Best PEO Companies

PEO Companies

A PEO Company functions through a co-employ model, which means that the workers are on the PEO’s books but still report to you.

Payroll, HR management, employee benefits, risk and compliance, workers’ compensation, and employee training and development are all HR roles that most PEO Companies can handle. When choosing a PEO Company, make sure it can handle all your HR needs and scales well.

Via a co-employment partnership, a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Company offers Human Resource resources to small and mid-market businesses.

Payroll administration, voluntary and prescription insurance, risk control, employees’ compensation, HR administration, and workforce growth are offered.

Description of 10 Best PEO Companies (In 2021) are as follow:

PEO Companies


Amplify HR is a complete HR management system for small and medium-sized enterprises. Their clients’ employees are eligible for medical, dental, and vision benefits. Clients of all sizes can benefit from retirement planning services.

You’ll get logistical relief, improved compensation, lower liabilities, and committed HR assistance with Amplify’s full-service HR approach.

You will spend more time doing what you enjoy expanding your company with the help of Amplify’s knowledgeable support staff.

Amplify PEO Companies

Unlike other PEO firms, Amplify offers personalized customer service and guarantees that any inquiry or issue is answered with a human on the other end of the line, which is a fantastic claim to fame and a significant benefit.

Key features of Amplify:

  • Payroll: The payroll feature helps you in payroll administration and paycheck distribution, w-2 preparation, web-based payroll, HR reports, general ledger upload, paid time-off tracking, and direct deposit.
  • Benefits: This feature provides you a range of facilities like medical benefit plans, dental benefit plans, vision benefit plans, supplemental benefits, flexible spending accounts, and employee assistance programs.
  • HR and retirement: Provide you policies and procedures, employee handbook, new hire support, employee development, health care reform, discipline and termination procedures, and retirement planning.
  • Risk management and compliance: Helps you in workers’ compensation coverage and claims resolution, employment practices liability insurance, safety reviews, osha assistance, and employment law posters.

Vensure PEO

Vensure PEO Employer Services offers human resource consulting and PEO services to small to mid-sized companies worldwide. 

Vensure PEO company serves a wide range of sectors with programs such as payroll, medical and voluntary insurance, employees’ compensation, risk control, and HR administration, enabling small business owners to handle HR operations more cost-effectively and focus on development and profitability strategies.

 VensurePEO Company

A corporation is an optimal option for small businesses in exploring HR solutions, particularly those observed for a more modified solution for their detailed industry (which can be significant, if essential).

Key features of Vensure PEO:

  • Payroll: Payroll and taxes are integrated, easy, and precise, saving you money and time.
  • Medical and voluntary benefits: To search for the best talent, take advantage of excellent incentive benefits and agile administration.
  • Workers’ compensation: Staying up to date on enforcement laws and regulations would give you peace of mind.
  • Risk management: Operate in faith, trusting that your staff and business are covered in the event of an accident or illness.
  • HR administration: With a team of trustworthy HR advisors and cutting-edge HR technologies, you will handle any of the most challenging HR needs.

Brandt International

Brandt International is a leading Business Consulting and Process Outsourcing (BPO) company headquartered in Malaysia that provides outsourced customer care, telemarketing, sales, support, and next-generation contact center solutions based on insights, artificial intelligence, and cloud solutions. 

Brandt International’s on-shore and off-shore distribution capabilities cover the country, and their delivery sites support many local and regional clients. Brandt International provides services in English as well as other East Asian languages.

Brandt International PEO Company

End-to-end customer service management, strategic customer relationship growth, and operated multi-media contact centers with up to 200 seats are some of Brandt International’s specialties.

Key features of Brandt International:

  • Customer experience management: Industry principal Customer Experience checking, transformation, and management
  • IT outsourcing management: Brandt International’s cloud-based Omni channel provides a centralized user interface that combines voice and social media in a single screen interaction, improving customer engagement.
  • Workforce outsourcing: Leave the company’s recruiting and workforce relations woes to the professionals.
  • Finance shared services: From customer experience evaluation and consultancy to management and business transformation programs, Brandt International’ve got you covered.
  • Learning and development: Many organizations, both large and small, have benefited from our personalized training. Our Business Simulations provide a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity.

StaffLink Outsourcing is a global PEO that offers small to mid-size companies with HR solutions ranging from recruitment to benefits administration.

StaffLink Outsourcing has the resources, processes, technology, and expertise to develop HR management from a collection of routine administrative tasks into a necessary and robust component of a company’s growth and competitiveness.

Stafflink PEO Company


COVID-19 resources, PPP Loan reporting assistance, hiring procedural advice and training, job verification, reporting, liability insurance, and pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation and enforcement are just some of the services available.

  • Payroll administration: StaffLink Outsourcing’s payroll administration ensures less chance of Health Care Reform-related enforcement problems and penalties and expertise in employment-related tax and payment compliance issues.
  • Benefits administration: StaffLink Outsourcing provides a broad variety of job benefits and HR services. A partnership with StaffLink Outsourcing gives the company access to top-tier employee benefits usually reserved for larger companies.
  • Risk management services: Risk Management experts from StaffLink Outsourcing will examine the workers’ insurance regulation strategy. StaffLink Outsourcing will help you enforce a safe and healthy workplace while still taking full responsibility for workers’ compensation.
  • Employment rules and regulations guidance: Stafflink HR experts at StaffLink have years of experience and can provide you with best-practice knowledge to help you remain compliant and prevent possible employee-related mistakes. They will help you from hiring to firing or from hiring to retirement.

CXC Global

CXC Global, CXC’s innovative regulatory platform, ensures compliant worker participation and appropriate checks in each region.

CXC assists you with managing your vendors and offering customized programs to increase the productivity and performance of the employees while lowering risks and costs.

CXC Global PEO Company

The CXC becomes the human resource function for you as a client’s contingent workforce under the CXC’s contingent workforce management model. 

CXC ensures a seamless approach to workforce development, independent of talent source, and transparent transparency for all phases of a contingent worker’s agreement through a single contractor, all of which is consistent with the HR plan.

Key features of CXC Global:

  • Onboarding: CXC’s contingent worker onboarding mechanism is structured to reduce risk and increase contractor efficiency while ensuring that the worker is familiar with key aspects of the business and culture.
  • Risk & Compliance: Given the complexity of engaging and managing temporary staff, businesses must be confident that the technologies and procedures they employ can increase efficiency while reducing enforcement risks and challenges.
  • International payroll: CXC offers a quick invoice-to-payment process that ensures complete transparency and compliance for your contingent employees.
  • Health & Safety: CXC handles occupational health and safety risks as part of our duty of care to contingent staff.
  • Account Management & Reporting: The account management system at CXC is structured to help corporations, vendors, and partners achieve their business objectives.


In South Korea, KOISRA UP offers a full range of market-entry services, including business formation, payroll, HR and recruiting, visa and relocation, virtual offices, and more.

KOISRA UP has a full range of HR services thanks to its highly-trained specialists and seasoned staff.

You are protected if you need assistance and consultation about jobs in Korea, assistance in monitoring the local team in Korea, or managing your employment policy.

Kosira UP PEO Company

Managing your employees’ payroll is one of the most critical aspects of your professional efficiency.

KOISRA UP provides payroll services and personalized solutions to international clients based on their needs.

Their methodical process, extensive experience, and knowledge of local Korean regulations make them a more dependable choice that guarantees customer satisfaction.

Key features of KOISRA UP:

  • Payroll: KOISRA UP provides payroll outsourcing and personalized options to all international customers based on their specific business needs.
  • HR management and benefits administration: KOISRA UP offers comprehensive workforce retention programs, including staffing, employee recruitment, and HR administration.
  • Labor-law compliance: KOISRA UP will assist you with local job options such as Employer of Record (EOR), Professional Employer Organization (PEO), and Hybrid Payroll Employment if you need to hire local workers in South Korea.
  • Business registration: KOISRA UP specializes in the registry and establishment of international enterprises and corporations in South Korea.

CoAdvantage PEO

CoAdvantage PEO specializes in managing human capital as a professional employer organization (PEO).

CoAdvantage PEO is an HR professional who will handle accounting, insurance, employees’ compensation, and other key HR roles as your outsourcing partner.

Payroll management, risk and enforcement, tax filings, welfare, ancillary benefits, and worker compensation are among their standout programs.

CoAdvantage PEO Company

CoAdvantage has you covered if you’re looking for basic facilities done correctly.

Key features of CoAdvantage PEO:

  • Receive payroll: With precision, handle payroll management and associated functions.
  • Advantages: At a low cost, you will get fortune 500-style perks.
  • Compliance & risk: Create a workspace that is clean, creative, and compliant.
  • Human resource technology: Carry out HR tasks safely and effectively.


Employees can use factoHR’s ESS portal to correct attendance, apply for leave, display payroll details, and many other tasks without contacting HR, reducing their workload.

factoHR provides small and medium companies with HR administration and other activities, covering their HR needs from “hire to retire.”

FactoHR PEO Company

factoHR empowers the workforce with innovative HR and payroll software. Use factoHR payroll tools to free up time from recurring payroll operations so you can focus on more critical tasks.

Key features of factoHR:

  • HR management: A centralized, safe location to store and view all of your employees’ data, allowing them to concentrate on their core responsibilities.
  • Onboarding and payroll process: Simplify the hiring process and provide a positive working atmosphere for your new hires to start a great start.
  • Attendance and leave management: An in-depth, application approach that allows workers to use the platform or a mobile device to mark their attendance or request leave.
  • Retirement benefits like Provident Fund and Benevolent Fund management: Employee provident fund, superannuation, charitable, and gratuity investments can all be conveniently managed with this solution.


ExtensisHR is a nationwide HR outsourcing service provider specializing in providing small and medium-sized companies with customized PEO services and HR solutions.

Personalized products and services for HR, insurance, payroll and taxation, employer risk, workforce management, hiring, enforcement, and leading HRIS technology are all part of the company’s portfolio.

Extensis HR PEO Company

ExtensisHR’s managers have the knowledge and ability to tailor solutions to your specific needs, whether you have 10 or 2,500 employees.

Key features of ExtensisHR:

  • HR Services: With expert HR guidance and assistance, you can simplify accounting, tax administration, recruiting, and talent management.
  • Benefit Services: Demonstrate your concern for your coworkers. With unrivaled employee benefits, you will attract and retain the best talent in your business.
  • Risk & Compliance Services: Count on our experience in enforcement to keep you up to date on the new federal, state, and local regulations.
  • HRCloud: Move the company forward with time-saving technology and specialized monitoring tools, and employee self-service options.

Source it, Inc.

Source it, Inc. has been a cornerstone of Hawaii’s staffing industry for over ten years, tailoring services to its diverse workforce and business needs.

Source it, Inc staffs some of the island’s most fundamental and essential job categories, ensuring they remain secure, solid, and forward-thinking.

Sourceinc. PEO Company

Source it has focused on the still-thriving building industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many provincial and national construction employees are eligible for free certified payroll services, whose Source it provides.

Key features of Source it, Inc.:

  • Recruiting: Source it, Inc. offers recruiting outsourcing and personalized opportunities to all of our intercontinental clients based on their precise business needs.
  • HR administration: All of the employees’ data is stored and viewed in one single, secure environment, enabling them to focus on their core duties.
  • Medical & Supplemental benefits: Source it, Inc. grips work-related health and safety threats as part of our responsibility to maintain dependent staff.
  • Payroll services & Free certified payroll: Many provincial and national construction employees are eligible for free certified payroll services, whose Source it provides.


Some of the most popular PEO services are as follow:

  • Payroll administration: The PEO provider can make sure that the workers are paid on schedule.
  • Risk assessment: The PEO will assist you with resolving workers’ compensation lawsuits and problems. They will also assist you in developing new procedures and conducting workshops to ensure that your workers are as healthy as possible during the day and according to best practices.
  • Benefits management and administration: They can provide various health and retirement products, such as medical, dental, life, 401K plans, and more.
  • Compliance: They can keep you up to date with any regulatory amendments and rules, such as those imposed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and others.

Why employers use PEO?

Employers hire a PEO for a variety of reasons. Usually, businesses that outsource HR services to a PEO face the following:

  • Positive return on investment: Employers get a 27.2 percent annual return on investment when using a PEO.
  • A higher rate of growth: Businesses who use a PEO grow 7-9 percent faster and have a 50% lower chance of failing.
  • Employee retention is higher: Businesses that use a PEO have a 10-14 percent lower turnover rate.
  • Efficient benefits and health insurance: PEOs use their buying power to help small companies get more benefits and insurance at a lower cost.
  • Enforcement has improved: To mitigate liability and keep the company legal, PEOs stay up to date on industry regulations.

What Can and Can’t PEOs Do for You?

 Suppose you’re afraid that working with a PEO would result in you losing control of your company.

When you employ a PEO, the truth is that you will never lose control of your business. In reality, a PEO will assist you in making more educated HR decisions that will strengthen your business.

PEO can do such things for you:

  • Payroll collection, HR compliance, risk control, workforce compensation, job tax, and time and attendance management were just a few HR resources available to employees.
  • Contribute to lowering your liability for paying wages, payroll taxes, and state unemployment taxes.
  • Assist in the recruiting of new employees and the elimination of workforce turnover. Get the company more appealing to existing and future employees.
  • Get the company more appealing to existing and prospective staff.
  • Save time so you can concentrate on your business’s day-to-day activities and development.

PEO can’t do such things for you:

  • Take command of the business.
  • Provide labor to construction projects.
  • Make your own recruiting and firing decisions.

How to Find the Appropriate PEO Company for Your Business?

The guidelines to find the right PEO company for your business:

  • Examine the office to see what kind of human resources and risk management you’ll require. 
  • Make sure the PEO will help you achieve your objectives. Meet the individuals who will be assisting you. Inquire into previous clients and professional references. 
  • Is the PEO IRS-approved? This ensures that the licensed PEO (CPEO) will pay federal payroll taxes using its EIN and protects consumers by forcing the CPEO to bear complete responsibility for salaries paid to worksite workers.
  • Recognize how work benefits are paid for. Is the PEO entirely insured or self-funded in part? Who is the provider or third-party administrator (TPA)? Is their TPA or carrier legally permitted to operate in your state?
  • Recognize how job incentives are customized. Check to see if they meet the workers’ requirements.
  • Please make sure the PEO company will scale its services to match your company’s growth. Keep in mind that PEO contracts will last for years, so don’t make decisions based on the short term.
  • Check the accreditations of the organizations, such as the IRS and ESAC.
  • To see if the top prospects are a good choice, interview or speak with them. 
  • Carefully read the service arrangement. Is it obvious what each party’s obligations and liabilities are? What assurances are given? What clauses enable you or the PEO to terminate the contract’s terms?


Since PEO will be deeply integrated with your business, finding a reputable and accredited PEO is critical.

PEOs can earn certifications and accreditations to show that they follow best practices, adhere to strict financial standards, and follow employment laws and regulations.

The Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) all have recognized programs for meeting the requirements PEOs.

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