Best Ways to Promote Your Business with Stickers

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Customers always appreciate a good deal. A free sample here, a free coupon there; it is like Christmas when we receive extra stuff while buying a product.

Promotion helps companies recruit new customers, and customers are cherished with free and extra something for the participation. It is the technique that helps in sales growth and generates goodwill.

Promotion leads to the wide advertisement of the product. People will be aware of the brand and its services. 

Stickers are really useful when it comes to promoting your business. There are many ways in which stickers can be used. It is cost-effective and the safest way of reaching the customers’ minds; privacy safe.

A few ways to promote your business with stickers are discussed below, hopefully, make you find something in the use of stickers.

About Brand Awareness

Distinguishing a product from its name or emblem, where customers are loyal to it when buying, is known as brand awareness.

Name or symbol plays a vital role in representing a brand. People only go to buy product that has the proper identity. As a result, the sales of the product are higher with proper brand awareness compared to others.

Stickers are made using the name and logo of a company in an artistic manner. So, it can be a powerful tool that can be used as an agent for brand awareness.

Ways to Promote Business with Stickers

Stickers can be the free stuff for promotion. But we can improvise the way strikers are used and its effect on the customers. Here are a few ways. 

Intriguing design

It may not be directly relevant that design will help promote the business, but it is most important to promote your business sense. It is like getting ready for a party before attending one.

Sticker design helps to alleviate the brand value of your product. With the right color and shape, stickers allure the viewer and change them into customers.

We should work with designers and artists on making creative interpretations of our brand. It must directly speak to the customers and make others interested in using the stickers in their private space, thus gaining us our free marketers.

The design does not itself promote brands, but it helps to do psychological manipulation in others using stickers to promote our business.

A Starbuck's paper cup with its logo printed for business application, for advertisement with stickers.

Stickers with the product

Whenever you send a product for your customers, send some stickers with the package. Customers feel gratitude toward the product and business if they receive free brand stuff. 

To our advantage, they will distribute free business stickers to various places of their choice, which helps create brand awareness in their social periphery. 

As the stickers cost nominal in any business, it would not bring us financial burden by distributing them with the product. And, with the objective to gain more customers, a few bucks for advertisement is saved with the use of stickers.

Though the scope of awareness through the use of stickers is small, it helps to create foundational favor for our product from the customers’ personal space.

Every brand is represented by a respective website. We can use the stickers as the logo representing the website.

Yes, we can use the softcopy version of our stickers to reach out to the window customers from the web.

Most people use the Internet nowadays to gather knowledge about brands and products. They buy stuff if the web represents class and theme. The stickers get noticed very fast because web logos are used in almost all of the places. So, even in a few moments of web surfing, they instantly notice brand colors and messages.

Business is good when done with a web network of customers, and stickers can be a binding agent between real and web business for customers. They can trust and make decisions in buying a product if there is a consistent brand display.

Stickers for personal items

Personal items have visibility access to friends and families. And if it is used in public places, it will create brand awareness to millions. The best thing about stickers for personal items is that the advertisement will be free of cost and without any business negotiations.

Most probably, we should prepare stickers for bottles, cars, and laptops. Those are the objects on which most people tend to stick stickers.

Size flexibility should be maintained while printing the stickers. Objects have different volumes and shapes. Considering such attributes, we should make our stickers more presentable and complementing.

Stickers for personal items are possible only by personal choice. So, the interest and choice of target customers must be researched, and the knowledge must be implemented in designing the stickers.

Connection to social channels

Stickers come with QR codes printed with them. We can scan the code from smartphones, and it will take any user to the respective website or social networking channels.

People spend a lot of their time on social networking platforms, which has made them digitally savvy in the particular area of communications. They are familiar with the environment and can soak in much information. 

If we use stickers that will help us connect with people on social media, we will have broad brand awareness. They can share our business community information on their feeds and indirectly work for our brand promotion.

We can contribute a big portion of the marketing effort to promote our business with stickers with this simple tweak.

Stickers in Shops’ doors, windows, and floor

Doors covered with many stickers and posters, a tactic for doing business advertising.

It is a norm for customers to do a lot of window shopping rather than buying something for them. We, as a customer, nay as human beings, seek different products every time we go out. Just looking at what’s around us makes us more social animals.

As shops and vendor stores are less expensive than malls and supermarkets, we tend to give much attention to what’s going inside those rooms, what products are available. We have to come in their focus of sight to promote our business. And, the idea is obvious.

We can stick attractive stickers on the front windows and doors.

As much as private space it maintains, to both business owners and customers, stickers enforce decision-making in customers with attractive design and messages.

As a result, they enter inside our store for more information.

The floor is also an unused space in most of the places. Nobody claims rights for floors in public spaces. Considering not to ruin the surrounding beauty, we can stick our brand hooks on the floor.

Community Events and Festivals

Events and festivals bring people together. Families come together and participate in community activities. And, they buy things.

We have a lot of opportunities with stickers at the fairs and events. We can hang out free stickers, stick them on different visible areas, and give them to people as accessories for their objects. There are many other ways to engage people with stickers. 

Imagination is the limit.

Events and festivals create emotional and powerful memories. If we can make customers engaged with our products or services through stickers in those moments, it will bring unflinching goodwill to us.

The trick is not to violate someone’s special moments in life but to make them realize their likings that we can deliver.

Charity and Donations

When we donate money for someone’s cause, they will endorse our vision and product as an appreciation. This is the natural way it works. 

We can be part of noble causes that are doing benefit to the community, help in charity, and awareness. And, if our product is related to the cause, we can promote them and provide stickers as accessory items.

People will take a positive note when we promote our product at such events. Because if we didn’t have an interest in the field, we would never be in business. And, if we are giving back to the community, then there must be a lot to offer to the customers. It’s how thinking works.

Where there are many people, and we cannot address everyone with our ideas, stickers are the slick method to do our job.

Work with Retailers

It depends on how good we are at making public relations. In general, if we request every store and retailer to use our stickers, they may be indifferent. However, if we could make them understand the mutual benefits of having stickers of other businesses as shared customers, they may show interest.

Local grocery stores or retail stores have different customers each day. Different in the sense of age, occupation, and interests, it is a great Hubspot for varied customers. 

Stickers can be on display, stuck on the floor, or offered as a souvenir. People will also be interested to discover information about a product themselves, rather than someone else making them understand.

It is a soothing experience when there is no pressure. And, relaxed customers are good for business.


Stickers, like the name, stick to the object you apply it to. With it, sticks the ideas and implications of your business. The suitable design sticks desire in the customers’ minds. With purchases, customers’ belief sticks to the company. 

Really, a sticky situation.

Though new technology and web methods have come in use for promotion, stickers still prove the best way to allure people.

Awaken the kid inside them.

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