Customer Feedback Software

Customer Feedback Software

Customer feedback is data generated by consumers about their experiences with your business, facility, or product. There are several forms of feedback, and they are obtained via several platforms.

Importance of customer feedback

  • Customer feedback is important for brands to appreciate how their client’s impressions of them.
  • Listening to consumers is a foolproof method of evaluating consumer trust, recognizing blockages, and figuring out what is and isn’t resonating with them.
  • Customer feedback helps you make more educated decisions and develop your customer service plans in the short and long term.

Consumer feedback software allows you to monitor and manage client feedback from various contact networks.

Customer feedback software helps businesses collect, classify, and evaluate feedback from various channels to maximize customer loyalty and overall efficiency.

There is numerous customer feedback software, but I have listed 10 Customer Feedback Software:


SurveySparrow customer Feedback Software provides you with a continuous feedback loop, and you can develop your business.

NPS feature is one of the most widely used consumer satisfaction barometers globally. Install feedback silos at all touchpoints, map and boost the Net Promoter Ranking, and enhance customer loyalty.

SurveySparrow provides an offline survey app; you can take your surveys anywhere, at any time, without an internet connection. With this offline survey app, you can give your clients a hassle-free survey experience.

SurveySparrow Customer feedback software

Using SurveySparrow, you can analyze the 360-degree employee assessment files to learn valuable information.

With filters like self-assessed, partly evaluated, evaluation complete, report pending, and report ready, you can keep track of your assessment status.

Get question-by-question answers for each employee, as well as the total performance, in the Feedback section. Its 360-feedback software will provide you with a wealth of knowledge.

Key features of Survey Sparrow

  • Craft Beautiful, Share Surveys
  • Gain Rich Insights
  • Recurring, white-label, embedded, smart, video, and secure surveys
  • Conversational Forms
  • Mobile-first Surveys
  • Audience Management
  • API, Webhooks, Integrations
  • Survey Themes
  • Accept Payments
  • Custom Workflows

Pros of SurveySparrow

  • The creation and submission of surveys are simple and intuitive, with no need for guidance. The user interface is simple and appealing.
  • You can have a mobile-first interface that significantly improves reaction times. A survey is similar to text messages on your computer.
  • The surveys’ quality is more conversational than the response to the query type of survey that most other organizations have.
  • Customer service is easy to respond to the customer.

Cons of SurveySparrow

  • Limited template choices for particular use cases.
  • You can only add custom CSS for the Enterprise plan.


Zendesk customer feedback software makes customer service better. It helps you meet customer needs, set your team up for success, and keep your business in sync. Zendesk Suite, which offers sophisticated, channel-agnostic customer service.

Zendesk messaging feature helps you deliver rich conversational experiences linked through your web, mobile, and social apps. It’s easy to program and fast to measure for every customer essential.

Zendesk Customer feedback software

Zendesk is a powerful customer feedback software that allows you to connect and appreciate all of your client data. Plus, it’s elastic and customizable, so you can adjust to whatever is terrified your way.

Key features of Zendesk:

  • Automated Workflow for Ticketing Management
  • Forums, both public and private
  • Chat Support and Screencasting
  • Support for Call Centers
  • Help Desk and Knowledge Base
  • Customer-facing Web Interface
  • Group Rules and Macros Open API Reporting
  • Analytics Export Tickets to CSV
  • Help for Social Media

Pros of Zendesk:

  • Zendesk’s ability to have triggers happen on particular received events makes it simple to track, auto-close, or assign tickets repeatedly.
  • Both end-users and agents would be beneficial. End-users may either send an email to a given email address or go to the landing page and use a pre-configured template.
  • Different teams can be in the same case, and tickets can be allocated to teams based on where they are in the process.
  • Zendesk executes more clear communication controls for CC associates to have more effective communication with clients and appropriate stakeholders.

Cons of Zendesk:

  • Due to too many choices, the settings page is a little overwhelming.
  • It may be complicated to implement in the beginning phase.


Nicereply customer feedback software helps you all better know what works to save your customer’s content.

It uses CSAT to scale the performance of persons and teams as well. Measure the determination your clients apply when trading with you and use CES to find and eradicate resistance points.

Using Nicereply, you can study your customers more by asking them an extra query. An extra question can have the equivalent scale as the key and a different one.

NicereplyCustomer feedback software

Nicereply, customizable features offer many facilities like it style your survey match your brand.

Generate a color theme that spirits with your brand or selects from predefined themes. Brand your surveys more responsibly by being more identifiable. Embrace your logo at the topmost part of your surveys.

Key features of Nicereply:

  • Survey: With Nicereply’s one-click surveys, you can explore more about customer retention, engagement, activism, and more.
  • Customization: Using Nicereply, without any programming experience, customize your surveys with patterns, customized colors, and a logo to fit your brand and consumers.
  • Integrations: Integrate Nicereply with the helpdesk framework to gain access to advanced features like automatic surveys and data synchronization for consumers, tickets, and agents.
  • Analytics: With real-time CSAT, CES, and NPS reviews, you can monitor progress, forecast future patterns, and keep on top of the customer experience.

Pros of Nicereply:

  • It keeps track of your email service and client connections for your team.
  • Nicereply, for example, makes the creation of a weekly, regular, or monthly report simple. It’s integrated with ticketing apps.
  • You can have a quick summary of the team’s presentation with an all-in-one control panel presenting CSAT, CES, NPS ratings, trends, and graphs.
  • Helps you to get an overview of what clients think of the product as soon as they fill in the survey form and detailed report of all ratings in the rating feed.

Cons of Nicereply:

  • The UI is a bit unsuited.
  • For the software itself, there isn’t any wiggle space.


Tidio, one of the best customer feedback software, helps connect with customers. You can join 300,000+ websites using Tidio.

You can chat with your customers, enhance their engagement, and view your sales to complete the roof.

Using Tidio to communicate faster than ever, you can respond to all of your customers’ queries in seconds.

Enhance your speed of response and keep mails coming from numerous channels in one humble dashboard. Eradicate communication burden once and for all.

Tidio Customer feedback software

Tidio bots service AI solutions to identify customers’ questions and act upon them. They can also save available carts, offer discounts, produce leads, and much more. Plus, they effort 24/7, so you can get a decent night’s sleep.

Key features of Tidio:

  • The agent interface is unified.
  • Pre-chat questionnaire survey
  • Notifications in the form of popups
  • Tags for visitors
  • Chat in real-time
  • Chat widget that customizable.
  • Customization of color
  • Customer information in its entirety
  • Text preview in real-time
  • Integrations of CRM, support desks, email marketing
  • Messages that are sent automatically

Pros of Tidio:

  • It’s awesome to export discussions, see where clients are from, and have everyone on the team see what’s going on.
  • Email marketing’s features are an all-in-one bonus.
  • Tidio’s backend and frontend interfaces are easy, clear, flexible, and adjustable, making live-chat support on your website a breeze.
  • The free level is outstanding and smart to get people in the door because it offers decent basic resources, the most relevant of which is the chatbot.

Cons of Tidio:

  • The pricing for additional users is the tool’s only weakness.
  • Some of the animations are a little confusing.


Feedbackly is one customer feedback software that routinely turns feedback into sales and growth through the complete customer journey.

It supports you to create customizable surveys and distribute them instantaneously on any sales/communication network.

Feedbackly Customer feedback software

Feedbackly helps you examine the replies in our industry-leading control panel and customer journey particular analytics tool.

Influence the concept of customer journey plot to track approval levels with accuracy. Then use this understanding to make comprehensive business conclusions.

Key features of Feedbackly:

  • Automated survey notifications that custom AND/OR rules can trigger.
  • Create surveys that respond and adjust to customer answers in real-time.
  • Visual customization feature adds your organization logo and colors, so clients know whom they’re talking to.
  • Feedbackly’s industry-leading analytics allows you to discover hot principles or dive deep into the root-cause analysis.
  • Distribute your Feedbackly surveys anywhere and everywhere using online, in-store (with a Feedbackly Terminal), email, SMS, QR code, and URL link.

Pros of Feedbackly:

  • All information is kept in the cloud, making it simple to set up and use.
  • Can handle a large number of customers
  • Feedbackly helps gather all relevant knowledge on what consumers think, which is highly helpful to company owners.
  • You can develop personalized surveys and post them on every sales/communication platform simultaneously (e.g., brick-and-mortar store, eCommerce site, email, SMS).

Cons of Feedbackly:

  • Integration of other applications can be challenging sometimes as; it takes a long time to integrate.
  • Mobile surveys are not available.


Typeform customer feedback software services you to generate forms and surveys that individuals adore answering.

One query at a time, like a chat, keeps your customer engaged. You get more thoughtful responses and advanced achievement rates.

Typeform provides you an in-built photo and video collections that bring queries to life.

Convention layouts and themes show your product at its excellent. And a smooth interface bonds it all together.

Typeform Customer feedback software

Typeform provisional logic allows you to ask the right complement questions and bounce the rest.

Surveys feel less like examinations and more like chats. You can view replies conclusion rates, produce shareable bits of intelligence, and direct data to your preferred tools for comprehensive analysis.

Key features of Typeform:

  • Numerous templates are available for forms, surveys & questionnaires, quizzes, and polls.
  • Can create different order forms, application forms, feedback forms, satisfaction surveys, evaluation forms.
  • Popular templates are available like contact form, signup sheet, branding questionnaire, registration form, 360 feedback.
  • Easy integration with Sign up, Slack, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Zapier, Airtable Google Analytics, Autopilot, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

Pros of Typeform:

  • You can have visually appealing templates that complement the branding using themes, photographs, and video.
  • You can use the calculator function to construct a logic for your type’s complex actions by using numerical formulas.
  • It is compatible with current web browsers for both creating and publishing a form, enabling it to run and look great on any computer.
  • You can use Typeform as part of broader automation in your business if you integrate it with software like Zapier.

Cons of Typeform:

  • The editor is not always intuitive at first, but content creation is simple and convenient once you get to understand it.
  • The result isn’t perfect because the page needs to be refreshed every time, and some modifications may lose.


SurveyMonkey helps manage multiple users and advance perceptibility into all survey data composed across your organization with management controls and dashes.

It ensures private data is protected with improved security, including encoding, SSO, and features that support you to remain obedient to HIPAA and GDPR.

SurveyMonkey Customer feedback software

SurveyMonkey software makes feedback automatic and actionable by linking to key business systems employing APIs and powerful integrations with Salesforce, Marketo, Tableau, and more.

Key features of SurveyMonkey:

  • Survey format & appearance features like online surveys, paper surveys, survey templates, and library.
  • Survey content features such as multimedia content, drag-and-drop editor, changes to the living survey, and question banks.
  • Survey logic, reporting, and analytics feature.
  • Survey integration, distribution, automation, administrative, and security facilities.

Pros of SurveyMonkey:

  • Question recommendations and optimization both are available, as well as the ability to brand and personalize surveys.
  • SurveyMonkey offers different features at reasonable prices.
  • You have no limits on the number of surveys you want to make.
  • It contains various resources for configuring and customizing forms, including several languages, predesigned templates, and numerous text formats to render the experience more friendly.

Cons of SurveyMonkey:

  • It has a drawback in terms of device integrations.
  • There are limited file formats that you can add to surveys.


AskNicely customer feedback software style every customer practice breathtaking. It can easily measure every customer involvement, reply to any customer, and user feedback to identify and train your frontline crews.

It motivates your frontline crews to raise repeat business and recommendations.

Recognize what your finest performers do and use it to boost the performance of the rest of your crews. All knotted to real development metrics.

AskNicely Customer feedback software

AskNicely makes every one of your client communications better. Grow your daily dosage of positivity, motivation, and training tips right to your mobile. Concentrate on what’s significant in just a few minutes a day.

Key features of AskNicely:

  • Respond to customer feedback
  • Leaderboards 
  • Lifetime Data history
  • Periodic Surveys 
  • Alerts that are customized
  • Social profiles of responders
  • A single click Publication of testimonies
  • Multi-brand polls
  • Surveys are sent out on a one-time basis.

Pros of AskNicely:

  • NPS can be measured quickly and reliably.
  • It’s simple to “close the circle” with consumers who answer positively to the NPS survey.
  • You can share the outcomes with the entire team.
  • You can take verbatim notes from customers to use in recruitment materials and executive training plans.

Cons of AskNicely:

  • The analytics filters can be restrictive. They only function for predefined variables.
  • The capacity to control contacts can be overwhelming sometimes.


Freshdesk allows you to interact with customers across email, website, chat, phone, social media handles, and messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, etc., using a central stage.

It also helps you clear the noise on social networking sites and by setting up notifications for keywords that are significant to you.

With Freshdesk, you can modernize all your customer discussions in one place, systematize your tedious work, save time, work together with other teams to resolve problems faster.

FreshDesk Customer feedback software

With Freshdesk’s Analytics, influence your customer support information to expertise experiences that ‘wow’ customers.

Take custody with curated reports for speedy insights, convention broadcasting to build reports exclusive to your business, enhanced shareability for better teamwork. 

Key features of FreshDesk:

  • Omnichannel service desk
  • Group collaboration.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbot abilities
  • Multi-channel message supervision
  • Self-service support entrance for support managers and customers

Pros of Salesforce FreshDesk:

  • It has a modern, user-friendly design, advanced workflow automation, and a feature-rich customer service platform.
  • You can easily integrate with other Freshworks software/apps.
  • Freshdesk marketplace with many integrations (Salesforce, Slack, etc.) and a free plan is accessible.
  • Mobile application for Android and iOS devices.

Cons of Salesforce FreshDesk:

  • Does not have SMS and Instagram incorporation.
  • You can only have limited automation and rules (plus, hard to configure).


UseResponse customer feedback software is ascendable and customizable with the Customer Support Suite feature made to meet your provision team’s challenges.

It offers 10+ customer support networks at your clearance (email, social media, live chat, community forum, messengers) and a robotic system of reports & assignments.

UseResponse provides a better customer facility with SLA, business hours, and pleasure rating tracks.

The whole pack of tools establishes seamless customer self-service and advanced analytics and reports.

UseResponse Customer feedback software

The Build Kanban community product advance roadmaps in customer provision software based on the feature appeals you accept or build the roadmap inside based on vouchers to connect the development procedure graphically.

Key features of UseResponse:

  • Several panels for multiple products or languages.
  • The choice for anonymous ideas and votes.
  • SSO login for healthier security and obedience.
  • Feedback entrance can be noticeable to all users or isolated for your team only (with convention order & grouping choices).
  • Custom feedback administration workflows using your ranks.
  • The advanced voting organization with votes controller.

Pros of UseResponse:

  • It has several product components that can be turned on and off whenever you desire.
  • UseResponse is extremely customer-centric and strives to satisfy customer demands at all times.
  • Its customer service is available, has a lightning-fast response time, and is highly adjustable without straying too far from the norm.
  • UseResponse ensures that it can be updated, even though certain modifications were made in response to customer requests.

Cons of UseResponse:

  • Sometimes the management dashboard can be a bit problematic to navigate.
  • If you have many emails and notifications coming from your customers, it will be very difficult to arrange all of them.


When it comes to gathering feedback, each commercial has its own exclusive set of necessities. For instance, a transport service provider would favor collecting immediate feedback after the demand has been transported and within their software itself.

Instead, a B2B product might refer out a semiannual or annual survey to receive customer feedback as part of their three-monthly or annual business analyses. So, it’s vital to pick well-matched software with your exclusive necessities.

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