Top 20 Freelance Website To Find Work

Top 20 Freelance Website To Find Work
Top 20 Freelance Website To Find Work

With the rise of the planet of the internet, there has been a shift in many areas of work, which have divided the views on the working ethics of employees. The possibility of the internet has influenced the methodologies to find work. Is it going to be efficient or chaotic?

Freelance work had no definition in the past, like that we have nowadays. There were fewer choices. People would find a job or not find one. It was constricted to a certain place, and they wasted most of the time waiting.

It’s changed now. The internet has given us a market to redefine the work-life of a freelance worker. It is more organized, committed, and beneficial to both the client and the worker.

Starting as a Freelance Work Through a Website

Many websites act as a mediator between a worker and a client. Preferably, a worker is said to be a seller and a client, a buyer. Traditionally, a buyer posts a job, and a seller bids for the job. If satisfied, both the parties communicate through messaging and conference services.

All the websites work on their principles. In some, the buyer selects sellers based on their profile and work portfolio. Some are free of cost to freelancers, and some take commissions from both parties. Some are committed to service providers, some for designers, some for technicians, and even for students. 

Security aspects of freelance work through a website are also good for a freelance worker. There is an analysis of workers’ profiles and clients’ reputations, and only reliable information is projected toward each other. 

Payments are distributed to freelancers through online payment systems like PayPal Venmo, Klarna, Stripe, and others.

20 Freelance Website To Find Work

Based on popularity, the following 20 freelance websites are best to find work.


an image of the website of Upwork, a website to find work, has an illustration of a wheel of people working together on the right and green theme color.

Upwork is probably the best platform where anyone can find a job based on their ability. Freelancers are expected to write effective proposals and bid below your pay rate when they are new users. 

After some time, when a freelancer will become a regular client, the bid goes up. In the beginning, the company will charge up to 20% as a commission. Later on, the more you work, the less commission you have to pay.

Freelancers can do work, hourly or project-wise, from entry-level to expert can find.

Some of the popular job types in Upwork are web development, brand marketing, graphic design, customer support, and even freelance writing.


an Asian man with glasses is facing forward in the right and a search bar is on the left with a maroon background. image of Fiverr, a place to find work

Fiver is another website for freelancers to find jobs according to their needs.

Freelancers communicate with the business owner themselves, and no third party is involved in between. The company does not post jobs.

Most starter freelancers start their price at $5; it’s not compulsory but a good initiative. 

Freelancers are called sellers, and business owners are called buyers. Sellers propose the jobs like digital marketing, web development, and social media.

It can take few weeks for payment processing.


webpage of flexjobs, a place to find work as a freelancer. Three people are jumping on the right and text and buttons are on the left with blue and orange colors.

Flexjobs, as the name suggests, is a freelancing platform that offers the flexibility of work time to the workers. It has broad categories of job opportunities, from simple to complex.

All the jobs published are screened, so it’s guaranteed that there is no fraud. 

It is scam-free, and the relationship between clients and workers is valued. There is access to use webinars or video calls so that both parties are satisfied.

It is required to signup for a subscription to find a freelance job. Then the user can have access to the features like a personalized work portfolio, career advice, and free skills testing.


designhill webpage, a place to find work for freelancers. A girl with a black outfit is smiling on the right, a takeaway cup, and bags on the right, the search bar in the middle.

Designhill is again another impressive platform for freelancers or designers. The most common job categories you can find are regarding websites, brands, and logo designs.

You must create an account to get started. A wide range of selections are available, and you can even participate in designer contests.

You can sell your product by building an online store that is accessible to clients all over the world.

It only charges service fees to clients. So, all earnings are for freelancers.


Image of aquent webpage, a hub to find work for freelancers. The illustration of three hands outline holding each other's wrist is on the right text on the left with the black background and orange theme color.

Aquent is a platform mostly focused on digital marketing and creative professionals. It helps to find out jobs for freelancers from all around the world.

Freelancers can work remotely or on-site. Workers can search for job offerings. You can make searches with a keyword and location to find a job near you.

Free courses are available to hone your skills and build confidence.


A man is smiling on the right side and on the left there are texts and buttons. It has a grey and green theme. A webpage image of Toptal, freelancers find work here.

Toptal has refined and highly qualified freelance workers. Only 3% of applicants are accepted on this platform.

The screening process is tough, and failing to pass will hold another application for few months.

Most of the works are of big project type. Freelancers will be in to work with some top-notch clients like Airbnb, Motorola, and Zendesk.

It has many online events and community gatherings.

Some of the works done through this platform are software development, financial consulting, and interim management.

LinkedIn and LinkedIn ProFinder

An illustration of a man and a woman working side by side is seen on the right and texts and search bars are on the left. A webpage of LinkedIn, a place to find work.

LinkedIn has been a popular site where people publish their work experiences and resumes. It functions for companies to hire professionals, but now through LinkedIn ProFinder, it has started giving service to the freelancer community. 

LinkedIn ProFinder has tremendous resources for communicating freelancers and clients because of its predominant LinkedIn connections.

Different kinds of job timing are available; remote, full-time, and part-time on this platform. Clients trust the freelancers that come through here because of the image of the company.

It has just started its service, but we can anticipate that it will be the best someday.


Behance, a hub for designers to find work, has three cards of advertisement in this webpage image. Texts are simple and with black and blue colors.

Behance is a social networking kind of platform for creative freelancers around the world. All of its functionalities are like any other social networking site. The difference is by following more people, and you will have more posts about related job opportunities.

Most of the jobs found on this platform are creative types like illustration, photography, web design, etc.

It has a large user base, so the networking among them is the best we can find in the market.

You can also get personalized job recommendations according to your skillset. It can be very resourceful.


On this webpage image of simpyhired, a website to find work, on the right, there is an image of three letters and on the right, there is text with maroon buttons.

SimplyHired is a simple hiring platform for freelancers with a clean user interface. The most common job areas are human resources, finance, and data entry.

It is free for companies to post their opening on this site, so many postings are seen on every refresh.

Freelancers can browse through jobs without creating an account. But to upload a resume and to use other useful tools, one should create an account.

The focused search facility is available to narrow our search, and it’s easy to find a specific job opening.


Guru, a website for expert freelancers to find work, has a man with glasses, a denim shirt smiling on the right, and a text and search bar on the left.

Guru is one of few authentic platforms that helps in developing a strong relationship between clients and freelancers. The system gives recommendations based on experience and specialty.

The membership is free, but paid membership has more tools benefitting freelancers.

We can choose jobs based on location, categories, and job types. Some of the popular jobs are computer programming, marketing, temporary management types. 


Freelancer is a place to find jobs, it has a black and white sand image on the background, buttons, and text on the left. Buttons have colors pink and orange.

Freelancer is another platform popular especially for creative jobs like designing, illustrations, SEO, and copywriting jobs. Professionals and companies from around the world collaborate in this hiring junction.

The website is good-looking and easy to navigate; there are no difficulties. Freelancers should provide information on their skill sets, education, and work experiences while signing up.

Most of the workers are experts in their field. It can guarantee the quality of service. However, clients can be fraud sometimes, which should be evaluated well before taking any job.

There are many contests on visual and design work with potential earning. Freelancers can participate and win the money as well as goodwill from the clients.

Freelancer takes 10% of earnings from any successful deal between a freelancer and a client.


An illustration of two hands, one holding three tags in a keyring and another holding triangular scale are on the right and text and pink button on the right of dribbble webpage, a place to find work.

Dribbble is a global platform that has a large network of creatively engaged people. Some of the jobs found here are related to mobile design, illustration, and animation.

Designers and artists promote their brands and build profiles on their websites. It increases the possible job opportunities.

Creating a work portfolio increases the chance of getting hired. So, it’s good to have an account.

Premium account holders are given more priority placement in hiring search listings. Dribble premium account prices range from $5 to $15 per month.

Working Not Working

The black and white themed web page of Working Not Working, a website to find work that has white bold texts on the left.

Working Not Working is working in work for workers who are not working full time, the freelancers. It’s a bit of tongue twister, but it’s essential to complement one of the high-end freelancer platforms for most creative people.

All the designers involved are highly professional and deliver excellent work results. We can get the idea by visiting the landing page.

Freelancers publish their experiences and work so that newcomers won’t have doubts and second thoughts. Clients found here are of top-notch, and reliability is guaranteed.

Working Not Working is invested in giving designers visibility.


Two smartphones are laid over at an angle, one over the other, on the right and bold purple text on the left, webpage of PeoplePerHour, a platform to find work.

PeoplePerHour is an old UK-based freelancer platform that has been continuously providing service to freelancers around the world. Freelancers can have both buyers and sellers account here.

The employee you hire from here is qualified as there is a selection process. There are a variety of jobs available, and the community is pretty big. Freelancers can choose jobs according to their time flexibility; full-time, part-time, or flexitime.

It has instant messaging service show that client and freelancer can have realtime communication. In PeoplePerHour, job finding is very quickly compared to other sites.

Some popular jobs are content writing, SEO, and website development. It is reliable and has moneyback guarantees and fraud filtering.


A yellow folder with design on the left and black bold texts on the right with a search bar and black button, 99designs, a website to find work.

99designs, as the name suggests, is best for designers. The popular jobs in this platform are regarding web, logo, and graphic design.

A team decides your level of quality based on the information you provide in your profile. Your level of expertise helps determine the jobs you get. Predefined job categories are available that are useful in finding potential clients. 

As a freelancer, you can work alone or with a team. The collaboration methodology is one of the unique features of 99designs.


A man with a moustache and black t-shirt is holding a cardboard box on the right and a woman with a purple top and grey sweater is smiling back on the left, both facing each other on the webpage of TaskRabbit, a place to find work.

TaskRabbit is the platform mainly dedicated to the labor forces of our community. The popular jobs that are found are delivery services, house cleanings, and personal assistance type. 

It is helpful for a client to find an employee for day-to-day activities.

After you create your account, a review team will analyze your profile and approve it. A registration fee of $25 must be paid after approval to discover jobs.

The freelancer receives wages at hourly rates, and no service fees are charged to the freelancer.

A limitation of this platform is that it only benefits the people living in the same community or the same city as the works are mostly service-based.

College Recruiter

Translucent wallpaper with few students smiling, two search bars, and a red search button is at the center with bold black text above them, website to find work.

College Recruiter is one of my favorite freelancing networks. It is because of the idea to help students earn money with which they can support their expenses.

It is aimed at helping the students by providing them with part-time jobs opportunities in the field of their choice.

After working with different clients, students will achieve experiences and connections in the industry. They will have chances of finding good job opportunities after they have graduated. 

All the jobs are part-time, so the education is also not hampered. It gives an upper hand to the career of the students, the freelancers.

Webflow Experts

A big monitor is on the right whose tools palettes have come out of the screen and scattered around, black text and the blue button on the left of webflow webpage, a website to find work.

Webflow Experts is a platform that provides services related to every web-flow aspect. It is a great place to find professional developers and designers, and reliable clients.

It has built up a community of workers dedicated to the web environment and helped them find joy and meaning in their job throughout the years. Freelancing is a great way to reduce stress in the line of work. 

Many agencies offer jobs regarding web flow on this platform, so it is easier to find jobs here. They mainly look for workers in design, development, SEO, and site migration.

It has helped to build a diverse team, and queries regarding payment and security are non-essential. There is a trusted environment between clients and freelancers.


Wallpaper in a webpage, where we can see a table with a laptop, a tablet, a hand of a person with a smartphone, and a coffee mug. Servicescape, a website to find work.

ServiceScape is a platform for editors, translators, graphic designers, and writers.

Clients are the players on this platform. They select the workers and not the other way. Therefore, the profile is very important for freelancers. 

Freelancers must give authentic information on their academic and professional experiences so that the client could make their selection appropriately.

Both parties can communicate during the process of service, messaging, or telecommunication.

The profile is important. Both parties can communicate through servicescape.


A black girl with glasses, dread half-hair and white t-shirt on the right and a white man with a nearly white beard and black shire on the left, both facing us and smiling on the webpage of YunoJuno, a website to find work.

YunoJuno is a UK-based freelance marketplace for creative market professionals. It is created and functional to find an edge for free working professionals, where they are not bound to companies, but work to their full potential; the future of work.

It has various job categories from where clients can find appropriate professionals for their work. Most of the freelancers are found to be UK residents. 

It is a great platform to get started if you are in the UK or have just been relocated there.


Freelance work is a new style of work-life balance for nomad workers. If you have honed a set of skills after spending sufficient time in the office, you can start to work freely from today, or right now, why not? For years, we have tried to control the time attribute of our work life but had to let go of that thought. Not anymore. We can have a flexible routine of work with the help of a freelance website to find work.

Freelancers should understand, these websites realize the fact that users are earning prosperity on both ends. So, they don’t hesitate to charge a small amount as a registration fee or as a commission. Neither should freelancers hesitate to take opportunities in the best website irrespective of initial charges.

The more you work, the more you get. The remaining are reminiscent.

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