Free Resources That You Can Use To Grow Your Business

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We grow in size and shape right after we are born. Many nurturing factors give us the physique and cranial capacity of today. We can read, write, design, engineer, and make different things and live a highly functioning life.

Food, clothes, education, and many things cost money to fulfill our growth. But, some things like air, sunlight, gravity, and fewer things are just there for us that empower our growth; we never acknowledge them.

However, water confuses me ironically where it falls in lists. It is free, yet we are buying bottles.

Our business suffers a similar fate in growth as we have faced in ours. After all, it is our child.

Internet resources are the ways to grow your business. And many of them are free.

The purpose of this article is to give you a lead on your priority searches. The following properties are important parts of any business. For growth, these sectors must be powered up with necessary resource implementations.

Online, Free Resources To Grow Your Business

Business is mostly dependent on the use of Internet platforms. We get the best results based on the selection of our toolset, and every tool must be specific for a purpose.

Marketing- Hubspot

The webpage of HubSpot, a marketing platform to grow your business, has images of mobile phones, an application's window on the right and texts with a button on the left.

Business needs marketing supremacy to be on the lead in the field. Much of the marketing is done through the Internet nowadays. Hubspot provides you with a CRM platform with all the tools and software integration needed for sales, marketing, content management, and customer services.

It is a marketing hub that helps to understand market trends and automate marketing campaigns. It helps automate recurring tasks, make deals faster, and have insight into the work processes.

Connection to your customers is crucial for business growth. They can better understand your services and products. In return, they can be your marketers if your visions are correctly communicated. Hubspot provides you with the opportunity to recruit free marketers.

The editor is simple with drag and drop features and has many website themes. You will also receive SEO recommendations for better content preparation.

Operations can be programmatically customized with data syncs. The analytics prepared by Hubspot help implement many improvements in your business. The business surely evolves with its use.

Development- US small business administration

US Small Business Development(SBA) is a government agency that supports entrepreneurs and starter businessmen. 

Webpage of SBA, an application for business growth, with a picture of a woman passing a takeaway cup to another woman in the background.

It helps to plan, launch, manage and grow your business. There are many areas of business that should be understood first before being able to conduct the business. SBA makes you literate about every non-obvious fact that helps grow your business.

Some of the services of SBA are free business counseling, guaranteed business loans, home, business disaster loans, and federal government contracting. There are many steps to give promising businesses opportunities that they may lack because of decentralized locations, gender inequality, or other issues.

The growth of a business is dependent on how it is started, and SBA is a perfect solution to all the anomalies. 

Planning- BPlan

Webpage of BPlan, a planning tool for your business growth.

Business plan(BPlan) is a guide. It helps to make concrete plans about the foundation of your business. The mental model of a business must be established before starting your project. And, why only business? We know planning is the key to implementing ideas in every work, and BPlan satisfies the purpose. 

It will educate you about progress strategies, fund management, and growth ideas. Writing down your ideas in guidance of the information from BPlan makes your approach foolproof success.

There are many articles related to business journeys and hurdles in the way. There is advice and experiences mentioned in the articles. Reading will make you wiser and less prone to make errors. There are going to be some mistakes in your venture, but they will be profound.

It has more than 500 free sample business plans and templates. You will not be confused or unclear in writing down your ideas, and you can take references.

Finances and Fund Management- Angellist

Webpage of Angellist, a fund management application for your business.

Angellist is a tool for startups, investors, and job seekers. Your business can receive insurance if you find help from a reliable client. It is always good to find support. Angellist is the hub of similar people, and it has a large audience comprising VCs and talented fund managers.

The user experience and toolsets in the platform are simple and easy to use. You will have every feature needed for fund processing and report generation. There is automation for tax preparation as well. You must have the correct entry of your transactions, and your time in taxation is saved.

If you are searching to increase employees in your business, it helps in recruitment as well. Most of them are related to business and management, so the process is quite easy.

If you are an investor, you can participate in a venture that you think has potential. So, it works both ways. You can be a job seeker as well as a provider. 

Design- Canva

Webpage of Canva, a design tool for your business advertisement.

Visual representation of your ideas is needed for marketing purposes. It must be exact to the point that will express your visions. Canva provides you with a platform where you can work on the design yourself without being dependent on other designers.

There are a variety of things that you can do from Canva. You can make videos, presentations, posters, social media stories, logos, flyers, resumes, infographics, business cards, and many other things that need to be documented. It’s free for starters, but for full features, a subscription must be taken. 

For startups, Canva is a good starting designing tool and quite fulfilling.

Networking- Slack

Webpage of Slack, a communication channel that can be used to grow your business.

Communication between teams and members in your work is highly influencing your business growth. They must be talking to each other repeatedly to have clear ideas about their duties in the teamwork. Slack is a popular tool for messaging, conversation, and all the networking in work and business.

You can create channels in Slack and invite your coworkers to communicate ideas and share resources among themselves. You will also add people from other organizations to be part of a conversation in your channel. 

From the single platform, you can coordinate all the directives and distribution of workload. Slack is used by many companies, as it is free for starters and provides much support in business growth.

Contracts- Docracy

Webpage of docracy, documents handling application for your business legal work and protection.

Docracy is the platform for contracts and other legal documents. As your business grows, you have to make unions with other investors or similar organizations and work with many legalities.

It provides you features for secure document storage, signing reminders, in-person signing, team collaboration, custom branding, third-party integration, and eSignature API Automation. You can secure your documents in Dropbox storage. That makes them available anywhere and anytime.

Democracy is the way of managing your documents as most of them are in digital format soft copy. It is easier to do business and add contracts with a growing business. 

Payments- Paypal

Webpage of PayPal, a money transferring service for your business.

Money transactions are very easy because of online methods like Paypal. Time is valuable when you are determined to grow your business, and transferring funds to various dealers can indulge you in unnecessary time lapses.

You just have to integrate your bank account to the PayPal account and can transfer the funds. The receiver will have the money in their Paypal account and can make payments from that deposit. The receiver should go through another small process to get the deposit to their bank accounts.

Paypal is free to use from one account to another. Now it has also started giving credits to the user.

Project Management- Google Suite

Webpage of GoogleSuite, a set of project management tools for your business.

There are many tasks in a business that needs scheduling, indexing, collaboration, and implementation. The tools of Google Suite handle all the internal tasks of project management.

All our computer tools are provided in the Suite. We have a place for documentation, ledgers, meetings, work distribution, cloud storage, presentation, and website designing. You just have to have a Gmail id, and all the services are accessible to you.

Google services are popular because of the worldwide recognition of Google. But, some may only think of Google as a search engine and be deprived of the range of freely available services for business growth.

Email- MailChimp

Webpage of MailChimp, message and email scheduling application for your business growth.

MailChimp is an easy-to-use marketing platform. You can have your audience data, marketing channels and have insight from the analysis.

You can have custom domains for your products. You can sell them online with integrated marketing tools. In this way, you will have records and reports on your every professional movement.

You can build emails, social ads, and landing pages for your product and services. 

You will be able to reach the right people, the target group. You can create better content with the toolset. Your every step in marketing campaigns can be automated. 

After everything, you can make necessary strategies based on the reports and analysis and improve the condition for your business growth.


We have to get started with one solution at a time. And, when we are used to the different types of services and distinguish the quality, we can ourselves make preferences.

Business growth is very demanding because it pushes us, the entrepreneurs, to no comfort zone. We will be learning new things and developing new ideas, so we should take all the free services we can get.

When you start using everything free with a purpose, you will achieve the standard of a true businessman. 

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