How to Be a Mindful and Intentional Entrepreneur?

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A successful person is always admired for his state of living, or say, status. The way they talk, sit, and their vocabulary, we appreciate the amalgamation of all such qualities in the form of their personality. There is an instant comparison between ourselves; sometimes, unconsciously, we try to find out where we missed.

Why does it happen? And, how can we be in such a blissed position that we can still be humble and down to earth with all the wealth and good qualities?

All the successful business personalities and entrepreneurs have achieved many things in their lives in very little time. There is no shortcut to success but there, absolutely, is a set of rules that leads a way of life with total sense and perception in functioning as a human being.

Mindfulness is the healthy position of mind and is considered the major influence for being a promising and intentional entrepreneur. When you are mindful, you are conscious and aware of yourself and what you are doing. 

It is the state of controlling every factor around your life and creates an environment of happily living. There are ways to attain it, and it’s not promised, but you will be a different person after following the process.

Ways to be mindful

A woman is meditating to become mindful, a requirement for entrepreneurship. She is facing backward, and water from five water hoses is connected above her, all around.

Concentration on your goals is very important to be persistent. When you are doing something, if someone else’s views contradict your approaches at work, that could be fatal for your success. And if it’s a startup, there are going to be a lot of views.

So, what gives you a mindful nature to cancel out all the disturbances?

There are ways to practice being a mindful person, to energize positivity within yourself.

  • A niche zone in your home or working place is very necessary to develop mindfulness. You have to organize a comfortable place where you can sit and think without any conflicts in thought. It doesn’t matter what place it is. It can be your bedroom, bathtub, or balconies. Whenever you have to brainstorm about your plans, be at your favorite place.
  • You should have enough sleep. Sleep gives the brain a pleasant time. If you are sleeping less and without a timetable, it cannot conduct your daytime mental processing. Then, your every task from the point of waking up becomes slow and inefficient. It’s better to sleep early and wake up early. That way you will have time to do some exercises in the morning when it’s peaceful.
  • Yoga practice is really helpful to control the emotions of your will. State of meditation will bring peace to your mind and body successively. There are many things in everyday life that distribute your focus and make it hard to concentrate when required. Going to places, meeting different people will never let you be alone and relax. So, it is good to separate sometime in the morning to do yoga.
  • Life is full of changes. Whether you want or not, things are going to change, good or bad. Understanding the dynamics of the life circle is crucial to mindfulness. It will help you to be patient and fearless. You will laugh at the face of danger when you know it is part of the process. There will be failures in the future because you have failed in the past, but it didn’t stop you from trying again. This kind of understanding will never let you down at your most downtime in life.
  • But, obviously, you are going to be vigilant. You should not be drawn toward failing and learning principles. Being careful before taking any steps can be both the way and the result of being mindful. Identifying possible risks and preparing solutions for possible fallback beforehand is essential to maintain a mental composure.
  • Read a book.

Entrepreneur approaches

The distinction of an entrepreneur is in the state of mind. It doesn’t always depend on the intellectual level. Yes, entrepreneurs tend to be smarter, but many factors affect achieving the rank.

Mental model

As an entrepreneur, you must have a complete mental model of your venture. There are various steps that take your idea to the business platform you have imagined. Until you have stabilized your business, there are various hurdles in the journey. There are many spontaneous decisions to be made and things to be sacrificed.

A wholesome understanding of the journey is always beneficial when making one. So, if you know about the path you will take, there will be fewer problems to take you down from your business.

Financial Knowledge

There are many things associated with money when you are investing it in your business. The spending comes with risks and benefits at every step. There are many numbers and mathematical interpretations involved.

Knowledge about finance and economics is helpful to make wise decisions in spending your money. It is your life savings you are dealing with for your dreams. And, dreams can be misleading sometimes. They can be unrealistic and intimidating. 

Let’s not forget about the time and the effort you are putting into your work. All of your investments have correlations, and it better be on the positive side, not just your attitude.

Spendthrift, at times

You better clutch tight your fist when it is money that you are holding. Maximum saving and avoiding unnecessary expenditure is essential to be a good entrepreneur. You will be expecting the next crisis, and your money is the best defense you will have. 

Understand the difference between trying to do everything by yourself and hiring reasonable employees. You must be narrow at spending to filter only the requirements, important investments. People may call you names but remind them and yourself that it’s your business, not theirs.  


You shouldn’t hesitate to ask for help from your trusted ones. It is an action by which you will learn compassion. Entrepreneurs start their journey from zero. Obviously, they make mistakes. Acknowledging owns mistakes and reaching out to people showing their own flaws needs courage. Entrepreneurs need that courage.

Help can be of different types. It can be psychological, emotional, financial, and physical; setting up an office type. Business teaches you transactions of money and commodity, but transactions of empathy are very important techniques that can be learned only by asking for help and helping others. Only then will you be an entrepreneur.


Always look up to someone who has already been in your shoes. It is a good habit to consider someone as an inspiration because by knowing their experience, you can learn about the possible consequences. It will save you time, money and spare you of mental fatigue.

Finding a great teacher is also a challenge. All of the successful ones might not be the best mentor for you. You have to study about them and the type of work they are related to. If possible, you can even reach out for a conversation. Follow them on Twitter, you will know about their views and ideas on the hot topic. 

Learning from others’ life can save you generation of time and gain its multiple in knowledge.


It is an art. Marketing is the way of expressing your ideas with less effort. You can communicate your ideas to others only if you are clear yourself. This is quite essential to market your product.

For an entrepreneur, marketing plays an important role in establishing the trademark. The first impression binds trust and goodwill in the customers, and you rarely get a second chance to make a first impression. So, you must have a plan regarding describing your product or idea to the mass. 

You must have a good vocabulary and a verbal approach. While there are many internet platforms and campaigning techniques to do marketing, the creator’s originality to reach the customers is always appreciated.


Workout! Literally as well as figuratively. You must have a personality to be adored by the people you meet. There are many signs of a good personality. You should have regular exercise, plenty of sleep, a nutritious diet, suiting apparel, needn’t be expensive, and smiling behavior. A good sense of humor indeed can make people forget about all previous remarks. 

Altogether good looks can make a difference in people noticing or ignoring you. After all, only after people facing you can start a conversation or a contract. So, make an effort to groom and represent yourself. 

Team Selection

It is a good habit to work in a team. When you preserve the social life in your work life, you will be a better person every day. Working alone can make you monotonous and bad at behavior to others. It will affect your brand value, and you will be unaware of it. 

You should try to sync in people’s conversation, understand their principles and build up a team. Your team must contain only the people with common interests and ideologies. The team is supposed to be a long-term alliance for an interesting journey, and because of that, each person on your team must be handpicked, no matter how long it takes.


Have an open mind when it comes to knowledge. You will do good in life when you learn continuously. No matter what the topic is. If you develop a habit of harnessing information of data around you, then you will become a successful entrepreneur.

You can start learning from right now. There may be a newspaper, magazine, books or, the best, the Internet, as you may be reading this article with an internet connection. Learn about the things that interest you, the politics, global warming, new movies, or bitcoin. Slowly, you will converge to the topics of your business interest, and in no time, you will be applying them.

You need to know the temperature of a frying pan before making fries. It is a weak metaphor, but the legal matters are heated, you know. There are many policies implemented in the protection of the rights of both customers and owners. You need to know the information about the legal procedures to establish your business.

There may be the requirements of insurances and taxes, which must be paid within a specific time. There might be some licensing or contracts that should be accessed beforehand. You must be confident of all these legal matters because, you know, they matter.

Can we be entrepreneurs at will?

Well, there are ways to be a mindful and certain checklist to be an entrepreneur. And, every one of us has been told, ever since we were children, that we can achieve anything. So, it may be that any one of us can be an entrepreneur.

But no, it doesn’t happen with all of us. I do not intend to blow up your self-esteem. It is just like that. Successful people have all the best personal skills, but they have one thing that cannot be forced or practiced as a habit. And, that is their life, destined decisions, and being the right place at the right time. The life of people decides what they will achieve and face and cannot be controlled by will.

Life’s way becomes the way of life of every entrepreneur.

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