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An image of laptop video conferencing is on the left and title name on blue background is on the right.

It was a time when we felt overwhelmed talking in a video calling application with our friends. We would become so anxious to see our friends on the other end where giggles and teasing covered up our talk time. It was not that long ago, and yet many things have improved with video conferencing software.

Now, we use video conferencing for communication everywhere. The advent of improved smartphones and complementing software has made audio/video conferencing a normal mode of interaction. We don’t feel anyone miles away anymore. They are just around the corner of the app logo on our phones, behind the screen.

There is competition among various internet tools for better services and increasing goodwill among the users. So, the good and the best really relies on the requirement of your need. And money. 

Is it needed to buy something if someone else is providing it for free? You just have to decide for yourself.

Categories In Video Conferencing Software


Webpage of zoom, a popular video conferencing software, with orange and blue theme colors.

Zoom is the most popular video conferencing software nowadays. It can be used from anywhere and on any device. 

It provides service to different sectors of our community. It is used in education, finance, government, and health care services exclusively. Maybe it is because its free features are enough for an individual in every way.

The features include high definition audio/visual conversation, built collaboration tools, plugins like filters, reactions, recording, and group chat.

The basic plan is free with 100 participants, group meetings up to 40 minutes.

Pro plan starts with $14.99 per month per license with an extended meeting to 30 hours and many additional features.


The web page of skype, a video conferencing software, with pictures of laptop and mobile phone on the right and texts on the left.

Skype is the common application for video conferencing. Due to the workplace popularity of the prior, skype falls in the second position. But we all know its services because it has been used for video conversation like forever.

Skype is often used for meetings, interviews, and sharing screens. As more people are familiar with its setup, having video conversations on skype is easy and comfortable.

It functions well on all devices; you just have to download and install the appropriate app. It is associated with Microsoft, so there is an abundance of a hardware marketplace and software integration for skype.

It provides services to all sorts of workplaces, education, enterprises, and engineering.


Slack is a video conferencing software and its webpage shows illustrations of people riding a tandem bicycle.

Slack is a common tool for communication in every office and business nowadays because of only one thing. That is its feature to establish a channel where we can invite people according to our need, virtually everywhere, independent of company employed in or location.

From a small community to an enterprise, Slack is suitable for every environment; it’s scalable. It is secure, engaging, and easily integrates with other common work applications.

Apart from video calls, you have an amazing messaging service in slack bloated with plugins to provide you with an amazing experience, like talking to a real person.

It has a basic free version with 10 apps integration, one-to-one video call, and two-factor authentication. Pro plan starts with $8 per person, per month, where you can have group video calls and other additional facilities.


Webex is a video conferencing tool and the webpage shows few people in the meeting and the site is dark-themed.

Webex is a reputed application for messaging, meeting, and video conferencing. It is flexible to any business style and secure.

It has a wide range of device compatibility. The work trend is transforming to a more hybrid type, creating a market for new devices. Webex has a marketplace for such customized devices. You can make your desk your office workplace with dedicated monitors and cameras.

It provides services to most community work sectors like healthcare facilities, government offices, finance and banks, sports centers, and the entertainment industry. It has use-cases for nonprofits as well as for startups.

It has a free plan for 100 participants, screen sharing, and meeting rooms, just with a sign-up. Webex app supports calling, meetings, and messaging, while the Webex suite provides additional services for events, presentations, and webinars. And, yes, additional facilities cost money.

It is valued by fortune 500 companies, so the cost for its services must be satisfying.

Goto meeting

goto meetings provide a video meeting environment and the webpage has a picture of a laptop with nine people in a meeting.

Goto meeting offers easy collaboration, security, and productivity in any business. It’s very business-oriented and has many helping tools for professionals.

There are many products in the goto suite for mobile connection, online meetings, specific hardware for conference room, online training. It is powered for engaging webinars and has plugins for support and security. 

It provides the best audio, video quality for business meetings and webinars. Quality is very deterministic in any business, and goto meeting provides that class.

It supports education with its online training facility, which is quite noble in times like this.

Goto meeting has a paid plan as a business starter pack, Professional, for $12 per month for 150 members. The price increases with the additional requirements.

Browser Support

Google meet

Google meet is an easy-to-use video meeting software and on its webpage is a picture of a laptop with twelve people in a meeting.

Google meet is the trusted video conferencing software by businesses and enterprises around the world. It integrates with google suite workspace.

It provides services in business, enterprise, developers, education, nonprofits, and other fields of work.

It can be integrated with many other plugins and tools as it has access to unlimited Google resources. Security is also ensured because of being a part of a tech giant.

You have 14 days trials and then paid plans for business starters. The paid plan is different according to the requirements.

Blue Jeans

The webpage of blue jeans where there is browser's snapshot of video meeting between two people and it has dark blue theme color.

Blue Jeans is a cloud-based video conferencing software that means you can hold a meeting with anyone online. Maybe, that is why the name blue jeans resonate so much with the application; ready and good to go anytime.

It has an unlimited recordings facility and real-time transcriptions. It helps to conduct secure meetings, interactive webinars, and virtual events. We can create a conference room-like workplace with virtual care for medical patients as a health facility initiative.

Blue jeans implement an intelligent facility with live meeting controls and automated alerts. It is easy for connections and very secure.

It does not need an application to be launched and can be operated from the browser. However, if you need an application, there is one.

You have a free trial of the software before using a paid plan.


Webpage of the video meeting tool, Whereby, where snapshots of four people are on either side of the screen.

Whereby is getting popular over zoom. It is a very easy-to-use application and has simple ways to make connections. The user experience is pleasant as the design is very pleasant.

You can have your customized and personalized meeting rooms. You can present your brand name and urls. There are live emojis for exact human-like interactions and expressions. Groups can be formed for classes, training, and meetings. The virtual whiteboard helps in developing proper understanding.

It has a free plan that lets you host upto 100 participants, and group meetings can be upto 45 minutes long and unlimited one-on-one meetings. For power users and small teams paid plan starts from $6.99 per license per month.

It doesn’t need the app and functions properly with the browser.

Training and education 


An image of a girl student with an orange shirt and a maroon scarf is having video conference on the webpage of BigBlueButton.

BigBlueButton is developed from a classroom, so it is entirely dedicated to educational purposes. It’s an open-source video-conferencing application. It is supported by financers and developers around the world to build a perfect education platform for children.

It implements deep LMS(Learning Management System) integration with many education and training tools available on the Internet. The community for training and education is growing daily, and BigBlueButton is becoming the hub for such software.

It is available in 65 languages as contributors are from the whole world.

It provides features like document upload for teachers, breakout rooms for students to collaborate in learning, polling, note sharing, screen sharing, chatting, and many others.

Implementation of the multiuser whiteboard, hand raising feature and emojis, really recreates the classroom environment.

Not only for educators, but in 2021 a flexibility test of this application was done by holding a conference among the administrators, developers, and financial workers, and it proved to be very satisfying. The fact that it is developed as an open-source project, everyone loves BigBlueButton as if their brainchild.


A group of girls is smiling at the picture on the webpage of Blackboard, a video conferencing software.

Blackboard is an LMS that provides a collaborative learning environment between educators and students. You can personalize the application for one-to-one discussion or many participant lectures.

It has features for learning management, data and analytics, and collaboration, and web conferencing. There are many tutorials prepared and uploaded as a resource for self-training.

Informal education supports learning groups from KinderGartens to high schoolers and further others. The interactive environment helps students to cope with this new form of learning management system.

It provides services in the field of education, government, and business. Online training solutions for other workplaces are also available.


The listing can be very long if every specific software is included. But only a few are needed to get started.

The video conferencing software is valuable in today’s remote work practices. It helps to manage your team and workload. It helps to reduce the hardship of making connections with a new person. 

The interface and text messaging services help to avoid awkward moments and silences between the conversations. It is helping us to rediscover new methods of socializing.

We must all participate in using the video conferencing software and share our experiences. Give a video call.

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