10 Digital Marketing Tools You Need to Grow Your Business

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The digital market is a bottomless well, and no one knows what its extremities are. We only try to fulfill our satisfaction from the market.

Obviously, digital marketing tools cannot be wrapped in a single software. The needs and challenges for any business are very distributed and cannot be fulfilled by a single solution.

If you need to grow your business, you should have an understanding of your necessities.

Based on the requirement and specifications, we can find exactly what type of tools we need. Hence, we will have our preferred and satisfying view of digital marketing tools.

Here are a few of the marketing tools, quite popular in the market.

Digital Marketing Tools

Marketing Automation


Webpage of a popular digital marketing tool, Hubspot.

Hubspot is the hub for more than one tool for digital marketing, and it has integration for marketing, sales, service, CMS, and operations. When all of these tools are used together, we can do amazing things in our marketing projects.

It is the CRM platform for marketing, sales, content management, and customer services. For marketing, you can lead generation with target customer groups, carry out campaigns with marketing automation, and implement progressive ideas with analytics.

The use is simple and easy to use. It has a drag-and-drop editor and themes, and it even gives you SEO recommendations for better results.

With more than 121000 customers in 120 countries, Hubspot is the most preferred tool for digital marketing by experts and starters.


It is a complete package tool for marketing, or say the toolset. You can build a website for your product with a custom domain name.

Webpage of MailChimp, a digital marketing tool, with a yellow-orange background.

MailChimp is popular for having customer engagement, accumulating audience data, building marketing channels, and developing insights into your business. It is like a backbone for your business if you choose to use it, very useful.

You can get your business online for free with an online store for your products. Customers can schedule appointments for the service if you are providing them any. There are guides and tips to go online and do good in your business and understand all the dynamics of digital marketing.

When you have the customers’ contact information, you can engage them in your campaigns through emails and notifications. It is truly the digital remodeling of traditional campaigning.

You can automate your marketing timing and choices. The analytics reports will give you knowledge of the flow and ripples of your movements. 

You can have more than 250 integrations with other popular tools.

Search Engine Optimization


Digital media marketing tool, ahrefs website has a blue background with white texts in the middle.

With Ahrefs, without being an SEO expert, you can have your website up in the network. It provides you with every feature needed for optimization.

Ahrefs is an SEO toolset that helps optimize your website with the latest implementation in features and designs. You can have your competitors’ analysis with simple searches and customer searches; what they are looking for on the Internet.

You can explore any new content and the latest trends related to it. You can also know about your ranking progress, how well your implementations are working. And places for improvements.

Ahrefs has a Facebook group called Ahrefs Insider, where you can join and learn together with experts. It has helpful customer support.

You will find many free learning materials on the website, so there is no place for hesitation to start.


Ubersuggest, a digital marketing tool website with a yellow and black theme, and a blue button.

UberSuggest is the tool to bring huge network traffic to your site with the expert’s opinion and advice. It is simple to use and liberating the user about SEO at every step.

It helps you with a domain overview that will provide insight into the implementation of the competitors. After knowing what we are up against, we can prepare well with our strategy.

It lets you see the top SEO pages and the analytics data about them. You can manage the quality of your content based on the latest trends about any topic of your choice. Keywords are important to diagnose the search patterns. 

It gives you advanced keyword research features. You will know what others are searching for and what is being used.

It isn’t easy to figure out randomly what type of content people are reading on the Internet. UberSuggest has a feature that provides data about the latest content trends and ideas.

Information about backlinks is also available with a descriptive data view. From the analytics, we can figure out which sites can be a potential link development.

Content Marketing


The webpage of Trello, a digital marketing tool has illustrations of people handing over boxes to each other on the right and black text on the left.

Trello is the online mechanism of working together in a team, and it has all the features from collaboration to analytics. 

Every kind of marketing needs a common ground where we can plan our strategies and ideas without a team. Trello has boards, lists, and cards to granularize every task to every detail and present to the participants. The tools can be customized and expanded with the nature of marketing. 

More than 1 million teams in the world are using Trello. It’s free and familiar to most people, making Trello a popular content marketing tool for preparation and planning the strategies.


The webpage of BuzzSumo, collaboration, and digital marketing tool, with blue background and white text, a search bar at the center.

BuzzSumo helps overall to develop a perspective about the market for digital content, and it gives us the insight based on which we can organize our plans and ideas.

It helps to discover high-performing content on the Internet. With such information, we can prepare our content in the best way possible. We can research and make a marketing strategy.

There are many similar thinking professionals in the field. Finding people who can be real influencers in your campaign is a unique feature of BuzzSumo.

We have services for monitoring for comments and likes. You can generate goodwill and participation in your campaign if you respond faster and better to the customers.


Google Analytics

At first, Google Analytics was a simple visualization tool. It was just used to see the dynamics of your website, and it was not available for others or sold for marketing analysis purposes. Later, it made transactions of analytical data among consumers.

You have to tag your site to get started. Then Google Analytics will start collecting all the data from your website and represent it visually, metrics and graphs. Based on that graph, you can know about traffic to your website, regular customers, sales and revenue reports, and even the browsing method, the devices used.

It provides much information to improve various aspects of web business.


The webpage of digital marketing and analytics tool, SEMRUSH with purple background, and texts and a search bar at the center.

With the analytics from SEMrush, you can create ranking content, get organic traffic, know the market status, advertise economically, and build social media strategy.

You can track and analyze the websites of competitors. Knowing your competitors is the best way to come up with a better strategy for your website.

You will even get recommendations to improve your content. You can draft and schedule your content publishing on social media or on other sites.

More than 7 million professionals have used SEMrush. There are many other underlying features that can only be unraveled with use.

Social Media Marketing


A blue and black website for Buffer, a digital marketing tool that works with social media.

Buffer is the best tool for working for social media marketing in circles. Meaning, you can simultaneously plan, prepare, implement, learn and plan again.

Social media analytics gives us information about our sites’ performance in social media. You can collaborate and plan your campaign. The contents can be scheduled to be uploaded so that you can have time for more important things.

You can have engagement with the customers through haptic response tools. The comments and likes can be answered by building good relationships.

You can track your progress and try to do better with new ideas from the analytics. As said before, in circles, you can improve each day.


MeetEdgar webpage, a digital marketing platform for scheduling social media posts.

MeetEdgar is for startups and entrepreneurs. It is used for scheduling social media feeds so that you can work on other important matters. You can be productive elsewhere while active on social media.

It works in every major social media site with pages, stories, and communities. There is an infinite library where the bot populates new updates automatically. You can control the type, time, and quality of the content shared. 

The bot is referenced as Edgar, and it keeps the good work with new content in your social accounts. If there are no new contents available, it will automatically select the old significant one. 

You can prepare and execute your entire campaign from a single place. You can even monitor your progress and get advice about improvement from the audience, with their use and comments.

Edgar is like your butler for social media marketing.


Your business needs to grow from the state of it is right now. There are many options on the Internet that may confuse you at times, and they can be pretty misleading.

Also, you have to make decisions about paying for any services or using free versions of software. Many tools are free of cost, and many need to be used even if they are expensive.

You must be determined toward your goals where the decision for software use must not be a challenging task.

So, decide wisely.

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