Creative Ways to Thank Your Customers

Creative Ways to Thank Your Customers
Creative Ways to Thank Your Customers

Every day you say the words “thank you” at least a few times. If you work in customer support, you probably offer thanks during every interaction, even if it’s just because someone gave you their user account number. You should always thank your customers.

The saying “thank you” is more than just generosity. It’s an affirmation that, even when you’re helping clients, they’re helping you by supporting your business. Without clients, you have no business to run.

When you understand this simple matter, every interaction and business choice revolves around the customer.

Here’s what you should know about client recognition and how to prioritize it in your organization.

What is Customer Appreciation?

Customer appreciation is the craft of expressing gratitude to clients, making them feel seen, heard, and valued.

When you show customers your gratitude, you build positive momentum to carry you both forward.

Doing customer appreciation is the right thing to do, but it also sparks a positive spiral that can uplift every aspect of your organization.

Feeling and expressing gratitude has emotional benefits for team members and contributes to an uplifting work environment where people come first.

By appreciating clients every day, businesses reinforce the relationships that translate to higher retention and referral rates.

Customer Appreciation Ideas

Some business owners think they need to hold until they have the fund and free time to start reasoning about ways to thank their clients.

These leaders accept that once they’ve built a more prominent company and a stronger company, they can take the time and budget to thank the people who helped them get there.

Even though it looks like that makes sense, it’s not a successful strategy.

When you thank your clients from day one, you build strength to carry you through the ups and downs of running an organization.

There are creative, enjoyable ways to appreciate your clients every day, no matter your funds or your schedule.

Consider Adopting These Customer Appreciation Ideas

Send a Handwritten Note

Creative Ways to Thank Your Customers

In the days of social media, people only send handwritten notes for forthcoming events. Maybe you’ll get a thank-you handwritten note for a wedding present by your friend or a compassion note after losing your family member.

Electronic mail (email) is the primary way that organizations connect with their clients, so it isn’t necessarily an essential way to say thank you.

Instead, take out a pencil and write a discreet thank-you card. When they receive happy mail, the bliss someone feels as palpable as the paper in their hand.

Make sure to get limited about what you’re thankful for and forthright about what it means to you as a person.

Organizations are groups of people; mentioning how their clients make a difference to you, not just your business, is remarkably purposeful.

Give Back to Causes Close to Customers

You can also develop this idea at scale, so it’s an essential part of the way you do business.

Doing a good deed in the world is present to clients who want to buy your products, and they’ll appreciate knowing how far you’ll go to make sure it counts.

Enlighten Your Community Everyday

Creative Ways to Thank Your Customers

Companies should offer researched, compelling articles with guidance instead of hesitating away from complicated issues like sexism, layoffs, and mental health.

When you’re best at something, it’s easy to forget just how much wisdom you can share. Educating clients is one of the rewarding ways to say thank you. The more innovative you get, the better.

If you’re a dog trainer, consider sending out an educational video to your customers with some tips for leash training their dogs. If you run a wine bar, participate with a local chef in a cooking class. Don’t undervalue your expertise; your customers will thank you for it.

Notice When Customers Go Above and Beyond

Have you ever spoken to a client who was exceptionally kind, polite, and attentive on the telephone?

No matter how many difficult customer issues were lined up in the queue that day, did this one person’s positivity press “reset” on your bad day?

Or maybe someone composed it with such an accurate query that you had all of the data you needed to make it right?

Next time that occurs, make sure to thank them for being so kind. Not only will it help you capture the good feeling, but it will also make their day, too. Here are some things you can say:

  • Wow! You’ve been so nice. What a bright spot in my day.
  • I really acknowledge how thoughtful you’ve been. Writing up all of this data must have taken you a huge amount of time. It meant we could cut directly to the solution with no time lost, and I’m grateful. How else can I help?
  • I know this is an abnormally frustrating issue for you. You have been kind and calm on this call, and I’m really grateful. I speak to clients all day, and when someone makes an effort like this, it makes it much easier to solve the problem.

Offer a Free Service During a Bad Time

When our society began to feel the clash of coronavirus and social distancing, some organizations went above and beyond to aid people to adjust to a brutal new reality.

Zoom, for example, decided that their shareable video software could help organizations and schools collaborate remotely, and they didn’t want to benefit from a global pandemic.

They decided to clear away the recording limit on their free plan, more than doubled the time of paid product trials, and cut the price in half, too.

Additionally, they’re offering their paid plan for free to students and teachers.

Take the Time for Face-to-Face Conversations

Ultimately, clients want to be seen and heard. Engaging with them in communication over video chat or, better yet, in person is an amazing way to thank them for supporting your organization every day.

Instead of going into the conference with a plan, ask to hear more about their saga with your business and beyond it.

Understanding their lives more broadly builds the communication and ensures that you can help them with larger clarity moving forward.

If your business organization isn’t anchored in a geographical community, take advantage of work travel.

When you’re attending a seminar or taking a meeting in a new place, see if any clients are located nearby and make an effort to connect with them in person.

Support Their Interests, Work, and Businesses

The best relationships are mutual. If your clients manage their businesses ventures, support them any time you can. Buy their products and engage with their actions as more as possible.

Here are some ways to say thank you while approving their work:

  • Refer clients to customers’ businesses.
  • Host a virtual or in-person occasion together.
  • Hire a client for a position at your business.
  • Partner with clients’ businesses on co-marketing operation.
  • Highlight their work on your social media.
  • Ask a client to teach a workshop for your team.
  • Support a cause that they champion.

Your clients show up for you every day, and there’s nothing they’ll appreciate more than you showing up for them and their work.

Personalize Your Service

In a Reddit thread about client service, a user shared how their restaurant often takes the time to ask clients a little bit about themselves before serving them.

They then build a custom dessert plate based on the customer’s interests or anything interesting about them.

Check In With Customers

Checking up with new customers can be a great help for exploring the onboarding process. But there are many more unique ways to follow up with clients than a simple email.

For example, in a doggy daycare center, employees write an updated card for clients that details how their dog has been doing that month, and the reports are written from the dog’s angle!

This unique take on checking in with customers is perfect for this business organization.

I know a lot of friends who care for their dogs, as parents care for their children, so getting a card puts their minds at ease and makes the business stand out uniquely.

Provide Free Gifts or Samples

Creative Ways to Thank Your Customers

Is there anything clients like more than a free product? Tossing in a little sample or gift with their order is a great way to tell, ”Thank you for buying.”

Free products aren’t just a fantastic way to surprise your clients, and they also show something the client hasn’t tried yet.

If they love it, you might even see them purchase it in their next order. Just be sure to try and match the sample to your customer’s profile as much as possible to make sure it’s something they can use.

Beardbrand throws a couple of samples of its top-selling products for customers to try into bigger orders.


Appreciating your clients is a great way to show that you care for them. This will help your customers to use your products or services frequently. It will make them feel good. 

Thanking your customers will help grow your business. Whether you have a huge corporation or a small startup, making customer satisfaction your priority will help your company be profitable. 

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