They, people in Canva, even deliver products after printing your logo. Cost is relative.

Canva is used for social media, business, personal interests, marketing, education, and anything trending. The use-cases are many, the usability is easy, and there are even tutorials free and paid on the website.

For Delegation – Easy Advocacy

Easy Advocacy is an application for brand awareness among employees. It is one tool that works as a mediator between employers and employees. 

The task of collaborating with everyone for a campaign, setting up emails of individuals, and sharing the target URL among them can be done easily with this application.

Web page of Easy Advocacy, a social media marketing tool, has white background, black texts and blue button on the center.

Every detail can be shared and viewed in one place, integrated with every social media option.

It helps in the supervision of the campaign with information on visitors and who are delivering the most views. Employees become more competitive for better results when there is a leaderboard like Easy Advocacy.

When employees share their product, other people’s trust for the product or any other cause strengthens. Quick campaign setups can be done in easy Advocacy, which is time-saving and efficient. 

For Custom Newsfeed – Feedly

Webpage of Feedly, a newsfeed tracker social media marketing tool, with simple black texts, white background and green buttons.

Feedly is an AI-embedded software that flags everything important to you from the Internet in one place. It may be a news site, blog, newsletter, and even social media post.

Leo is your AI assistant. You must train it to filter noises from your news and posts. According to your priorities, it reads and queues the important ones at first.

It organizes trusted publications; only important news passes and disturbances are filtered. You can share information with your team and collaborate in research.

If you have a custom news feed about competitors, content, and trends, you will plan and execute ahead in your game. Therefore, Feedly is a valuable tool in your toolset for social media marketing.

No wonder over 15 million users is already on their path to success. It amplifies your understanding of your game.

For Analytics and Report – AdsReport

AdsReport is mostly used for the Facebook campaign data and reports, and it has an easy-to-use, user-friendly view.

The webpage of Adsreport, a social media marketing tool, with simple black texts on white background.

Real-time tracking of the campaign is also accessible from it. The data are not susceptible to threats and is secured.

You have to log in with your Facebook account and select the ad campaign of your choice. You will receive every analytics about the campaign, which is customizable with time; reports can be gained from a range of times of your selection. 

For SEO – Headline Analyser

White background and black texts with a search bar on the center of Headline Analyzer's webpage which is used for social media marketing.

Headline Analyser is a simple tool to analyze your heading for the content. It verifies if the heading drives traffic, shares, and search result.

Many people want to click and view the content only after encountering an intriguing heading while surfing the Internet. A good headline is an essential part of social media marketing.

It checks for word balance, headline types, sentiment, word count, character count, clarity, reading grade level. Based on all the qualifications, a heading is measured to be good, better, or best.

It helps to plan SEO tactics for your product or campaign.

For Infographics – Easel.ly

Various illustrations are seen on the webpage of Easel.ly , a social media marketing tool for making designs.

Easel.ly has been providing its services for a better presentation of documentation data. It helps to make infographics, pictures, and fliers that are the visual interpretation of information. For websites, we can even design animated infographics.

It is used for businesses, non-profit organizations, teachers, students, and enterprises. You can start with a basic template. Graphics, charts, data, other visual elements, and animated GIFs can be custom added from a free inventory of images and templates.

The tools are simple to use. If you cannot get along, professional support is also available where they design templates according to your specification. There are many articles and webinars freely available about design.

For Video Description – Loom

A video illustration tool for social media marketing, Loom's webpage has colorful website.

It is easy and fast to communicate an idea verbally rather than handing over the documentation. Loom provides us with the facility to add a video recording about the things we are discussing.

It is helpful in marketing, as most of our marketing work happens digitally. 

Other use cases of the loom are team alignment, sales, engineering, design, product management. 

There is no need to schedule meetings with your team or multiple screens to view the recording and documentation simultaneously. Your face will appear as a bubble aside from your document, and it gives a sense of interactivity to the viewers.

Recording and sharing screens quickly has made it best for adding communication in our marketing stories that we share.

For Video – Biteable

Biteable gives the platform to express our ideas to the fullest and colorful as in our mind.

An orange and white themed website with white texts, Bitable is a video making social media marketing tool.

Ads, promos and contents, video pitches, presentations.

It is easy to start, and with many free templates on your side, you won’t have a problem being creative.

You can make a quick introductory video, feature video, or advertisement for your social media marketing. Other than that, you can have software promos, training, presentations, announcements, events,s and e-commerce promos. So, there are a lot of things that you can do using Biteable.

Make your video collaboratively with the team.

For Scheduling – Postoplan

Website of Postoplan, a social media marketing tool has black and white theme with red a button.

Postoplan is an AI-powered system for marketing automation, and it provides tools for easy and convenient content design and social media management.

You can create an unlimited account, create, schedule, and promote your content from the platform.

It helps to reduce social media time and increases productivity. The number of clients increases significantly with increased reach in posts and audience.

Integration with other services like slack and WordPress makes it flexible for collaboration. It gives a convenient scheduling environment for the users.

In short, Postoplan helps to relieve stress, saves time, automates our work, and helps us create and share content easily.

For Social Media Management – Buffer

The website of Buffer, a social media marketing tool for management of social media accounts.

Buffer is a management tool for social media content preparation and publishing. 

You can collaborate and plan campaigns, schedule posts, measure social media performance in clicks, know what’s working and what is not working. 

Response to comments is faster in Buffer. You can see the responses your contents are receiving and plan forward accordingly.

For Agencies – Mention

Website of mention that has search bar and a blue button on the center and is blue and black theme. It is for social media marketing.

Mentions is used as a tool to monitor the web, listen to the audience, and manage content publications. There is daily information about your products in press articles, review sites, forums, and blogs, and all such pieces of information are gathered by the app.

You can analyze data from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and know about what is happening in the latest trend related to the business. You can know about your competitors’ strategies to promote their brand and come up with a strategy. 

You can manage your campaign and increase your business.

For Teamless – Tailwind

It is said that Tailwind is for those who don’t have a marketing team. And, it is indeed very handy in doing every task related to digital marketing.

Website of tailwind, a social media marketing tool that provide all the features for marketing, has red button on the center and texts.

There are hundreds of templates available which can be fully customized to every detail according to your need. You can have your social media design made in no time for every platform.

You will have a visual grid to automate publishing your content for any period. This will give you affinity over time, and you can be preplanned weeks ahead of the competitors. Also, it allows you to create leisure time for yourself.

It is an official Facebook and Pinterest partner, so the support group is pretty awesome. Its other important feature is that it has the most powerful hashtag finder.

And, the most important of all, it has a forever free plan. It’sIt’s a very good experience to work with Tailwind for your social media marketing.


A bit of design, a bit of social engineering, pretty competitive networking, and a lot of strategies are the composition of social media marketing.

And to collaborate on all such work, free online tools are a blessing; we have to grab them and make our toolset. 

The market is expanding and is in its infancy. Grab the toolset and make it your baby.

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