Best SEO Keyword Research Tools for SEO Beginners

Best SEO Keyword Research Tools for SEO Beginners
Best SEO Keyword Research Tools for SEO Beginners

Everyone has a dedicated search in life that we identify as time, money, competition, trends, or life cycle itself. It is a forever fact that there is a method, certain rules, and protocols wherever a market is. I am inferring these random sentences because there are no better statements for a beginner to understand SEO. 

Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated as SEO, is a method that we adopt to rank our website at the top in the Google search engine or other search engines. The best SEO Keyword Research Tools for SEO Beginners are ways to motivate SEO beginners, the excellence comes with experience.

Beginners Guide

As a starter, we should know about the ways the search engine works. Robots/crawlers/spiders of search engines crawl and index the site according to content searches. A few common content types are text, image, video, audio, and document.

There are two aspects of the SEO system. First, we need to find out what resources people want from the search engines, and second, we must know how search engines rank and index the sites. Our job is to search for the best way to make them two communicate.

Planning is a major step before doing keyword analysis. We have to know about our clients, both of them. We have to know what the seeker is searching for and what the provider is offering.

We must be aware of our content, services, and product, whatever we may be selling. Aware in the sense of what is our target group and what are their major queries.

Familiarity with the industry keywords is crucial for a beginner to speed up their progress. The Google bots crawl to index the most relevant URLs to arrange them in ranking order in the SERP. 

So, it isn’t easy to concur if we don’t know what bots are, what is meant by crawling, indexing, ranking orders, and what SERP is.

Search engine databases are the big lakes of a massive number of different links and data associated with them. There is a mobility of big ecosystem inside the lake even if on the surface it looks calm. But a trained fisherman exactly knows where he can find his trouts, or a fisherwoman knows, you know. 

Only they know how to lure them into the trap without agitating sharks. There are no sharks in the lake, but you know the point I am inferring, juxtaposing the SEO system. We have to be able to defeat the dominant SEO sharks with our new and technical implementations. 

For SEO, we need tools to prepare our content strategy to succeed by implementing them on our site.

What tools? Where to find them?

Various SEO tools are featured on the internet, some are free, and some are pretty expensive. According to the requirement, every SEO tool has its benefits.

Free tools require a lot of time to find effective keywords, so it’s all right if time is not an issue. The keywords are not competitive, and it is best for those who are working with limited finances.

Paid tools give you highly effective and competitive keywords, and if the client requires the site to come up fast in the ranking, you can go for expensive premium packages. You can surely benefit from them.

10 Best SEO Keyword Research Tools for SEO Beginners

According to the requirement, the 10 best SEO Keyword Research Tools for SEO Beginners are:


SEO keyword research tool : AnswerThePublic's

AnswerThePublic is the tool that pulls questions people are asking. It is super useful for generating heading ideas, finding what questions people are searching for related to the industry or a keyword. It provides a comparison and preposition-related keywords.


  • Good for creating new ideas
  • Free of cost
  • Excellent visual data representation


  • It gives less competitive words than paid plans.
  • Other keyword metrics are not available, like CPC, keyword difficulty.
  • Keyword search volume data are not available.

2. Ahrefs Keyword Generator

SEO keyword research tool : Ahrefs Keyword Generator

Ahrefs Keyword Generator is the free tool offered by Ahrefs that helps find relevant words for your site to be optimized for the Google search engine. It shows monthly estimated search volumes data.


  1. Have many tool features like keyword research, website audit, content research, etc.
  2. Provide detailed keyword research with volume, CPC, and other information.
  3. Free keyword research and trial period available for other features.


  • Difficult to get used to.
  • Sometimes it’s slow in performance.
  • Other premium tools are expensive comparatively.

3. Ubersuggest

SEO Keyword Research Tool : Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a SEO tool that helps search competitive keywords based on questions, comparisons, and prepositions. It also shows the links the average ranking website contains. Ubersuggest is a free tool for keyword research but provides much more, so it cannot be complained about on any issue.


  • Free to use with no limitations for keyword research.
  • Insight to website traffic and organic keywords.
  • It uses location-based data.


  • No mobile app and unfriendly responsiveness.
  • Limited features but understandable as it is free.

4. Keyword Tool

SEO Keyword Research Tool : is the keyword research tool for beginners in the google search engine platform and other search engines like amazon, youtube, bing, and other sites. It is good for performing SEO on sites other than Google and does competitive analysis.


  • Have auto-complete features to provide relevant long-tail keywords.
  • Average monthly search volumes and monthly search volumes for the past year


  • Payment needed to be done for the whole year at once.
  • Limitation in free keyword tools use.

5. Google Keyword Planner

SEO Keyword Research Tool : Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner, formerly known as Google Keyword Tool is useful for finding difficult keyword ideas. It gives suggestions and opinions on CPC data and clicks estimates. Remember you need to have a Google Ads account in order to use the tool.


  • Three relative words are allowed to enter to find a particular keyword suggestion.
  • Bigger time frame, keywords relevance up to 4 years back.


  • Offering fewer suggestions for a keyword comparatively.
  • Keywords are generally matched, i.e., no exact match. 

6. Soovle

 SEO Keyword Research Tool : Soovle

Soovle is a keyword analysis tool that takes on the basic concept of google autocomplete for many sites. It is good at evaluating all the popular keywords on Google, youtube, Amazon, Wikipedia, and other sites. 


  • Have unlimited searches for free.
  • Have autocomplete suggestions from many search engines.


  • No keyword metrics are available and should be selected on personal evaluation.
  • No extra SEO features. 

7. SEMrush

SEO Keyword Research Tool : SEMrush

SEMrush analyses long-tail keywords that are based on what people are searching in the google search engine. It provides different facilities with different price values like competitor’s page evaluation, on-page SEO checker, identifies technical issues, and monitors your brand outreach. It helps find choose-based new links, choose a link, choose opportunities to broaden the website’s reach.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Useful for competitor research, have useful tools like Audit/Analysis tool.


  • Some premium prices are not worth the service.
  • Content Topic Recommendation is somewhat irrelevant.

8. Moz Keyword Explorer

SEO Keyword Research Tool : Moz Keyword Explorer

In Moz keyword Explorer, you can enter a keyword or URL to discover and prioritize the best keyword. You must create an account at first to access the keyword explorer and other free SEO tools. It provides comprehensive keyword analysis and gives opinions on it.


  • One month free trial and less expensive compared to others.
  • It addresses technical issues.


  • Problems in UI/UX.
  •  No best result on keyword search.

9. SerpStat

SEO Keyword Research Tool : SerpStat

SerpStat is the one platform that provides a variety of professional SEO tools. It helps in website analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking, competitor research, and site audit. It is mostly used by SEO specialists, SEM specialists, analytics experts, content managers, and digital marketers. However, for beginners, it is relatively cheaper compared to other paid tools.


  • New beta tools like a custom report, database storm, or keyword clustering
  • Very competitive price and generous plans start at $69/month.
  • It saves a lot of time.
  • Gather a ton of useful data from any domain.
  • Simple and clear UI with detailed explanation.


  • Stats wrong sometimes.
  • The basic paid plan has limited facilities.

10. Long Tail Pro

SEO Keyword Research Tool : Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is the keyword research tool available to find low competition keywords to help nurture SEO strategies. It is used mostly by marketers in a specific field. It is helpful to find profitable keywords at a particular time regarding a particular feature. But it is also a good tool for starters.


  • Excellent SEO training videos.
  • Free ten days trial.
  • Can search multiple seed keywords.


  • Daily keyword search limitations can be an obstacle, starting monthly at $37 for 800 lookups.
  • No search volume trend data


It isn’t easy to choose to find a good SEO keyword research tool for a beginner. Some are cheap, some have many features, some look good, and some have better advice. There are too many things involved, and the most important thing is that beginners don’t know the need for all analysis tools. 

So, it is best to go with free keyword research tools, build up some field vocabulary, and have a perspective before investing in any paid plan. We all try to be better, whereas the best is yet to be found.

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