Tips for Planning Last-minute Business Meetings

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Last minute tasks are for anti productivity. It is not a way to do business and not definitely a business meeting.

But your supervisors may ask for you to plan business meetings any time it is required. And your productivity might be judged by your accomplishment of the impossible.

There are many challenges when it comes to planning last-minute business meetings for an office or remotely located people. You have to bring them together considering their time and availability, their value and necessity.

Why should there be a last-minute meeting? You might think that way. Isn’t it convenient to do next day? 

There may be an immediate and major decisions to be made with concern of all valid personnels, legal decisions, financial decisions. Or, your supervisor may have forgotten to tell about organising a meeting in a particular day. Reasons may be anything. But the responsibility will come upon you and you have to deal with it.

So, we will try the following tips to get situation under control and checkout the difficulty with measures.

Measures for Planning Last-minute Business Meeting

The advice can be meager but it will give you psycologial support to understand about last-minute hassels.

User virtual mediums

Business meeting on the Skype where six persons are seen in the window and hands of a person on the keyboard, probably  a last-minute meeting.

One of the reasons that we will panic and have to re-plan at the last minute is maybe some of our members cannot attend at the given time. 

Availability of all the meeting attendees is not ensured. There may be some disturbances in everyone’s life which may delay them or make them absent. Considering the obvious facts, we can plan more meetings on virtual platforms if possible.

Almost everyone has a smartphone and internet with it. Offices must have a communication, meeting platform installed in every employee’s device. With the virtual meeting as a convention, there is less chance of missing the meeting.

Minimize errors

There are going to be errors in haste of last-minute planning. Error related to technicality, coordination between the participants, confusion about the cue up to the stage.

People remember bad things and forget good things happened to them. In an event we have to evaluate the previous meetings’ advice from the attendees. Because people are going to notice last time’s mistakes and if it is not solved now, it will mar our reputation.

You have to be aware of the previous meeting arrangement if you want to organize a meeting now. From past experiences, we can learn more about our capacity to conduct. We can make corrections accordingly.

Error minimization is a major thing to be thought of when we are planning meetings at the last minute. People will ignore every other thing but will always remember previous experience. It is how we win the game at the last minute. 

Focus on main content

Adjustment at the last minute will increase the possibility of error. We cannot improvise or use unnecessary props in our presentation, which will only confuse the presenter.

Plain and simple event management is the key to having a good impact on the attendees.

The slides must be meaningful, but can be simple with theme colors. The use of videos and photo essays should be reduced or completely not used to lessen confusion with the main idea.

Audiences get bored if we unnecessarily lengthen the events in a meeting. Unless you have a rehearsed material to present, you should keep it simple. You should make your point with simple assertive sentences.

Humor can be used for the audience engagement but it depends upon the person, how good is he. Sometimes you may be funny to only yourself.

You may crack an irony and someone may get offended, it gets really awkward, and rest of the meeting ends miserably.

Use social media

People use social media a lot. They use it at home, at work, on the way, in the stairs, in the day and in the night, everytime, everywhere. We can use this to our advantage.

Social media platforms give us space to make community with a purpose. And when we have similar purposes we come together and get connected as friends. We can make an event on the platform where all our attendees are probably present, and inform them about every major detail in it, all at once.

People can even interact about the agendas, time and venue of the occurrence through their comments, which will engage all the participants before the meeting. It will set them in momentum and make them proactive in the actual event.

Social media platforms help with advertisements as well. Our organiser team can share the details about the event with their friends, and they with their friends. We can significantly increase the number of participants in a very short time and manage efficiently.

Contact essentials

A red telephone with wheel dials and a purple diary on the right side, with a pen on top of it, symbolizing last minute contacts for business.

The people who are going to support you on your darkest days, must be on the top of your contact list. You should make an effort to build good relationships way before the crisis occurs.

You will be multitasking in the last-minute planning. There are only a few things you can do all by yourself, in practice and in pressure. And, you will need help, as much as possible.

People tend to panic when they don’t feel enough support. Even if you have thought that there are people for your help, it can be a great stress reliever. You can function better.

You can delegate tasks to your essential work backforce. Coordination relies on the collaboration among the team members and helpful members prove to be of great relief in time of need.

Have less participants

If the number of participants in your last minute meeting are less, it will be easy to coordinate and manage the tasks. Only the important persons must be invited in short term noticed meetings.

The attendees may feel unwelcomed and useless if they don’t see purpose in the meeting. They will not be able to participate well, give enough attention. The relationship build for other meetings might be jeopardized.

In the sense, it is good for both parties to have less participants in last call meetings. The organizer will be less stressed and participants will receive value.

But the checklist must be certain and double checked, so that important persons do not miss. Or, else the objective of the meeting may not be achieved and all done will be for nothing.

Try to reduce stress 

Organizers must apply measures to reduce their stress, in case they are overwhelmed and lose their peace of mind. The participant may not know about the cause and the stress could turn the environment heated with rage.

Squizzer balls and fidget spinners can be used to help reduce stress, if you don’t have a boxing sack at your workplace. You can take a few minutes break in silence to line up your thoughts and make plans.

Laughing can also be a great way to reduce stress. Not the hysterical type, but relative organic laughter. You can make a habit of laughing at trivial mistakes, so that others may not get the vibe of panic in you. Or, just smile most of the time when you feel pressure.

All of these are not for planning the business meeting, but to organize your composition during the task. Because you can only plan when you are sane. 


For last-minute advice you can apply and reapply the last tip repeatedly. 

Organizing anything is stressful and many people don’t like the job. It’s tought to be in best behaviour with everyone in the worst possible moment.

But with scrunity and dedication we can solve many of our problems which are unnecessary and not thought of. We must build good communication with everyone in our business and office so that we don’t have to look for last minute solutions.

I would like to stop here, so that you could arrange other important stuffs for your meeting, and I am practically wasting your time.

Just breath and repeat last tip over and over again.

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