Best Startup Financing Options for Small Businesses

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It is heartbreaking when our estimation doesn’t work as expected, and it happens a lot when we are searching for financing options for our startup. We find thumbs down from many places and consolation from few.

It is difficult to carry out any business with a broken heart. Most of the time, you will search for a blanket to wrap around, if you know what I mean.

The only way to keep our heart intact, solid-state is by being vigilant while searching for an option. If we critically evaluate the state of our position in the business journey, our financial status, and liabilities, we can identify appropriate financing options.

Startup Financing Options

There are ways to accumulate wealth based on trust, collateral, and goodwill, and here are a few that may be an option for your startup financing.

Borrowing from Friends and Family

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The first thing anyone would think about low interest or no-interest loans is from friends and family. And, the best thing is that we do not have to convince them a lot; we needn’t make many preparations for putting on a leash.

Family money is different from friends’ money, and we don’t have many obligations for interest and share among the family members. While with friends, we have to make returns but in a longer recovery time.

Either way, it relieves us of the burden of dealing with the third party regarding each plan and decision. Relief from unnecessary stress is a better way of starting a business because there are going to be many in the way.


Similar to the networking platforms, there are many crowdfunding sites. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, etc., are popular platforms to generate money from common people in the form of donations or pre-orders. 

Right people, when intrigued by your idea, can finance your venture.

First, we have to find the right audience that can relate to our business goals. Then, we have to set the amount, a target we are trying to reach. We should share our story by organizing the content appropriately. Finally, we should request others to help promote the cause to reach the goals in time. And, hope for the best.

It helps to improve our cash flow, as we don’t have to pay an interest of any kind. The business will get started without any fallbacks.

However, the competition is tough, and you should have a pretty impressive idea or product to gain control in crowdfunding.

Government Funds

There are many plans and proposals, regarding GDP growth, with our government. Such plans include different grants and low-interest loans with long recovery times. If we can qualify for the funds, it would be a great start for a startup.

Government targets local development and wants to uplift the business and industries in the country. They try to alleviate the deserving candidate in our financial, social structure with the growth of employment, local products, and community building. It is, therefore, our priority task to look for government funds. 

The availability of the funds can be known about local media, government offices, or websites. Even social media nowadays have a lot of information and communities that provide lead to government funds.

It is a good way to have startup money without interest and serve the community as well. 

Angel Investor

Finding a well-privileged person who might be our would-be investor is not an easy task to do, and there are not many people around us with such accessibility. Well, it’s hard to find an angel.

The individual, if found, will invest in your project but will always expect the equity in return. There will be enough cash flow in the system, but the decision-making shifts to a collaboration between the two of you.

Angel Capital Association(ACA) is a web platform that can lead you to a potential investor. It is a collective, an organization formed by all such investors and groups. You can find the appropriate investment according to your requirement.

An angel investor will be associated with your every decision and will also provide advice on running the business. So, if you can share your office and vision with another person without any hesitation, finding an angel investor is a very appropriate idea for financing your startup.

Connections through social networks

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Social networks, more like professional networks, like LinkedIn, have provided us with a network of like-minded professional people. In such an environment, we can easily find investors who may be interested in our startup work.

We have to reach out to those working in a similar field and supposedly have good financial positions and experience. They, too, may be searching for a new venture and waiting for a good partnership.

There are other communities building platforms that provide us with access to our niche players. The probability is bleak, but you may get surprised; you never know. 

When starting up, you are conscious about every cost and expense, and gaining the money without any hardship and searching can be a big psychological support. You should give social networking platforms a try.


Venture Capital(VC) associations are a popular alternative that can provide you with the necessary funds and feedback. Generally, it is a form of collective of angel investors or representatives of other investment companies. The group decides whether your goals are feasible or not.

You have to prepare your business plan and give a presentation on your financial mobility, what you have already done, and planning to do. If your product or services are going to be profitable, you shall receive funds. The VCs are professionals; all the advice is going to be beneficial, even if it doesn’t favor us.

They are doing business with us, so we shall expect a swift and clear negotiation. Most of the time, we have to make sacrifices because we have the need. And they understand that completely.

They may expect money returns with interest and even equity in the business. If it feels right to you, this method of financing is also quite profitable in the long run.

Alliance with Startup Incubation 

There are companies that provide workspace, funding, training, and mentoring to startup businesses. They take collaborative steps with you in your developments and help to uplift from scratch.

Obviously, they are interested in equity and participation for the long term, and they will be responsible for any fallback and in the decision-making processes.

If you are in search of experienced helping hands and funds with it, this type of alliance with a startup incubator is very helpful. You learn and grow with some necessary compromises.

Being among educated and experienced people with less control is better than being in full control alone. And, on top of that, you are searching for financing options, so it is good for your business to be with incubators.

Business Loan

Bank, the curator of all our assets in times of need, provides us with the necessary money for our startup business. We have to prepare a business plan, document everything in a file, and present it to the bank.

The bank looks for a reliable income source and fixed assets as collateral for small businesses and startups. The income source can be from business income, salary, house rent, remittance, or interest from fixed deposits. If there is more than one source, then it is beneficial.

A business loan is generally preferred by the startups that have already stationed their business place. We can use the place as collateral for the loan, and even the bank trusts us if we are in the middle of our venture. 

It is advisable to start a new business from other financing options, and in the second cycle of cash flow management, we can go for a business loan.


Pushing the boundaries for establishing a company of your interest is the wholesome idea of being an entrepreneur. The constant race to find solutions to the problems will wear out our willpower, the stresses are abundant, and the few countermeasures.

Financing options reduces much of the pressure from entrepreneurs’ heads, and they can concentrate on other higher difficulties.

Knowing that there are options that can be reached by common people will boost morale and help us live calmly.

If you are on the verge of breaking up in your startup business journey, you should certainly take one of the easy financing options rather than quitting.  

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