Best Ways To Achieve Work-Life Balance

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Work and life can get entangled if not differentiated with proper understanding.

Sometimes life seems to be vacant without work, and sometimes work becomes our life. In the morning, we prepare breakfast, which is part of the morning work or chores. But, isn’t eating itself a work? Action needed to live. So, it becomes unclear where we stop working and start living.

Why such an unclear analogy?

Well, to achieve work-life balance, we have to understand what the thresholds are. It is getting sophisticated, day after day, in the work environment, and we are jeopardizing our life, happiness, and health because of the unclear notion.

We as employees of today should address all the dysfunctions of the work system and discuss to come up with solutions. Because work is for living, not the other way around. 

Employers’ Comprehension

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The best work environment can only be accomplished with compassion from the employers. Before establishing good relationships with the employees, employers must maintain an environment where employees can come up to them and speak. Share their feelings and be comfortable.

Work-life balance is the co-balanced situation of work and life independently. Work can only be stable with no obstruction from personal problems and life in a similar manner from work. When work tries to take over personal time, which happens quite often, employees face many judgments and pass many judgments. 

They fail to do better in their assigned task. It is, therefore, the employers’ duty to avoid the consequences of mismanaged work life of the employees, which is harmful to all. 

Employees must be considered as valuable assets to the company. They must be in perfect mental and emotional balance. Employers must think about their priorities, space, and needed leaves to conduct their responsibilities. They shouldn’t be burdened with unnecessary protocols, which can be flexibly conducted in time.

Employers are the companion, guardians, and like parents to the employees. Therefore, they should be thought of as children. 

Ways To Achieve Work-Life Balance

There are a few ways we can implement to understand and gain balance.


With the title, I believe there is a smile on your face. And why not? Holidays and vacations are the complete solutions for overwork-stricken sick employees and you.

Three days weekends are getting popular nowadays because many companies that have implemented it have guaranteed that it is productive. If employees have sufficient time to engage and sort out all their necessities at the end of the week, they will have a strong mentality to postpone their needs and work efficiently.

If the company can give them paid vacation leaves once in a while, they will be fully committed to productivity and the company’s will for a few days. It is upon the employer’s decision to conduct the work, as we are only targeting the best output rather than chaining down some unwilling fellow.

Good measures in the provision of required leaves and holidays make employees focused on their work and faithful to the employers. A good life happens instantly.

Personal time

Work must never determine your life goals. It is normal to have career goals and expectations. But, when the career becomes a priority over personal fulfillment and duties, you will have a disturbed conscience.

A healthy life is possible when your inner thoughts are stable. There must not be a doubt to do things that matter more than your work. Family, friends, and events surrounding your loved ones, your passion, and your wants must be of priority to you.

In return, with healthy thoughts and actions, you will be in your prime state as an employee. You will have no doubts in your work life, and productivity will be enhanced more than you recognize. By not prioritizing your work, you will be doing a favor to yourself and the company you are associated with.

Friends having drinks together celebrating private life supposedly work-life balanced environment.

Social Activity

Guilt is one of the important causes that deprive us of our true potential. The millennials and gen-Z have more guilt because they are expected to do something original and influencing. When they start to work, they find everything average, and the drive and youth die instantly. They cannot perform best in their work.

When such young and brilliant people associate them with different social causes and community services, they find their value in the surrounding. They understand how the dynamics of society works and the importance of everyone in it.

Participation in social services helps employees to maintain their integrity and self-esteem. They will perform to their fullest at work and home.

Time Management

Management of your time brings you stability as a human being. Not only at work but everywhere, time is a crucial aspect. It heals as well as heats, and it is the frying pan and the fire. If we are not conscious about our time, we will fail in our social life.

You must develop a habit of a fixed routine in your work life. You can guess the consequences when you plan your daily activities. These activities can be project deadlines, commuting periods, leaving the office, and even waking up. Everything finishes in time when they start in time.

Employees tend to be stressed and burnt out when they don’t manage their work time. As a result, they are less productive in the tasks they are assigned to. Their performance decreases, confidence depletes, and ultimately affects their personal life.

Workplace Boundary

Our family has expectations from us. They want to spend time with us at least once a day, know about us, and tell us about their day. These small reunions in our hectic life are the pillars balancing our social duties, distinguishing us from sociopaths.

If we take our work home or even talk about work to home, we will disrupt our quality time. The time that reminds us of actually who we are. 

Time with our family gives us happiness that we cannot attain anywhere. They are the charging sparks of our life battery. After a long hectic day, when we return to them, we get reminded why we are working that hard. They give us the reason to be at work on time the next day.

We shouldn’t neglect such an important part of our life, which gives better productivity at work.

Hybrid Work Schedule

Flexibility in work patterns gives employees freedom and the employer the lease, in the form of gratitude and fidelity.

Work time routine, sometimes, happens to be an obstruction to the personal duties. Employees can have work outside of the office which can divert their focus from work. The office will turn into a prison, and their eyes stick to the clock for the chance to break out.

If, if possible, employees have the liberty to perform their work at the time of their choice in the day, it will help them cope up with their mid-day crises. They can get out, get things done and be back, euphoric, for the work.

Employers should understand the fact that employees cannot work with stress and unnecessary priority decision-making. They can only deliver good work output when dominant over their time, not enslaved by it.

Fun and Celebration

“Workplace is a boring place” Employees should not have a perception like this. It will drain all the energy within the first hour of the morning.

The workplace cannot be loud and noisy to be fun. We want inspiration, not entertainment. It must be so like that you shouldn’t have to conceal your excitement being conscious about overwatch. You should meet and greet any person in your workplace to your heart content, and it will preserve confidence in the line of work.

There must be celebrations for every major event in the office like the ending of big projects and a new year. Celebrations of employees’ birthdays among friends is also a growing trend in the modern workplace. Appreciation for the employees brings unimagined goodwill to the employer.

Good and comfortable experience in the office shows good work output. The employees will have positive thoughts if work happens to be their new home.

It becomes a way of life balance.


Life is short, and we have to grasp much life out of this short life. 

Life doesn’t mean a promotion, money in the bank, and restless work for another promotion and more money in the bank. Life is around us in the form of relationships, mutual help, laughter, and resting shoulders. Life is in the moments when we share our problems and make plans. Life is in the work we do. And, work is just part of life.

We can understand that work-life balance will benefit both the parties, the employers and employees. So, why not create a work environment that celebrates the initiations for the balance. 

Why not, we, be the people to start it? Think about it.

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