Online Invoice Generators for Businesses

10 Online Invoice Generators for Businesses
Online Invoice Generators for Businesses

Invoice generators are the tools that allow you to create invoices. They follow a template to ensure you don’t forget to include essential details when preparing your invoices.

Why can sending an invoice to feel like the most challenging part of any project?

Itemizing charges, adding taxes, making it look professional, and chasing down payment—all busywork that takes away from time that could be better spent on billable tasks. 

This is exactly why invoicing software exists. 

With just a couple of clicks, you can calculate billable hours, products, and taxes that are all added up in an invoice.

Another couple clicks, and it also delivers invoices via email to your client, complete with a link to pay in full online. 

 These listed 10 online invoice generators are explicitly designed to assist you with your invoicing needs and send beautiful invoices to your clients for billable work.

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is a free online invoice generator designed to help users prepare invoices, customize invoices, time tracking, and get paid online faster.

Zoho Invoice has come a long way to be among the best invoice generators in the industry. Zoho Invoice offers an intuitive interface and powerful integrations, making it unstoppable.

The online invoice generator is relatively easy to navigate and provides professional-looking invoices. Zoho also sends reminders to clients for timely payment.

What makes Zoho an instant winner is its ability to support multiple languages and currencies. Other essential features of Zoho are tracking time, monitoring expenses, invoice templates, and collaborating with clients.


  • The client portal ensures transparency by allowing clients to view estimates, timesheets, and invoices.
  • Design invoices by branding them with your logo for a personalized look.
  • It supports multiple currencies and languages for smooth cash flow.
  • Sign your invoices with your ESIGN to avoid tampering and forgery.
  • Powerful integrations with PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and 2Checkout for quick payment gateways.
  • Real-time reports on sales, expenses, and tax summary to keep you updated with your finances.

Pros of Zoho Invoice:

  • Unlimited invoices and estimates
  • Cloud-based
  • Easy to use
  • Invoicing in 14 languages
  • Excellent customer support
  • Exceptional customer support and resources

Cons of Zoho Invoice:

  • No inventory feature
  • Limited integrations


FreshBooks is an invoicing app that specifically tracks invoicing for your business, providing additional time and expense tracking features.

You’ll be able to customize your invoices (such as by adding your logo) and send them as an email or send a paper copy.

FreshBooks provides excellent customer service, and the teams are very active on social media. Their help center features how-to and everything customers need to get started.


  • Send and receive invoices
  • Accepts credit card payments via twelve payment gateways
  • Setup recurring and automated invoices
  • Schedule late payment reminders
  • Timesheet tracking available for your employees
  • Tracks Expense report
  • Send invoices to your clients as PDF’s

Pros of FreshBooks:

  • Double-entry accounting
  • Excellent user experience
  • Keeps detailed client records
  • Offers team collaboration and time tracking tools
  • Inventory tracking
  • Supports proposals and projects
  • Excellent customer support

Cons of FreshBooks:

  • Limited users
  • There are some dashboard deficits
  • Offers limited invoice customization
  • Mobile apps lack some site features and better interface is one the most accessible and most straightforward invoice generators on the list. You can use it to send invoices for multiple types of work.

This web application is a great way to generate and print invoices readily, and the interface used is simplistic. You have to put in details about the work and payments.

You can then download the invoice as a PDF and have a professional-looking way to request payments.

Once you access the online application, a dummy invoice presents itself as the UI. This online invoice generator provides features capable of solving all your business invoicing needs.


  • You can add and edit rows any time.
  • Able to edit and add text within the template
  • Automated calculation Tax and total
  • Download the invoice in PDF format
  • You can do more – manage clients, accept payment online, etc., when you sign up with them (It’s free!)

Pros of

  • You can quickly create professional-looking invoices
  • No formatting is required
  • All parts of the invoice are editable and customizable
  • You can automatically generate a PDF copy of the invoice
  • The tool is absolutely credits-free and is free to use

Cons of

  • You cannot save your invoices online for future references
  • You cannot add a company logo


PayPal l also offers invoicing tools that allow you to create professional online invoices with PayPal payment integration.

It is, without a doubt, the most convenient invoice generator for many businesses and freelancers.

PayPal acts as a virtual bank and encourages globalization by supporting a seamless purchasing experience from anywhere in the world.

It provides top-notch security by concealing your credit card info and also allows users to cancel payments easily.

PayPal is super easy to set up with transparent terms and pricing. You can have your account up and running instantly without having to sign any contracts.

PayPal comes with innumerable integrations to help you connect with various platforms and marketplaces easily. The platform provides unmatched security to protect you from online fraud.

This innovative system has all the features of one of the top-ranking invoice generators.


  • You can send money to anyone through PayPal by just having their mail or contact number.
  • Online invoicing to help freelancers and contractors get paid on time by sending out quick invoices to their clients.
  • Get instant push notifications about all the invoices and transactions.
  • PayPal keeps your financial information secure with 24/7 transaction monitoring along with encryption and fraud detection.
  • Supports the Charge Back function to withdraw the amount after transferring it to another account.

Pros of PayPal:

  • Easy to use
  • Send and track invoices easily
  • It has a great search function for invoice records
  • PayPal has stepped up its game with built-in estimates, recurring invoices, reports offering sales insights, and more

Cons of PayPal:

  • Home page can be a little inscrutable for new users
  • It doesn’t offer some of the upgraded business-organizational features


Wave is a first-class, cloud-based invoicing, estimate, and business accounting software. Wave is one of the most popular invoicing systems used worldwide for its unparalleled performance.

Wave is the ultimate free invoice generator with a simple interface, robust features, and reasonable pricing.

It is best suited for small businesses and freelancers but works great for large businesses.

The main features of the wave include accounting, invoicing, billing, payment tracking, payroll management, and receipt scanning.

Not only does it help you with creating professional invoices, but it even manages your cash flow.

From an easy-to-navigate dashboard to well-integrated platforms, it provides every feature to sail your business in the right direction in terms of accounting.


  • The customizable invoice with built-in templates for you to present your company professionally.
  • Wave integrates with different platforms like Etsy, PayPal, Zapier, and others to give you a seamless experience and keep you connected
  • Automatically send invoices to customers on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis with Recurring Invoices.
  • Get deep insights, reports on profit & loss, sales, tax, and income to make informed decisions.
  • Wave supports multi-business by letting you set up multiple organizations under your Wave account.
  • Wave stores all your data on the cloud and automatically back it up for easy access on multiple devices.

Pros of Wave:

  • Provides an intelligent selection of features 
  • Double-entry accounting
  • Excellent management of invoice and transaction
  • Can pre-authorize recurring credit card payments
  • Better user interface and navigation tools
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Supports multicurrency
  • Instant Payouts

Cons of Wave:

  • Simple record templates
  • Invoice customization could be stronger
  • It doesn’t provide dedicated time-tracking features
  • No comprehensive mobile application
  • Receipts by Wave app are unavailable on Android
  • Payroll features not as competent as other solutions

Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is a cloud-based invoicing, billing, and payment management software. As the platform is cloud-based, your data can be accessed and synced across multiple platforms and devices.

Invoice Ninja is not just an invoice generator, but it also provides additional features such as basic CRM for inventory and task management.

Users can create professional invoices from scratch or use built-in templates for a head start. It also gives users complete control of their business by managing invoices and expenses effectively.

These invoices can be downloaded or printed directly from the platform. Clients can also pay directly from the invoices for a speedy payment system.

Furthermore, Invoice Ninja integrates with more than 50 well-known payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, WePay, WorldPay, and many more.


  • Professional Invoice template designs to help you invoice with style.
  • More than 40 payment integration options like PayPal, ACH payments, Bitcoin, and Stripe.
  • Stay up-to-date with the app and email notifications when payments are made.
  • View all recent client activity, revenue, invoices sent, active clients, and invoice averages from your dashboard.
  • Manage Invoice Ninja by speaking through Natural Language Voice Commands.
  • Supports multiple currencies and languages for a localized experience.

Pros of Invoice Ninja:

  • Unlimited invoices and estimates
  • Over 40 payment gateways
  • Excellent customer support
  • Cloud-based and open-source options
  • Strong mobile apps
  • Available in 30 languages

Cons of Invoice Ninja:

  • No inventory feature
  • Outdated UI
  • Limited integrations
  • Limited reports


Xero is a cloud-based accounting software platform suitable for managing your financials more effectively and efficiently.

Users can have access to their cash flow in real-time from any device so they can work on the go.

Xero is a simple online invoice generating tool that provides features that help businesses get paid faster, like quick bank reconciliation and managing and sharing documents, tracking your finances.

Xero offers robust account reconciliation, importing data, purchase and sales transactions, project tracking, and many more best features for your business.


  • Captures costs, submit, approve and reimburse claims, and view spending.
  • Manages and share documents, contracts, bills, and receipts safely from anywhere.
  • Tracks your finances with accurate accounting reports
  • Keeps track of what’s in stock with inventory software.
  • Creates online or PDF quotes that make a great impression
  • Automatically calculates sales tax on transactions and use reports to prepare sales tax returns.

Pros of Xero:

  • Good dashboard
  • Improved setup process
  • New business views
  • Interactive quotes, Smart Lists
  • Thorough reconciliation tools
  • Exceptional online support
  • Project tracking

Cons of Xero:

  • Lacks phone and chat help
  • The new invoice form needs labeled icons
  • Mobile apps not comprehensive
  • Expenses handled in separate mobile app
  • No reorder level in inventory


ZipBooks is a free cloud-based invoicing platform designed for businesses that provide various features as an abundance of capabilities such as time & expense tracking, invoicing, client texting, and payroll integration.

ZipBooks was launched in 2015, but the platform has made its mark in the industry even with its late arrival industry.

ZipBooks has an easier-to-navigate user interface for efficient financial operations and increased productivity.

It gives users complete control of their business and helps them have a detailed view of the organization’s financial status for informed decisions.

It checks all the boxes for being one of the best free invoice generators with its promising features and intuitive design.

ZipBooks helps users with accounting and finances and offers business advice and health scores based on the data.

With ZipBooks, you will be able to make better decisions beneficial for your business.


  • Record payments accurately and get detailed reports.
  • With the option of adding your logo, you can customize the invoices to your needs.
  • Keep track of customer payments, invoice history, and tax collection.
  • It smartly suggests to you which details matter so you can tweak invoices for getting paid faster.
  • ZipBooks automatically calculates the invoice based on time, thus reducing the workload.
  • The platform is super easy to use and takes minutes to get started.
  • Regular improvements to the product and exceptional customer service.

Pros of ZipBooks:

  • Invoicing is easy to set up and track
  • Easy to use and simple interface
  • Creates clean, professional invoice templates
  • Well-designed UI
  • Good customer support
  • Task, time, and project tracking.

Cons of ZipBooks:

  • Limited invoice customizations
  • Slim contact records.
  • Lacks bill-pay and inventory-tracking features.
  • No tiered user permissions.
  • Few reports.
  • Lacks integrated add-ons, including payroll.

Invoice Home

Invoice Home comes with the right tools to make invoicing a piece of cake for you and your business.

With Invoice Home, you can create professional invoices that can be downloaded and sent as PDF easily.

Its unique features and intuitive interface design are pretty easy to get started with. The application provides a wide variety of invoice templates for users to create invoices within a snap.

Customers may join and use for free while creating, editing, and emailing invoices and other financial documents such as quotes, estimates, and receipts to their customers, or download the completed invoice templates to a PDF or excel file to print.

Customizing tools are also available that are used for personalizing these templates and creating your invoice from scratch.

The invoice generator supports four languages and can be used for over 150 currencies. Clients can pay directly from invoices through PayPal, Stripe, and for quick payments.


  • A complete record of all your financial information through automated backups conducted regularly.
  • Accept payments in different formats through online payment gateways like PayPal.
  • Unlimited cloud storage to store all your invoices in one place.
  • Quickly create an invoice by copying an already existing one to save time.
  • PCI compliance data security standards with encrypted servers to keep all your data secure.
  • Supports over 150 currency symbols and currency formats.

Pros of Invoice Home:

  • Very affordable product.
  • Wide range of professionally designed templates for invoices, proposals, estimates, receipts, purchase orders, and more.
  • Integrated payment gateways through PayPal, Stripe, and
  • Quick and very easy to use.
  • Best suited for freelancers, small businesses, and retailers.
  • Reports on billings and outstanding payments. Keeps track of paid and unpaid invoices and allows for storage of an unlimited number of invoices

Cons of Invoice Home:

  • The design is outdated.
  • Offers limited functionality.
  • It can be hard to find the more advanced fields.

Invoice Simple

Invoice Simple is an online invoice generator that makes invoicing and managing an account and finances easy.

Launched in 2014, this platform helps convert estimates into custom invoices and tracks finances.

The amazing features of the platform make it possible to manage and organize finances and accounting effectively for a streamlined workflow.

A simple and slick interface makes it the go-to service for creating invoices. Invoice Simple pays special attention to every little detail, such as adding due dates, signatures, discounts, and photos to invoices.

With all these details, your invoice looks professional. Invoice Simple accepts the payment in any form, i.e., debit or credit card, checks, and even cash.

All your data will be synced across devices securely for easy access.


  • Create invoices and estimates instantly from anywhere with Invoice Simple mobile apps.
  • Design and create professional, customizable invoices with your logo and branding.
  • Save invoices and customer details for later use to save time.
  • Accept and make payments through debit and credit cards, checks, and cash.
  • Timely notification about invoices to keep you updated

Pros of Invoice Simple:

  • Quick and very easy to use
  • Built-in reporting to keep track of your income and expenses
  • Invoice Simple offers advanced billing features like Time Tracking, Custom Report Wizard, QuickBooks Integration, Accept Credit Card Payments
  • Invoice Simple supports many popular third-party trading platforms enabling access to a variety of markets

Cons of Invoice Simple:

  • Limited invoice templates
  • No extensive editing for adding graphics


All these listed invoicing applications offer various features and pros and cons. Now’s the hard part: picking the best invoicing tool for your business. 

So take time and be sure to research all your options before choosing an app that is best for your business and according to your needs.

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