Best Video Marketing Tools

Best Video Marketing Tools
Best Video Marketing Tools

Video Marketing is the advancement of a product or service using videos to increase engagement on websites and social media channels and present the real use of a product or service to a target audience.

It is creating effective video content for any product or service and sharing the video on all social channels to drive more traffic and sales.

No matter if you frequently use social media or have your website, you cannot ignore the use of video. Videos can seize the imagination of your audience instead of just mere words, and the right video can go a long way towards sealing the deal. It is a sturdy method of targeting a larger audience to drive traffic and convince them to become brand advocates and loyal customers.

13 Best Video Marketing Tools

Here is the list of best video marketing tools you can use for your personal or business purposes:


YouTube Logo

YouTube is one of the best video marketing tools that companies use all around the globe. The world’s most popular video publishing platform, YouTube, is always evolving. Around a billion users watch videos posted on YouTube daily. 

All public videos can be viewed on YouTube using the YouTube search function. Youtube will suggest a video that the viewers will find interesting based on their past search. YouTube’s home screen is customized to the requirements and most frequently watched topics of the individual user. 

Suppose your marketing/business video is based on a similar area to what the user usually watches. In that case, there is a good chance that your video will be recommended to the viewer, putting them on the road towards being a potential customer.

YouTube Creator Dashboard

YouTube Creator Dashboard is an amazing tool to get a high-quality rundown of recent activity on your channel. After logging in to your account and using your dashboard, you will see total views for all your publicly available videos, your current subscriber number, and the URL needed to be directed to your channel.

You can see the basic statistics for your uploads. You can see how many views your videos have had in the Analytics and new subscribers to your channel. This gives you a valuable awareness of how well your video is doing and instantly allows you to look into how to improve that.


This is a video marketing tool that helps us make videos on marketing. It assists you in making creative presentations and videos that can engage the audience easily. Powtoon provides you with desktop software, is affordable, and provides great service. 

Features of Powtoon:

  • It allows users to make their videos by providing fast and quick results.
  • It provides drag and drop functionality that makes the process a bit interesting.
  • Powtoon is very easy to use.


When we look for video marketing tools to promote our business or brand, there are many options. Wistia is a video marketing software that comes with unique ideas and features aiming to fulfill the purpose of users to make a better marketing video.

Features of Wistia

  • It creates videos in minutes.
  • You can try advanced tools to make the video even better.
  • It gives detailed guides to make you understand marketing videos better.


Vimeo is one of the highest-rated, high-quality video hosting sites. It has grown tremendously over the past few years. Vimeo has also introduced Vimeo Business. Vimeo allows you to manage all your content in a single place. It has around 5TB of storage and, more importantly, no frustrating uploading limits. 

Vimeo helps enhance your viewer engagement by enabling your videos to be embedded anywhere you want. 

Vimeo allows you to track your video stats and see what makes your viewers interact with your videos.


Animoto is video marketing software for professionals. 

It can assist you in getting your desire for professional video and engaging your audience. Which will result in better business growth. 

Features of Animoto

  • Animoto provides lots of video types that are professionally designed.
  • It contains over 1000 licensed songs that you can include in your video.
  • You can create HD videos via this software.


Using Wideo, you can create animated videos for your business or brand and get desired results in minutes. If you are a novice in the video marketing field, Wideo will make it easier to create videos even if you have no experience.

Features of Video

  • Wideo helps users share the video directly to YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites.
  • You can download your video file in MP3 format.
  • It is easy to use and claims to provide professional results in just 5 minutes.


Videoscribe is a video marketing software that is user-friendly. It gives you animated video as a result. Suppose you need to make a business video or whiteboard educational animation video. With the help of Videoscribe, you can do it. 

Features of Videoscribe

  • It draws images automatically and changes them to SVGs.
  • Download your work as MP4, WMV MOV, and AVI.
  • Share your work on Facebook, YouTube easily.
  • You can improve your videos by adding music to them using your own library.


This is a professional tool that proclaims to provide proven results and maintain the quality of your videos.

Features of Viewbix

  • A special feature includes making you informed with video analytics, ultimately giving you the idea of how, where, and when your viewers engaged with the video.
  • It provides you with cross-platform sharing of your files.
  • Viewbix uses a SaaS-based builder to make engaging video advertisement units.


Shakr can help you make a high-quality video. It focuses on Facebook video marketing. It is also a Facebook marketing partner. This is a strong point in video marketing software. 

You can customize your template according to your needs. It is a video marketing tool that provides licensed music. You can use over 1,000,000 stock images and video clips if you want to make a premium video.


Vidyard is a video marketing software that focuses on business and brands. You can use it to boost your audience engagement by 2x to 5x.

Features of Vidyard:

  • It can track data to optimize your videos.
  • It also provides a video hosting service.


TubeBuddy was created as a chrome browser extension for YouTubers seeking to develop their channels further.

TubeBuddy Pro plan provides end screen templates to allow you to direct your audience to external URLs when the video finishes.

It allows card templates to enable you to add links throughout your posted videos. Still, most interestingly, you are given access to channel health reports, where TubeBuddy creates a report about your channel’s overall state and health at will.

Another important service offered by TubeBuddy is its Share Tracker tool, which allows you to upload and share videos on a wide range of social networks of your choice and allows you to track where the videos are being shared.


vidIQ is a website that offers tutorials to make your video better and provides analytics on your videos for your YouTube channel development.

The website provides a Google Chrome extension, allowing users to analyze YouTube analytics data. 


The tools and platform mentioned above are useful video marketing software to make your business and brands grow and provide quality output to your audience.

Video marketing is, without a doubt taking away all the public attention. We provided and introduced the mentioned tools and platforms to make your task easy. We hope you find this article useful.

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