All That You Need To Know About Business VPNs

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Virtual Private Network(VPN) is the security measure that will keep our work among ourselves and business uncompromised.

There are security threats all over the Internet. 

The Internet is for everyone, so we cannot stop or prohibit anyone from using it, based on our doubt that they may be trying to harm us.

So, it is better to keep our house safe rather than fighting everyone in the streets. If everyone in a community makes their home and street safe, then the community will automatically be a peaceful environment.

VPN services play an important role in our business, everyday and we should know about it in some detail.

Here are a few things that may be useful to you. 

About VPN

VPN is a way to establish an encrypted connection between user devices and servers. It provides the connection like a tunnel and only authenticated users can pass that tunnel to the company’s internal server and have access.

It may get confusing to realize that the public internet is not secure and also threatening your morality when using the internet next time. But yes, threats develop with prosperity, and the internet is a very open place unless you can shut the doors to your home.

We can understand the VPN like a high speed personal highway to your business fortress. You have the key to enter the highway and can only exit on the other end if you can pass through all the checkins within.

VPN keeps our documents, messages, shared items and conversations, confidential and secret to the outer world. It is crucial to work around all the competitors and when the work model is changing into remote type, it is non negotiable. Business VPNs must be used if you want your business transaction to be secure.

A girl, probably employee, is using the Internet from her tablet in a public area, may be using VPN security from the threats in public networks.

Why does business need it?

All the businesses are transforming their foundation with integration to the technology. They all are representing their business in the form of websites and company deals with the customers and employees through the digital media.

In such scenarios, there are risks and threats involved to the company’s internal data and execution plans. Because, Internet is open to everyone and in the hands of smart handlers, hackers, they can easily access the private data of any enterprise. It can create problems with the business in competition. 

By using VPNs in the company’s network, you can create a safe channel for all the requests to the network. You can identify the vulnerabilities and can stop them beforehand. Trust between the employers and the employees becomes strong even if they are working from remote locations.

Your business is your idea and intellectual property and the security related to it is your responsibility. Using VPN is more of a moral obligation than need.

Few of the VPN benefits are mentioned below, major ones.

Works of a VPN

VPN stops everyone from accessing your data, maintains privacy. Even your Internet Service Provider(ISP) cannot see or browse your browsing history. Only authenticated users or other company’s servers that are provided with access criteria can get connected, and every action is monitored with automations.

Public networks are considered as the hub for hackers to infiltrate your company data through your device. If you are directly connected to the Internet in a public place, you are prone to be the victim of cyber theft. You as an employee will be responsible for the deeds of some other without your knowledge. VPN will save you from all the hassles and provide a safe environment to work anywhere, safety in public spaces

New VPN services provide application of security measures in multiple devices with a single account. It is useful to the employees that work from different devices, as they must not be conscious about their security status if they change their equipment. As long as they are logged in with the account to the VPN service they are secure.

It’s repeated with different perspectives but security from the foreign threats is the aggregate functionality of using VPN. In business, the company’s data is everything, its past and future. It is vulnerable in the open web space and only VPN can guarantee safety. Balance and equal opportunity is a must for business competition, or any competition, and every business must be serious about it.

Categories of VPNs

There are two types of VPNs. One is for individual use and another is for companies to connect servers between them.

Remote Access VPNs

Remote Access VPNs are for the individual users. A server application is stored in the client’s device. When the device sends a request for connection to the office network, it passes through Network Access Server (NAS). 

NAS is the gateway to the internal server of the company, a security checkpoint that handles all the incoming requests from the insecure locations and validates them. The authentication system would be multi-factor or may be simple username, password security questions.

It is most applicable to the remote work force or digital nomads who may be freelancing for a high profile enterprise. 

Generally an application works with NAS to function in a Remote Access VPN system.  

Site-to-site VPNs

It is the VPN setting for different office infrastructures to communicate with one another. The participants are remote servers themselves.

Offices have branches and other liaison companies working together. They have to have secure communication between the participants in their local network, and through to other remote local networks. Other than that no one should be allowed to access the data from their database.

Site-to-site VPN is like an office to office local network where transaction and communication can only be done from inside the internal server of the companies associated. 

Even using the internet for communication, the communication channel is isolated from any other device or network from outside. Hence, the security is maintained from inside the office, physically and if any problem arises it is from within.


Cloud based platforms are taking over the workspaces. Now the security is dependent upon the security responses of the company that are providing those cloud communication facilities.

Costwise, as the model for secure VPNs are changing with the change in technology, the company has to provide all the new devices to the employees. And, as the number of remote workforce is increasing, the cost is increasing as well.

Also, the server that works as the gateways, like NAS, has to be updated and upgraded with the increment in users. The maintenance and security cost for those servers is going up with the change in the devices and volumes of requests. 

There are many challenges that may replace VPNs in the future. For now, it is holding up, well until the next big security protocol.


Business in the digital age has become complex in its structure and in its functioning. And now security is the prime concern. Every image, file, video and texts are in the digital format that are vulnerable to the intended criminals. They can extract information on us on the basis of our signatures and implement our campaign.

It is like shadow luring to us, that we can see from out the door in a meager light. We cannot identify the intention or the personality that may be trying to harm us. 

Better we slam the door, closed.

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