What is Number Porting and What are its Benefits?

Number Porting and Its Benefits
Number Porting

“I want to switch from one mobile operator to another. But everyone from friends and family to close relatives has my phone number. What do I do? Is my current cell number transferable? Or, do I have to give up my old mobile number?” One might have many queries as such.

Well, I assure you there’s nothing to worry about. One might not always be satisfied with the same mobile network provider. They might want to switch to another network provider. While doing so, you don’t have to change your number. You can opt for mobile number porting and use your old number in the new operator as well. 

Number porting is a process where you can transfer your current mobile number to another service provider. Moving your cell number is possible in two ways: Local Number Porting and Full Mobile Number Porting. Local number porting allows the user to change service providers in the local area. However, in the latter one, one can change the mobile number while moving to an entirely new service provider in a different location.

Either way, number portability benefits the customers without having to go through the costs of switching to new phone numbers.

The Emergence of Mobile Number Portability

Singapore was the first country to execute MNP (1997). Later on, Malaysia implemented the program in 2007. Thus, with time progressing, many countries have implemented MNP. Though the process of number portability may differ across the country, it serves the same purpose. 

Number Porting Vs. Call Forwarding: Are They Same?

Number porting refers to transferring your mobile number from your current service provider to a new one. As soon as you port your number, the old service provider will remove your mobile number from their server. 

Call forwarding is an entirely different phenomenon. It is nothing like changing your phone number. Instead, it refers to forward your calls to another number. So, for example, you can forward your calls to another number when you cannot answer them. Or, you have different numbers; you can deliver all your needs to a single one and answer calls from a phone. 

Your original phone number remains the same while you forward the calls. You can stop call forward, and you will get the rings on your number again. 

Number Porting Vs Call Forwarding
Number Porting Vs Call Forwarding

5 Advantages of Mobile Number Porting

Before mobile porting was introduced, the only way to switch your telecommunication provider was by obtaining a new mobile number. Once you change your phone number, you should let everyone know that you have a new one. Informing everyone about your changed number would be a hectic job. Reporting at your schools, workspaces, and everywhere, oh! Such a tiring job.

But today, it is straightforward and convenient to switch to a new service provider without changing your old phone number. Thanks to Mobile Number Portability. It has numerous benefits. Let us discuss some here. 

The Invariant Contact Number

Yes! You can port your contact number, keeping your old number safe. Keeping the same number is the most remarkable benefit of porting. There’s no need to notify anyone with your old number that you’ve changed your number. 

Unchanged mobile number is such a great feature. These days, when everything is digital, you sign up for different websites, applications, bank accounts, and others using your mobile number. What if it was like the conventional way when you had no options but to change your number once you shift the telecom service provider. You would have to go through a lot of useless processes. 

Simple Process and Cheaper Porting Transaction 

The porting process is easy. With minimal formalities, you can perform number porting. First, you have to send an SMS, fill up the forms. Then, submit documents or information that will verify your identity. Your number porting process ends here. 

Likewise, the charge for porting your number is economical. The payment for number porting may differ nation-wise. However, it is cheaper, and the process is more manageable. 

You’ll Have Your Number Ported in No Time.

The entire process: from filling the form to number porting will take almost a week. However, the process is easy. As a part of the process, the number will be dead while the number is porting happening. The process will not last for long. It takes nearly two hours or so. After that, you can again connect with people via calls and messages. If you do the porting at night time, it won’t affect anything. 

Companies can Freely Upgrade Business Communication.

Since they have number porting, the companies should not worry about changing the telecom service providers. They have many associations with other companies, vendors, clients, staff, and many more. If one had to change their phone number while changing the service provider, it would bring up many tedious jobs. Thanks to number porting. 

Telecom Providers will Give Commendable Services.

When their clients have an option to switch the service providers with no hassles, they will. No company would want to lose its clients. The network providers, being fully aware of the fact, will improve the quality of their services. Also, with the competition raising the bar, they will come up with new plans of providing the best services at affordable costs. As a client, this is a perk to you. You are more prone to getting exceptional and cheap services.  

What to Do for a Triumphant Number Porting?

Okay, you are willing to change your mobile number. You know you have MNP (Mobile Number Porting). But this is not sufficient. If you are number porting, you should plan it, learn about its benefits, and utilize them. 

A Successful Mobile Number Porting
Successful Number Porting

Plan of Action

Number porting is a process that takes some time. You have to go through various stages before you can port your mobile number to another provider. There are stages involved. So, start early and begin the process. The process includes series of steps. 

  • First and foremost, decide which provider you are willing to switch to after porting. Try to contact them. Ask them about the whole process. Learn whether you are eligible to do so. 
  • After that, most of the providers want you to fill porting form and the customer acquisition form. Fill up the form and submit the necessary documents, if any. 
  • When you are eligible, you will receive a confirmation code. 
  • Once you get the code, you should send a message. 
  • Once you’ve gone through all the stages, you will get a new sim card with the number same as your old sim card. 

Ask the Operator to Move Application Forward

You should know that your application may not always get accepted by the operator you are currently using. So, you should keep updated on whether your application is accepted or not. Unless the current provider accepts and makes changes in its database, number porting cannot happen. So, track your application. 

Take Advantage of the Benefits

Prepare it right, and you can port your mobile number without hassles and difficulties. Number porting is beneficial in many ways. Know about the benefits and port your cell number easily and economically. Switch your operator easily. 

The knowledge on the advantages of number porting will make it easier and more convenient for you to use it. 

Is Mobile Number Porting Free?

No, Mobile Porting costs you some cash. You might want to know what kind of costs does number porting includes. Before discussing the expenses had, you should know that porting number is economical. The porting consists of the following costs: 

  • Procedural Costs: this includes the fee for managing transactions, comparing alternatives, and other uncertain things that might come up during the procedure   
  • Financial Costs: financial prices might consist of the expenses of fine: for contract cancellations or others 
  • Relational Costs: This might sound strange to you. Relational prices include the charges of breaking the relationship with the provider. 

When Should I Port My Business Phone Numbers?

After the number gets ported, you should port before the service switch occurs to prevent the interruption in service after the number porting. So, you should port numbers to a new provider only after number porting completes. Once the process ends, cancel all the existing lines with the old provider. 

Business Phone Number Porting
Business Phone Numbers Porting

Spying Whether a Phone Number Is Active or Not?

Sometimes, after porting, you might want to check if your mobile phone is still active or not. Also, you might sometimes keep dialing a number, and there is no response. In such cases, if you have some ways of seeing whether the number is active or not, you would feel a lot better. 

To check whether a phone number is active or not, you have TextMagic and Phone Number Monitoring. 

Text Magic is an online tool where you can check whether or not a number is active. Using this tool, you can also check whether a phone number is valid or not. This app is also available for mobile. You can download it from the google play store.

As the name suggests, Phone Number Monitoring is an app that can help the user know whether a phone number is active or not. However, unlike the Text Magic app, this is a paid app. 

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