Best Remote Training Tools in “2021”

Best Remote Training Tools
Best Remote Training Tools
It’s been a complicated year with personal and professional businesses, but you can have all your training from your home. Here are few options for you.

2021 has been the year of remotization. Everything has become remote; work, study, meetings, entertainment. The pandemic has made our search for options regarding remote activities distributed and selective. We are in a new age where remote training tools will be our path to progress.

Technology has complemented all the businesses and organizations of today in reaching their goal. It has brought new means of implementing ideas, financing, and receiving profit. It has helped our yearning for earning by simply opening new doors of opportunities. Similarly, it has enabled us to circumvent the problem of isolation and remote work by providing remote training tools.

Yes, there are software and tools present on the internet that helps us to learn and grow as a person. Develop a skill or nurture an idea from the niche of our household. According to our needs, these remote training tools can be customized and shared in use between our peers.

What to expect from Remote Training Tools

Online training methods are the replacement for the real training system and are better than real testing systems. Based on the cost of attendance, these virtual training software help bring out the best of you.

In general, these training tools have a way to communicate with your associate or peers with the help of electronic media. For employers, these remote training tools help to monitor, train and coordinate different remotely working employees. Anytime meeting capabilities have given us a flexible learning routine.

Most of the time, for personal use, free tools are more than sufficient for a person. But if you are associated with an enterprise and your duties comprise leading and coordinating teams, premium tools are appropriate for you. These are some of the remote training tools that are built on different foundations.

Remote Training Tools


Webpage of Flipgrid, a remote training tool, with blue wallpaper and a white menu bar with blue buttons.

FlipGrid is a free tool where video messages are shared among group members, where each delivers their view on a raised topic in discussion.

The educator can interact with every student. First, you need to create a group. Then, add students as members, create a topic, and share. Finally, each member posts their video messages filled with emojis, recordings, or inkings. 

This collaborative mechanism of mutual learning has proven to be very productive and liberating to the participants. Not only the tutor but also the members can list topics for the class.

It has redefined training methods with its standards.


Webpage of zoom, a training platform, has a postcard-like image on the right and texts and an orange button on the left.

Till now, everyone must have heard the name zoom. In this pandemic situation, most general employers communicate with their employees through Zoom for free-of-cost quality services.

It is an online meeting tool that is free for personal meetings. You can host up to 100 participants, but the group meeting time is limited to 40 minutes. In premium packages, you can have access to unlimited conference time.

Major organizations in our country, education, finance, government, healthcare, use zoom for meetings. It is reliable and secure.

It is simple to use. You can join a meeting, host a meeting and share your screen with the invitees. Its use cases comprise general meetings, webinars, events, workspace conferences, and likewise.


Top hat webpage, the training tool has purple-black wall paper with a media file with laptop photo on the right and white texts and red button on the left.

Without payment, if there is any tool that provides over-par services, then that is TopHat. It is used for giving training and lectures with slide presentations.

For students, it has services like automatic attendance capture, weekly evaluation of performance, and basic live chat support.

With payment, examination systems with mock tests are available to the students. Various study materials are also available, which are in the form of a virtual guide.

It can be integrated with zoom and loom. 

Talent LMS

A colorful webpage of an online training tool, talent LMS, has a girl with glasses, hair bun, orange shirt, and laptop while sitting on the left and texts and the blue button on the center.

Talent LMS, a learning management system, is popular for giving training and education to students, both formal and informal.

The free service is for up to 5 users, and you can take up to 10 courses with unlimited email support. If you have more requirements, you can take the premium plans, which are not very expensive for professionals.

It is easy to use. You can create courses with media and documentation, host live sessions, and interact with students. The created course contents can be saved and used in the future if needed again. You can assign tests and quizzes to the students for evaluation. It has different customizable tools for students and instructors according to their needs.

At the organizational level, if you want, you can create multiple sub-accounts under a single account like an office hierarchy and manage them. You can automate tasks, integrate with other learning tools, and many more.


An old man, typing on his laptop is seen from the right, on the wallpaper of the online training tool, goto. The image is behind some text and a media player button.

Goto is a meeting tool that has all features for meetings, training, conferences, and webinar. It is made for business and industry professionals.

Goto is affordable, scalable, and secure. It is favored by all kinds of businesses, big or small. And, it has a large user community because it has been providing service for more than a decade.

You can share screens, use drawing tools, customize backgrounds, share controls with visitors. There are many features that you can use during your video meetings.

Health care industry, automobile industry, legislation, education, and professional services, GotoMeeting has been providing services to all such branches of our society.


A snapshot illustration of a browser is seen on the right, and white texts in the black background are seen on the left of the webpage of the online training tool, Loom.

Loom is a free video messaging service that helps to make good communication between an instructor and learner. 

It is very popular for its efficiency. It is not two-way video conferencing, so the instructor can simultaneously give the same instruction to many students.

You can make a quick video message containing instructions with audio recording. The video then can be trimmed and added to share with your students, with documentation or spreadsheets we want to forward. 

Its prominent uses can be seen in team alignment, sales, engineering, design, marketing, and product management.

Google Docs

The webpage of google workspace that provides training online has a laptop image on the left and texts and a blue button on the right.

Google docs is a very popular platform for personnel remotely working with documents. It gives an efficient way to collaborate with our working partners. It integrates the entire G-Suite, where we can share messages, emails, spreadsheets, videos, audios, and storage services.

Multiple users can collaborate here. The only requirement to use this service is that you should have a Gmail account.

For free service, google docs performance is unequivocal. Video conference is, however, limited to 60 minutes between 100 members. In paid plan, there are no such limitations.


The webpage of ProProfs, a training tool, has a yellow banner with a smiley, and below it has a screen with yellow background and a girl and a boy in white apparel laughing toward each other.

ProProfs is a learning management system that allows creating course content for students. It has a diversely organized team with a common goal of promoting a learning environment by making simple-to-use products and customers’ happiness.

The basic plan of their software is free of cost. It also provides 15 days free trial on all paid plans. Other premium plans are also not much expensive.

It is a SaaS training software that helps you create quizzes, training, knowledge base manuals, collaboration with teams, and project management. There are many other features for big organizations and business houses.

Anyone can use ProProfs tools. It has easy to use interface and plain design. The system will help you progress if you are an employee and increase your employees’ productivity if you are an employer. 

Its most common use cases are arranging training programs, create exams for institutions, giving a platform for tutors to earn money by giving online classes, and others.


A cartoonish background with alien ships on a red planet with houses and telescopes on the training webpage, edsby, has white bold text on the front.

EdsBy is a student learning management system mainly focused on children from kindergarten to grade 12. It is focused on developing relations between teachers and parents.

It has all the requirements for catering to the academic needs of the students. It is the next-generation remote training tool for school children.

Its system has modern testing and reporting system that monitors every child’s progress. Teachers and parents can easily have frequent meetings for discussion about the student’s improvements. The modern graphical illustration gives an in-depth understanding of every topic. 

It has features like classroom management, group collaboration, timeline and calendar, news, integration, and many more.


In the background of the webpage of efront, an online training platform, is a woman with glasses with hands, on her chin on the right-side, and texts on the left.

eFront is a learning management system that gives solutions in employee training at an enterprise level, customer training, and finding the best employee who could lead in subsystems of an organization. It is very expensive for a small group of users.

It has advanced customization options which will let you design a training program how you want. It helps to survey users, their engagement, and efficiency.

It allows reusing the best content on multiple courses. It supports elevating learners’ experiences.

It provides testing and examination systems, assignment systems with deadlines, and a market for content distribution and selection. It also includes features like file storage, certification after completion. 


It depends on how you use a tool. Even a collaboration platform with only text message service can be an efficient training ground, while sometimes video training platforms may be unfruitful because of external factors like noise, weak internet connections.

Learning new things is essential for the drive of a fun-filled life. It gives imagination to our true potential. It is natural to seek new and exciting techniques to live as a human being, and remote training tools have provided us that hub. 

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