Best Resource Management and Planning Software

Best Resource Management and Planning Software
Best Resource Management and Planning Software

Resource management and planning software is an application to manage a company’s human resources, capital,  schedule, and projects.

A resource management and planning software will help you allocate and assign human resources based on roles and project needs.

Resource management and planning software aim to expose your resource’s full potential without double-booking them with work.

Resource management and planning software are often combined to ensure maximum optimal use.

Benefits of Resource Management and Planning Software are:

  • Automation of tasks to increase working productivity.
  • To deliver real-time visibility into your human resource ability and capacity to provide on projects.
  • It helps keep track of payroll, timesheets, and work budgets, increase accountability, and enhances your company’s outcome.
  • It improves income, maximizes earning possibilities, increases customer relations, and decreases administration costs related to out-of-date organizations.
  • It provides a bird’s eye view of company capacity to avoid overbooking and provision hiring decisions.


Forecast is a resource management and planning software that offers you to track projects with a Kanban board and to-do lists.

However, calendar and time tracking will be useful for better team human resources management and monitoring.

The project management features insights to track milestones and deadlines with notifications, attachments, and shareable reports and make it easy to present them to the team, stakeholders, and customers. 

Powerful Resource Management and Planning Software In 2021

Its mobile app for iOS and Android makes it convenient to manage teams and projects anywhere.

Forecast offers a free trial for 14 days and has three pricing models: lite, pro, plus, and monthly subscription.

Key features of Forecast

  • Resource Management: Manage the bandwidth of the project.
  • Project Management: Manage project schedule and timesheets.
  • Team Collaboration: It enhances group work.
  • Project Accounting: It offers to keep budget and accounting reports of every project and employee payroll.
  • Business Intelligence: Analyze the reports and improves business tactics.

Pros of Forecast

  • Give complete and clear insights over accessible resources by a user.
  • It makes comparison budget and expenses easy.
  • It can attach to your present tool stack.
  • It has colorful, intuitive resource charts to make it easy to understand reports and summaries.
  • Kanban board and to-do lists features for project managers help track their employees and tasks in one application.

Cons of Forecast

  • It takes time to log a structure.
  • It does not have an approve button after filling the timesheet.


Float is a resource management and planning software for small, medium, and enterprise businesses, offering easy and effective employee management.

It provides you with a planning calendar to help you manage bookings, visualize team capacity, skills and allocate tasks.

Float team management feature the project managers of your business can check the available human resource, evaluate their skills, search employee using tags, and manage the contractors rapidly.

It offers a mobile application, live alerts, emails, and intelligence to keep everything in the loop and accelerate your work.

You can use float free of cost for 30 days and have two subscription plans for resource planning and time tracking monthly.

Key features of Float

  • Capacity Management: You can have an accurate report of every employee’s workload, time off, holidays, upcoming projects,s, and capacity.
  • Resource Scheduling: Easy and fast assign and update schedules with shortcuts, menus, and drag and drop user interface.
  • Forecasting and Reports: Budget forecast, time tracking, task strategy, and team utilization reports.
  • Time Tracking: Tracklog hours, actual work hours and compare using timesheet templates.
  • Integrations: You can have streamline operations and syn any preferable tools to make the task more effective.
  • Mobile App: You can access your timetable, make updates and record your times on the go with a mobile application in iOS and Android.

Pros of Float

  • A mobile application for iOS and Android gives you control over your crew’s assignment anyplace you work from.
  • You can gather live data to have an accurate, ongoing, and rolling forecast of business accounting.
  • You can have a better business decision that leads you to accomplish your financial goals.
  • It is affordable.

Cons of Float

  • It takes time to update the employees’ list.

Team deck

Teamdeck resource management and planning software integrate features like resource scheduling, time tracking, and employee leaves management.

You can view available employees, resources, and projects by looking at one calendar custom field that accesses you to book, monitor, and update the timesheets. 

The software customizable reports feature helps you calculate your team’s productivity, create budgets or employees and payroll reports, and analyze KPIs like Employee Productivity Rate or ROI.

You can present the reports within teams by adding associates and supervisors to the panel or distributing public links.

Teamdeck provides you with 7 days free trial, and the subscription plan rate depends upon no of users monthly.

Key features of Teamdeck 

  • Resource scheduling: It offers you to manage and control the work schedules and plan future projects.
  • Timesheets and time tracking: It measures and compares the actual and estimates time, also provides custom timesheets.
  • Leave management: It tracks employee leave, holidays, the reason for leave and handles time off requests.  
  • Reports: It provides report templates for team utilization, project budgets, employee payroll, and absence reports.
  • Product videos: Have a tour of the topic you choose to take a complete gain from the tool.

Pros of Teamdeck 

  • It helps you generate reports based on timelines, estimate KPIs you choose, generate financial reports, manage workload, and track your company’s productivity.
  • It is affordable and a great choice for a small and mid-size companies.
  • The API documentation is really good and allows you to easily integrate it with existing tools and the Power BI dashboard to customize and analyze the report. 
  • It has sound integrations with tools like Slack and CakeHR.

Cons of Teamdeck 

  • It takes time to generate reports.
  • You may sometimes see row failure and poor information visibility problems.

Mavenlink is a resource management and planning software that benefits you with task and employee management, accounting, business intelligence, and collaborative work.

This software is for expert strategy, management, and enhanced resources in IT businesses, activities, and companies.

Mavenlink can integrate with a CRM like Salesforce and an API to link with external facilities. It helps you recognize demand, capacity, skills, and accessibility to identify the ideal resource mix over every project stage.

It encourages healthy business growth and determines the procedures that matter.

Mavenlink offers you 10 days of free trial and subscription options like a team, professionals, premier, and enterprises and has custom pricing plans according to your business.

Key features of Mavenlink 

  • Task management
  • Team collaboration
  • File sharing
  • Google, Email and QuickBooks integration
  • SSL security
  • Gantt Charts
  • Task dependencies
  • Custom branding and project names
  • Online payment
  • Project/job estimations
  • Personnel planning
  • Utilization reporting
  • Time, Expense & Invoice Tracking and Reports
  • Project and accounts summaries
  • Work-in-progress Report
  • Capacity management is effective and easy to use.
  • It helps you to differentiate between the easy-going and secure distribution of tasks.
  • It offers a sound reporting facility for resource data.
  • It has to resource complete integration with master planning projects.
  • It gives you a complete, lively view of your procedures and employees.
  • It would help if you had a trained workforce to create custom reports.
  • You can access advanced features only in the Premier and Enterprises pricing model, which may be a little bit expensive for small and mid-level businesses.

Hub Planner

Hub Planner is a web-based resource management and planning software suitable for small, mid-level, and large organizations. 

Its resource scheduling feature provides a drag and drop employees scheduling facility. It offers crew members availability, double-booking, sick, and holiday days info.

The heat map feature provides breaks in the production schedule and allows users to view team capacity.

Hub Planner access you to download and view real-time analytics for all your projects & resources and track them down to the separate resource or project presentation making resource management an effortless task.

It offers you a free trial of 60 days.

Key features of Hub Planner 

  • Resource scheduling
  • Vacations, annual leaves, public holidays, and PTO
  • Custom fields and schedule columns
  • Resource Requesting
  • Unassigned work 
  • Smart groups
  • Timesheets and their approval
  • Billing Rates and budget management
  • Slack Integrations
  • Booking Category Groups
  • Resource and project reports
  • Team Dashboards

Pros of Hub Planner 

  • It has outstanding capacity management planning & forecasting facility.
  • The search filter of the hub planner is used for available resources with ability sets & location.
  • Hub Planner offers you powerful & exact built-in reporting.
  • It makes it easy to toggle between the user/group.

Cons of Hub Planner 

  • To edit custom fields, it needs manual input or help from Hub Planner support.
  • It requires an API or intermediate for MS Teams.


Saviom resource management and planning software aim to unite project and resource roadmaps for resource supervisors struggling for time. 

Its business intelligence feature offers understanding into real-time actions across the initiative.

The Gantt chart view provides resource and project roadmaps, allowing directors to make accurate forecasts of timetable conflicts and mishandled resources to quarter work influxes.

Saviom capacity planning feature offers rough reporting and analytics, which helps you identify resource clatters fast. It embraces a skills source that makes it easy to outline resources and find skill contests for future work.

The software offers a free trial for a certain time for all people to explore its user experience. 

Key features of Saviom

  • Scheduling: Deliver the schedule of the right resource at the right time.
  • Forecast and capacity planning: It forecasts resource utilization, project finance, pipeline project, and resources on the bench.
  • Resource planning: It has a multidimensional resource planner and enterprise visibility.
  • Business Intelligence: Offers you a modest advantage with immediate business intelligence reports.
  • Integrations: It can flawlessly join in with your business-critical organization.

Pros of Saviom

  • It has drag-and-drop resource bookings that save time.
  • It generates resource understandings easily.
  • It has a complete depth report of resource filters.

Cons of Saviom

  • It has an interface that shows a lot of information at once, making it complicated to understand.
  • It lacks few fields in reporting


Celoxis is a web-based resource management and planning software for managing projects, resources, issues, risks, timesheets, workflows, and collaboration.

Its project dashboards and reporting opportunities are customizable, so you can understand resources, tasks, and project facts in a layout or arrangement that covers everything for your team.

Celoxis capacity management features deliver exact resource loads, resource utilization management, resource capacity, and efficiency. It is helpful for your business in planning and decision-making about resource distribution. 

Celoxis offers you a free trial for some days, and its subscription pricing planes contain cloud-based and on-premises per user on an annual basis.

Key features of Celoxis

  • Project Management: It offers project request tracking, project planning, project tracking, accounting, and portfolio management facility.
  • Resource Management: Optime workload by using multiple locations & shifts, capacity planning, holidays & exceptions, and instant overload alerts.
  • Dynamic Dashboards and Reports: Gathers 360-degree insights across the project through custom report fields, drill-down charts, widgets, layout, and multiple dashboards.
  • Team & Client Collaboration: Provide facilities like version control, sharable calendars, online chats and meetings, mentions and notifications, activity stream, and free client portal.
  • Time & Expense: Track time, budget using multi-level approvals, inbuilt timers, automatic reminders, and customizable policies.
  • Optimized Interfaces: You can access this tool using Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Tizen, or from another operating system with a web browser.
  • Celoxis API: You can independently integrate API with your other business tools by seamlessly linking with your existing tools.

Pros of Celoxis

  • It has got an in-app timer feature for effective task tracking.
  • The widgets and layouts are customizable groups or individuals according to their will.
  • It calculates the percentage of project tasks-per-user and helps to compare productivity.
  • Celoxis has easy and cooperative Gantt charts.

Cons of Celoxis

  • You may face some difficulty while building reports.
  • The menu structure is complicated.

MS Project

MS Project resource management and planning includes familiar management tools for conveying project tasks to team members and using diverse views like Grid, Board, and Timeline (Gantt chart) to supervise the resource preparation.

MS projects improve your solution for resource management and planning by opening different projects in the same window and comparing both resources.

MS Project offers you a free trial of 30 days, and the subscription model is monthly according to your needs.

Key features of MS Project 

  • Planning and Scheduling: It offers prioritization of tasks, task management, and a team calendar.
  • Project Timeline View: view timeline in Gantt Charts.
  • Collaboration and communication with your team.
  • Coauthoring: You can work hand-to-hand with team members and can edit, update the to-do-list and schedules.
  • Roadmap: You can create visual, interactive roadmaps by gathering different project categories across your company.
  • Portfolio selection and optimization: You can model different scenarios and optimize your business.

Pros of MS Project 

  • You can produce a Gantt chart from a spreadsheet.
  • It offers you cooperative project template images for guidance.
  • MS Project driver prioritization module for position plans/aims.
  • It is an easy combination with other Microsoft software.

Cons of MS Project 

  • It has limitations on teamwork tools.
  • It has only a few customization choices.


Silverbucket is a resource management and planning software for project-based industries intended for designers, engineers, and IT authorities.

It is easy to use and lets its users view and compare resource strategies and actual times to understand resource management actions.

Siverbucket skills tracking features provide you with tracking capabilities and skills, including reporting features such as presentation dashboards, understanding of past resourcing plans, and prediction for future resource management strategies.

Silverbucket offers you a free trial of 60 days and has a standard and enterprise subscription model.

Key features of Silverbucket

  • Intuitive project resource management software.
  • Allocate roles or employees to a project according to its need.
  • Influential filtering feature to find just the right people for the job.
  • Change plans easily.
  • Compare actuals to planned hours.
  • Manage employee skills
  • Holiday and absence management
  • Project risk management
  • Time tracking
  • Data visualization
  • Utilization management

Pros of Silverbucket

  • It helps to compare resource plans to actual hours in an easy way.
  • It offers a diversity of APIs for integrations that allow the computerization of data flows. 
  • It helps you have complete resourcing information and of different groups like project managers, team leaders, and company management and their impact on projects’ success.
  • It monitors sales predictions, cash flow, and application rates.
  • Soft booking can be used to generate uncertain allocations.

Cons of Silverbucket

  • It does not have mobile application features.
  • You cannot create alternative or plan B planning situations.


Runn resource management and planning software provides you resource, demand, and capacity planning tools with combined time tracking and powerful forecasting capabilities.

Its resources and scheduling feature provides you with a bird’s-eye view of all the projects and individuals in your company, permitting you to spot double-bookings and manage resourcing and scheduling conflicts rapidly.

Runn offers a free pricing model for up to five people, and other plans are pro and enterprise, and subscription payment is monthly.

Key features of Runn 

  • Resourcing and scheduling
  • Project management 
  • Employee management
  • Financial forecasting
  • Timesheet
  • Reporting
  • API and integrations
  • Export and import data and report.
  • Roadmap: tracks the researching, designing, and developing phases of a project.

Pros of Runn 

  • It has easy, drag-and-drop resource scheduling.
  • It offers an intuitive utilization report and forecast.
  • It can easily identify overbooked/unavailable employees
  • It has an over-budget predictions facility.

Cons of Runn 

  • It lacks offline and mobile time tracking features.
  • It has got a limited number of incorporations.


Resource management and planning software help us keep track of the resources, budgets, time is taken to finish the project, and monitor upcoming projects.

If you choose the ideal resource management and planning software for your business and effectively use its features, you can expand your business, take profits, and save time.

Hence, if you have any queries regarding this, you can feel free to comment on the comment session and give feedback.

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