Best Expenses Tracker Apps for Small Businesses

Best Expenses Tracker Apps for Small Businesses
Best Expenses Tracker Apps for Small Businesses

Any enterprise, regardless of size or form, requires capital to function. This money is needed not only for long-term operations but also for the company’s day-to-day operations.

There are many advantages of using Expense Tracker Apps, ranging from automatically monitoring your expenses to organizing your budgets. An Expense Tracker Apps will help you monitor your financial well-being in various ways.

What is an Expenses Tracker Apps?

An Expense Tracker Apps are typically used to keep track of company costs for accounting and tax purposes.

On the go, you can use Expenses Tracker Apps to keep track of items like travel costs, mileage, and meals. 

The App will produce real-time reporting and analysis, direct deposit repayment, and credit card reconciliation.

An Expense Tracker is an app or a program that assists you in keeping a correct record of your money inflow and outflow.

Benefits of Expenses Tracker Apps

Here we have listed the benefits of the common Expenses Tracker Apps.

  • Access anywhere, anytime.
  • No data loss.
  • Real-time approval and notifications.
  • Better spending awareness.
  • Accurate handling of personal and business finances.
  • Simple and easy to use.

We have discussed some of the best Expenses Tracker Apps below with their features and benefits.


Expensify is a popular expense tracking and receipt recording application. It automates the entire pre-accounting process and syncs with Xero and QuickBooks.

Expensify’s one-click cost reports in real-time save endless hours of tedious manual entry. 

Expensify is an expense app that simultaneously imports and updates expense from your bank account and credit card.

Create accounts for the workers to submit expense reports through the App. The software then allows you to access and accept the files and pay your staff. 

It is a low-cost choice for freelancers, small companies, and consultants, with a monthly fee of $5 per user.

It is ideally designed for companies with high expenses or prefer a more straightforward method of reimbursing workers.

Features of Expensify

One of the best features of Expensify is its automatic SmartScan receipt scanner software. It also supports corporate card reconciliation. Here are some more features of Expensify.

  • One-click Receipt Scanning.
  • Credit Card Import
  • Accounting, Travel and HR Integrations
  • Advanced Tax tracking
  • Audit and Compliance
  • Multi-level Approval Workflows

Benefits of Expensify

Expensify is the best expenses tracker application with multiple features and numerous automation capabilities. Here are some of the benefits of it.

  • Best customer service
  • Simple and easy user interface.
  • It automates expenses management and receipt tracking.
  • Easy to work with various buttons available.

Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense is a tool for tracking expenses online. It eliminates the need for manual data entry by automating the documentation of expenditures from receipts. You can also add your credit cards to download credit card statements. 

Using Zoho Expense, you can safely store digital receipts and report expenses as they occur.

Zoho Expense can accurately record mileage overheads for daily trips with an in-built GPS tracker and Maps.

It lets you record information offline. The changes are synchronized when you are connected to the internet. Improved analytics can detect wasteful spending and keep policy breaches under control.

Features of Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense has multiple features, which we have listed below.

  • Smart accounting.
  • Hassle-free invoicing
  • Easy expense reporting.
  • Online inventory and Order management
  • Smart billing systems.
  • Standard integrations and Automated reminders.
  • Mileage tracking and Receipt capture.
  • Currency conversions
  • Simplify approvals

Benefits of Zoho Expense

Some of the benefits of Zoho Expense software are given below.

  • It allows users to sync credit card transactions and fetch them automatically.
  • It simplifies reviewing and approving expense reports.
  • Easy and reliable to use.
  • Use classification.


FreshBooks is a powerful and simple expense tracker app that makes tracking business expenses ridiculously easy.

It is a full-featured finance tracker app that allows you to create and email invoices when on the go. 

Also, it sends you notifications as clients access or pays invoices. It’s also an expense tracking tool with the ability to photograph your receipts, enter information, and also label the ExpenseExpense as billable so you can add it to an invoice.

FreshBooks removes the need for puzzling spreadsheets or folders, or files. This powerful Expense monitoring App can be used on the desktop and any handheld computer and mobile, and data is synced between mobile and desktop since it is cloud-based.

It is designed for small businesses, so it is straightforward to use. Additionally, it lets you take photos of receipts to add tax-friendly categories to be easy to manage expenses effectively.

Features of FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a fully-featured app that has many capabilities. Here are some of the best features of FreshBooks.

  • Quick Expense Creation
  • Time tracking
  • Makes client estimates
  • Utilize double-entry accounting
  • Automatic report generation
  • Record and Track expenses.
  • Project Management

Benefits of FreshBooks

Here are some of the benefits of FreshBooks.

  • Easy invoicing
  • Effective time tracking
  • Simple and friendly interface.
  • Integrated payment facilities.
  • Cheaper price
  • Accurate payroll information


Everlance is a cloud and mobile-based mileage and expense tracking app that automatically track your business income and expenditures.

This free mileage tracking software will do it all. It keeps track of your miles, imports them into FreshBooks, and allows you to photograph receipts. 

It uses GPS to map your mileage, so nearly all is automated—you need to categorize the drive with a single swipe. It is free and is 100% automatic means it uses GPS to prepare mileage logs.

This App is user-friendly and easy to use—with a single swipe, you can categorize each drive as a company, personal, charity, and so on. It also combines with FreshBooks, allowing you to import your mileage automatically.

Everlance also allows you to snap pictures of payments and automatically connects with your bank account and credit card to import expenses.

Features of Everlance

Some of the best features of Everlance are given below.

  • Mileage Logging
  • GPS Data
  • Expense Tracking
  • Revenue Recording
  • Receipt Uploads
  • Reports
  • Integrations

Benefits of Everlance

Using Everlance for your small business to track expenses helps you manage your data accurately. Here are some of the benefits of using Everlance.

  • Automatic mileage logging
  • Paperless expenses are recording and reporting.
  • Easy to use and multiple integrations.
  • It categorizes trips, so easy to distinguish between business and personal reasons.
  • IRS-Compliant reporting.


QuickBooks is a piece of accounting software produced and distributed by Intuit. QuickBooks’ offerings are mainly aimed at small to medium-sized enterprises.

They include on-premises accounting software and cloud-based models that receive business payments, monitor and pay bills, and perform payroll functions.

It allows you to generate detailed invoices, monitor cash flow, report profit and loss, and much more.

The invoice generator in QuickBooks makes it simple to monitor sent invoices, even though they are in different currencies.

Once you’ve linked your bank account to the App, you’ll be able to keep a close eye on your company’s revenues and expenses.

Additionally, it allows you to add your organization’s logo to invoices and sales receipts. You can better prepare for all necessary tax deductions by giving your accountant access to the account. 

Features of Quickbooks

Here we have listed some of the features of Quickbooks.

  • Control finances of the business.
  • Consolidated customer and supplier data.
  • Track sales and expenses.
  • Easy creation and management invoices.
  • Easy service TAX and VAT computation.
  • Instant access to critical information and reports.

Benefits of Quickbooks

Some of the crucial benefits of using Quickbooks are listed below.

  • Better handling of money and resources.
  • Sales invoicing.
  • Better financial reporting.
  • Easy to use.
  • Effective for small businesses.

SAP Concur

SAP Concur is dedicated to reinventing travel, cost, and invoice management by providing solutions that automate daily operations and improve customer interactions. 

Concur ExpenseExpense is a cloud-based expense control solution that includes safe smartphone connectivity for the on-the-go staff, as well as integrations of company cards and electronic receipts. 

SAP Concur is the most effective travel expense monitoring App available. It allows you to book business flights and accept travel invoices at any time and from any place. 

The software allows you to quickly review/approve reports and travel requests, connect attendees to business meetings or dinners, and navigate and track your whole itinerary while on the road.

Data can be downloaded directly from credit cards, and flights/cabs/hotels can be reserved anywhere. Hence, SAP Concur is the best travel expense.

Features of SAP Concur

We have listed some of the best features of SAP Concur.

  • Multiple APIs / Integration
  • Add car mileage to the expense report
  • Automatic payment capability
  • Bank / Credit Card Integration
  • Capture receipts with mobile devices
  • Smart categorization
  • Currency conversions

Benefits of SAP Concur

SAP Concur is beneficial for managing your small business’s expenses effectively.

  • Reduce the cost of manual data entry.
  • Travel integrations.
  • It improves compliance.
  • Easy to use.
  • Provide scalable solutions.
  • It increases productivity.
  • Manage travel and expenses more quickly and easily.


Another excellent automated cost tracker software for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry smartphones is Abukai.

The software automatically imports data from receipt photos, categorizes your spending, and measures exchange rates for you.

It functions as a receipt app by allowing you to take a snapshot of the receipt and then click “send.”

Abukai immediately creates an expense entry with the category, date, seller, other pertinent detail, and an image of the receipt.

Abukai Expenses automates all of the time-consuming tasks involved with making expense reports, such as typing details from transactions, categorizing expenses, and looking up exchange rates.

Abukai reads the receipts and converts them into an expense sheet automatically.

Features of Abukai

Here are some of the exciting features of Abukai. 

  • Receipt capture.
  • Expense reports.
  • Multiple integrations.
  • Currency conversions.

Benefits of Abukai

Here are the benefits of Abukai.

  • Accessible in creating expense reports.
  • Reduce cost.
  • Best customer support.


It is crucial for a small business owner to reliably track your spending to ensure that your cash flow meets your expenses.

It is critical to keep track and manage company expenditure to meet set goals. All above mentioned Expenses Tracker Apps are fruitful for your small businesses to track your cash flow.

These programs simplify and automate your expense monitoring by allowing you to monitor your time, take images of receipts, create invoices, and refund expense reports all in one place. It’s a perfect way to cut back on admin duties while still staying on budget. 

Therefore, follow these Expenses Tracker Apps for Small Businesses to manage expenses better. Follow us for more related blogs and information.

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