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Resume Builders Website
Resume Builders Website

What’s the point of having a perfect resume? Isn’t it just about making an eye-catching document that shows you are well qualified and have decent professional experience? 

In reality, good jobs receive hundreds, if not thousands, of applications from competent candidates.

A good Resume won’t win you the job, but it will make it easier for you to make a strong impression and secure an interview.

That’s why you need to understand why you should try to build a great resume in the first place.

An eye-catching resume indeed helps you stand apart from other applicants and get you interview. Then the next step knows how to ace your interview and land that dream job of yours.

To help you choose among the different free resume builder online, we’ve researched and tried out several online resume builders website and listed the best among them here.

Fifteen best resume builder websites of 2022


If your design ability is non-existent and you don’t have the time to experiment with every single detail, Zety resume builder is one of the best options for you.

This free resume builder will walk you through the process of building a professional resume, and gives you an easy option of uploading and editing an old resume.

The process is pretty straightforward and doesn’t take too much time. The pre-written content will help you fill out each section of your resume with ease.

That’s great if writing a resume makes you feel overwhelmed. If you have a clear idea in mind, the navigation will slow you down a bit as more advanced features are left for the last steps.

Overall, Zety is an easy online tool to write a resume fast and very helpful for those who find the process of writing a resume a bit overwhelming.

Some users might feel like 20 resume templates are not enough, but all of them are just right for most job seekers. Zety also offers matching and free template for cover letters as well.

Zety also offers a cover letter builder, which allows you to write a solid cover letter with minimal typing.


  • Easy-to-use resume and cover letter builder
  •  Offers tips and suggestions
  • User-friendly website boasting helpful resources
  • A broad selection of sleek, highly customizable resume templates

Pros of Zety:

  • Easy-to-use resume and cover letter builder
  • Top-notch auto-suggestion features
  • User-friendly website boasting helpful resources
  • Single-click navigation and creation
  • A broad selection of sleek, highly customizable professional resume templates

Cons of Zety:

  • All templates have a similar, conservative vibe
  • Confusing interface
  • Poor customization options


When it comes to professional resume builder, CVmaker is best in the business. This online resume builder have everything that takes to builde a noticeable resume.

Despite the fact that most of their resume templates are simple, you may still customize their appearance to your liking.

CVMaker helps you create a printable resume in no time and supports up to 37 languages.

Although the tool’s customization options are limited, you may always create your own custom section.

After you’ve finished revising your resume, you may export it as a PDF, HTML, or TXT document.


  • 100+ Resume templates and formats
  • 250+ Cover letter
  • 30+ Different languages
  • Your template color

Pros of CVMaker:

  • best resune buiklder with simple UI/UX
  • Easy to upload/edit resumes

Cons of CVMaker :

  • A basic approach to an online text-based resume creator
  • Free resume templates within sections and appearance have limited flexibility.
  • There are no resources or suggestions for how to improve your resume.


Kickresume is a top online resume builder website that helps you create stand out and get hired faster.

They provide everything you need, including cover letters, modern resume templates, excellent layouts, design, and most importantly, the power to turn your resume into a website.

Yes, with just one click, you can turn your resume into a personal website, so that your future employer can see you in the best possible way.

This way, you build the best resume online, add more sections about yourself, and allow potential employers to learn more about you by searching for your name.


  • A wide range of templates for both resumes and cover letters
  • Grammar editing and proofreading add-ons
  • Provides guidelines for writing the different sections of your resume
  • Includes pre-written content

Pros of Kickresume:

  • The freemium edition has a number of useful features, like resume and cover letter templates;
  • Most templates are modern, creative and, at times, extremely vivid – depending on where you’re applying, this might be a good or bad thing.
  • If you don’t know how to explain your accomplishments, there are pre-written sentences to help you out.

Cons of Kickresume:

  • When creating a free resume, you have limited options.
  • Resume templates can be too vibrant sometime – may or may not be a good thing depending on where you’re applying
  • It can be challenging to convert your CV into a website if you have no idea what you’re doing.


ResumeHelp is a wizard-based online resume builder that guides you through the process to generate you resume. Simply fill in the blanks and the app will create your CV for you.

You can pick from a variety of 20+ modern resume templates and customize them to your taste.

ReseumeHelp offers pretty good features to its users. One of them is a pre-written content feature that speeds up the writing process.


  • User-friendly
  • Offers a solid range of templates and options for customization
  • Offers many resources, including sample resumes, writing tips
  • Guidance on securing work

Pros of ResumeHelp:

  • More than 20 templates
  • Tips on resume writing
  • Pre-written content

Cons of ResumeHelp:

  • No free cover letter builder


EnhanCV is the best online resume builder website that creates professional resumes within few minutes. EnhanCV has four various resume builder templates and you can choose the relevant one, according to your field and work experience.

EnhanCV resume builder is super easy to use. You choose a template and then customize it with sections, fonts, colors, layout, and other elements.

The program has a low learning curve because you can start creating a resume right away after logging in.

Once you’ve created a draft resume, EnhanCV will provide you with fast feedback on it using the app’s content analyzer function.

As a result, you’ll have a professional yet personal resume with an eye-catching design.


  • Immediate suggestions for correcting errors
  • Up to 10 resumes and cover letters
  • Pro sections, colors, and backgrounds

Pros of EnhanCV:

  • Simple to get started with
  • Well designed and formatted resume regardless of the profession
  • Appealing design with plenty of space to add and rearrange portions

Cons of EnhanCV:

  • Limited features in premium option.
  • Some crucial resume parts requires paid plan.


VisualCV is another profesional resume builder that made it on to our list of best reume builders 2022. You can easily create appealing resume for almost profession with the help of this online resume builder.

VisualCV lets you upload and update your existing resume, as well as add a resources section with all of the necessary tips and tricks.

This site offers a range of professional CV templates depending on your background. Each of their templates is unique, whether you’re a recent graduate, a freelancer, or a CEO.

You can choose a resume that meets your preferences and manage many resumes depending on where you’re applying, regardless of the design, layout, or structure.

Additionally, the site offers tools such as Resume import and export, but its resume analytics feature sets it apart.

You can also share your resume on their site and keep ana ccount of all viewers and downloaders so you don’t get lost in the hiring process.


  • Offers plenty of modern resume templates
  • Imports the contents of LinkedIn profiles to create resumes
  • Resumes/CVs can be shared via email and social media
  • Sends personalized feedback from one of VisualCV’s partners

Pros of VisualCV:

  • Can customize resume sections with the free plan
  • Pre-made free resume templates
  • User friendly interface
  • Analytics to track your resume performance is a fresh and welcome tool
  • Ability to receive feedback from VisualCV partners or share with friends
  • Provides you with the ability to maintain several resume versions.

Cons of VisualCV:

  • Requires a subscription option to remove resume branding.
  • There are just three free templates.
  • Free resume templates have a lot in common. is another best online resume builder that is easy-to-use and straightforward with diverse abilities of creating resumees for practically any profession.

You can start by selecting a resume or cover letter template from the dashboard and simply filling in the blanks.

The approach is rather simple, as the website onboarding process requests all of the standard information, such as your name, address, contact, and so on.

You may also utilize their website to make changes to your existing resume or start from scratch with one of their sample resumes..

If you choose to make one, the site will guide you through the process by asking you questions about each part. It builds a CV based on your responses after you’re down.

The parts can then be modified, moved, or rearranged as desired, as well as the following styling options:

  • Spacing
  • Font size
  • Templates

You have a number of options with the cover letter, depending on your industry and work experience.


  • Easy to use
  • Data-Driven templates
  • Simple procedure of follwoing and tracking
  • Offers variety of options
  • Notifications features for users in case the jobs and resume is matched.

Pros of

  • Free resume builder
  • Easy and reliable.
  • 200+ cover letter examples and samples, depending on the industry

Cons of

  • Despite the fact that there are numerous resume templates to pick from, many of them appear to be extremely similar and familiar.


Canva’s free resume builder makes it easy to create an attractive and sleek resume without a lot of hassle. In fact, applying for your dream job is simple and quick using Canva’s free resume builder. 

Categorized as one of the best resume builder websites of 2022, Canva’s free resume builder helps you build an eye-catching modern templates beyond the typical resume layout while keeping a professional appearance.

You can create a resume either starting from scratch or using a pre-built resume templates and increase your chances of a job.

One can customize hundreds of free, designer-made themes with a few clicks.

Canva allows users to access their resumes online or through the mobile app available for both iOS and Android.

Creating a resume online with Canva’s free resume builder effortlessly provides you with an elegant and attractive resume.


  • A large number of professional resume templates, images, styles, and layouts are available
  • Limitless customization
  • Multiple download format options
  • Resumes can be shared on social media

Pros of Canva:

  • Canva offers hundreds of templates with excellent graphic design.
  • The resume templates are easy to edit.
  • You can also download your resume in PDF format, which is the preferred format. 
  • Canva is completely free, with no strings attached.

Cons of Canva:

  • Although Canva resume templates are visually appealing, many of them lack sufficient room for a detailed experience section.
  • No rich text copy-paste.
  • No career tools or resume-specific features.


Cakeresume is a free online resume builder that presents you with a generic resume template which you can customize using the drag-and-drop feature of the tool.

In Cakeresume, you select various aspects from the sidebar to include in your resume and add them as needed.

This gives you control over your resume’s layout and allows you to customize it to your liking.

There are no extraneous fluff parts, and the user interface is simple enough that anyone can start designing their own layout in seconds.

Apart from the drag-and-drop feature, there are 12 premade resume templates with 5 color themes provided by CakeResume.

These themes are specially designed to demonstrate unique personal styles. Utilizing these resume templates, you can create a professional-looking resume in no time!  


  • More than 20 professional cv samples ( quotes, video slides, call-to-action, and more)
  • Remove the branding off your resume.
  • Resume tracking via Google Analytics

Pros of CakeResume:

  • Resume can be easily customized as per your liking.
  • Can browse through user-made resume templates for inspiration
  • A lot of options to edit your resume and make it unique

Cons of Cakeresume:

  • Some user-created resume samples could be unreliable as a reference.
  • It can be difficult to design a resume with drag-and-drop if you have no idea what you’re doing.

myPerfectResume starts onboarding you by first asking your field, title, level of expertise and then allows you to pick from a template based on your answers.

After that, you can either create a new resume or upload your current one to edit on their website.

When it comes to filling in your resume sections, the website holds your hand every step of the way, giving you tips on what to mention. So, it can be beneficial for a beginner to create their first resume.


  • Easy-to-use editor
  • Includes pre-written phrases
  • Includes a built-in spell checker
  • Highlights import skills and keywords

Pros of

  • Easy to follow and set up as it includes tips and guides each step of the way
  • Noticeable color schemes and design layouts that make a difference
  • Simple yet powerful templates to get you started – great for beginners

Cons of

  • Forced to fill in your resume sections step-by-step, without the ability to see how the result looks until you’re done with it
  • Need to sign up for a subscription to download or print your resume
  • A lot of templates, but you can’t change the layout


ResumeGenius is a clean online resume builder that wastes no time in letting you customize your resume.

You start by choosing a resume template (Word or PDF), then answer a few questions about your background (work experience, education, etc.). 

Regardless of your work experience, the software was designed to generate a complete resume for every kind of job seeker.

Throughout creating a resume, the website helps you format it in detail and provides you with tips and tricks.

ResumeGenius helps you think of what you should write where and how to format it accordingly for each section of your resume.

Finally, they also have a “ask an expert” option for the pro plan, in which a professional resume expert will go through your resume and review it for accuracy and clarity.


  • Access to resources like cover letter templates, valuable articles, and career advice from professionals
  • 50+ beautiful and modern resume templates
  • Professional resume reviews and feedbacks
  • Pre-written content

Pros of ResumeGenius:

  • Straightforward, easy to work with resume builder
  • Resume templates look and feel unique, and there are a lot of options depending on where you’re applying

Cons of ResumeGenius:

  • No freemium option
  • Expensive compared to other options (after the 14-day access)
  • You can’t edit specific resume layout details (e.g.month formatting), which can lead to inconsistency.


ResumUP is another interesting take on the online resume builder as it focuses heavily on the visual side of resumes. More specifically, the website focuses on turning your resume into an infographic.

They have several different types of templates and designs, but they’re all on the heavy design side for the most part.

For example, if you’re applying to a social media and graphic design job where you’d be making a lot of visual content – turning your resume into an actual infographic can be a quick and easy way to stand out.

ResumUP doesn’t offer many different templates, but they guarantee to attract attention from the ones they do.


  • Easily accessible registration and profile creation system
  • Allows to gather information about users’ experience and future inspirations
  • Visual Profile as a testing platform to display several kinds of information
  • Gathers more information from users through visualization of their data
  • Candidates network
  • Search and post job offers functionality

Pros of ResumUP:

  • Stunning design choices and fancy templates
  • Templates available for different industries
  • Easy to create and modify despite all the visuals

Cons of ResumUP:

  • Most templates are design-heavy and might be better only for specific jobs
  • It can be expensive compared to other resume builders


Novoresume is a professional resume and cover letter builder that allows you to create the perfect job application through an intuitive and playful process.

Its layout optimizer makes sure all your content is organized and aligned, so your resume looks perfect, and that makes sure to grab a recruiter’s attention.

If you don’t know to write a resume, don’t worry. The content optimizer feature analyzes your resume and suggests revisions that increase your content quality.

You can choose from a selection of recruiter-approved layout designs for different job types.

Novoresume not only offers to build your resume for free, but it also provides access to successful resume samples and cover letter examples that you can use for guidance.


  • Up to 3 pages of a resume/CV
  • Cover letter builder
  • Custom layout
  • Multiple resume versions
  • Specialized sections and more

Pros of Novoresume:

  • A lot of professional templates to get you started
  • Creative resume templates that are guaranteed to stand out
  • Plenty of features and choices with the free version (that you’d have to pay for with other resume builders)
  • ATS-friendly resume templates that won’t get lost in the software screening process
  • Live brilliant feedback to improve your resume in case you missed something
  • A lot of free resources and guides on how to polish your resume
  • Transparent pricing model and no automatic renewal

Cons of Novoresume:

  • Going over one page of your resume and some other premium options cost extra


ResumLab is the online tool that lets you create a resume and cover letter combo. A professional resume and cover letter builder allows you to create the perfect job application. You get 18 professional templates to choose from. 

Apart from pre-written content, it also offers a unique AI-driven document strength meter that reviews and scores your resume against those prepared by the other candidates. 


  • Fast and intuitive resume creation
  • Contextual and expert resume optimization
  • Real-time and interactive document preview

Pros of ResumeLab:

  • 18 customizable templates
  • AI-based resume scoring system
  • Unlimited PDF download
  • Advanced customization options

Cons of ResumeLab:

  • No Microsoft Word resume template download


SlashCV is a speedy way to start creating a resume online as it doesn’t require you to log in.

To get started, you can jump into the builder and already get a sense of what your overall resume will look like.

You can start by picking one of the available templates. Or, you can create your layout using the drag and drop builder.

Unfortunately, SlashCV doesn’t provide a whole lot of customization beyond that. You can’t change the font, background, colors, etc.

As far as primary resume builder sites go – SlashCV is easy to set up and get it going.


  • Responsive design and works on all screen sizes
  • Compose and edit without any complications
  • An inbuilt editor is easy to use
  • Provides 28 basic, pre-designed templates with the option to save as PDF and to share on Dropbox.

Pros of SlashCV:

  • Fast, doesn’t require to log in, and offers most sections you’ll need in a resume
  • It also has the option to add custom sections 
  • Can host your resume online as a PDF

Cons of SlashCV:

  • Not a lot of features beyond basic ones
  • A lot of the templates look the same, and there is little option to change the color schemes or make any other significant edits


There are plenty of online resume builders out there.

Realistically, all of them can get the job done. Whichever you choose, you’ll end up with a professional, functional resume at the end of the day.

Picking the right resume builder and the suitable resume template, though, can have a significant impact on whether you get hired or not.

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