Best PowerPoint Alternatives

Best PowerPoint Alternatives
Best PowerPoint Alternatives

PowerPoint is a most used and favorable presentation tool for non-designers. It is easy to use with customizable themes and templates.

Due to the trend and different new ideas, it becomes a little dull to use as it does not have enough effective animations, interactive layouts, themes, filters, and integrations with different multimedia software.

In this content, I have highlighted seven alternatives to PowerPoint, including several features and a short description, so you may feel easy to choose one according to your needs. 

7 Alternatives to PowerPoint


Prezi is a cloud-based alternative software for PowerPoint that is well-known for its non-linear presentations, which pan and rise from one page to the next without appearing to change slides.

Students and educators like it because it is easy to use and makes the presentation session interactive and engaging.

Prezi has generally kept up with the modern world’s speed, introducing new display forms and resources, including video. You can film yourself making a speech and then embellish it with graphics and text. 

Prezi  powrpoint alternative

Prezi is no longer anything more than a light video editing program, and it’s more like a compliment to PowerPoint than a substitute. If you’ve never felt a kinship, Prezi is an Editors’ Choice and a perfect substitute.

Key Features of Prezi:

  • Prezi Present: You can create a moving and zooming presentation.
  • Prezi Video: Your video appears right together with your content as you present. It’s an easy and engaging latest way to keep the individual connection in remote conferences or classrooms.
  • Prezi Design: Prezi provides a simple drag-and-drop editor that lets you make expert-looking charts, reports, maps, infographics, and more, then share them wherever in any size.

Pros of Prezi:

  • It is web-based, so convenient to use from anywhere with internet-connected devices.
  • You can make more advanced and animated presentations.
  • It can be used to produce more complex presentations and also to enhance the students learning.
  • It is highly adaptable since it benefits you to customize the preset models and make your own. 
  • You can convert your ppt to Prezi format to make it more engaging.

Cons of Prezi:

  • Due to zooming in slides features, you should use high-quality HD images; else they appear pixelated. 


Canva is a SAAS application for graphic designing with the main features of presentation design.

It is one of the powerful alternative tools to PowerPoint, as you can design a mind-blowing presentation with awesome high-worth templates.

You can choose your field like business, education, medical, marketing, professional, creative, and many more according to your needs.

Canva PowerPoint alternative

Using Canva, you can freely personalize your presentation, edit the available templates using your branding elements, animate the presentation, and easily collaborate with your colleagues. 

It has freemium and premium versions available according to your need; you can select one.

Key Features of Canva:

  • Built-in presentation templates according to your job/faculty/need.
  • Can access millions of accessible images in the purchase’s proposal.
  • Can directly present from Canva.
  • Can download presentation in various file formats such as pdf, video, ppt, etc.
  • Integration with different social media handles makes it easy to share.

Pros of Canva:

  • Though the free version is also fascinating and attractive, you can use the premium to enhance your presentation.
  • Canva is very good at branding; you can use your brand themes, logos, color, fonts, and images in the presentation.
  • There are many elements, photos, and themes, so you only need to drag and drop and use them in your presentation.
  • You can find different tutorials and guides to usE it more effectively.
  • It is favorable for beginners.

Cons of Canva:

  • The maximum slides limit is only 30 slides, so maybe the problem with longer presentations.

Google Slides

Since Google Slides is free with a Google account, it is the most common PowerPoint alternative. When you’re logging into Google, you can use Slides at any time, right from your email dashboard.

The Google Slides layout process is straightforward. There are hundreds of models to pick from in several color schemes.

Google slide PowerPoint alternative

Google Slides is an optimal choice for individuals who like Google tools and cooperate with remote team members on presentations.

Key Features of Google Slides:

  • Automatically saves changes on Google cloud servers.
  • Modify and edit a complete presentation with the color or by choosing the theme.
  • Can team up with a colleague on live.
  • Open and export completed presentations as PowerPoint files.
  • Can pick templates and themes according to your need.
  • Assist users in focusing on the real slides without accompaniments.

Pros of Google Slides:

  • You can have real-time collaboration with your teams, and any team member can create, view, and edit the presentation live.
  • It’s a cloud-based application, so no need to download heavy installation files.
  • Slides and changes are automatically saved.
  • You can insert fundamentals such as YouTube content, video, images, maps, etc., to make the presentation more engaging and clearer to the point.
  • Google Slides is accessible across all the main devices and operating systems.

Cons of Google Slides:

  • Themes and templates are very limited in google slides.
  • You can lose in format when smuggling presentation files into Google Slides.


Keynote is an alternative PowerPoint tool to all Apple products; it is smooth, classy, and in-built. It’s a complete package of different powerful and fascinating features like creating charts, diagrams, reflections, image frames, and many more. It is a desktop app that is very compatible with PowerPoint. 

keynote PowerPoint alternative

The cinematic transactions slides, filters, animated charts, and effects make the presentation easily and engage more. The presentation is more motivated by images and charts than bullets and points.

Teams’ integration and real-time collaboration on a presentation make edits and changes in real-time.  Keynote is the best alternative to PowerPoint and is completely free for Macs and iOS.

Key Features of Keynote:

  • View and edit your presentations from Mac and iOS devices.
  • Share and team up is easy.
  • Can access 30+ elegant templates and themes.
  • Upload and modify PowerPoint files.
  • Can save Keynote presentations as ppt files.

Pros of Keynote:

  • Keynote offers many choices regarding modifying your presentation as it had different nonpayment themes, animations, and design tools.
  • It has more high-quality animations than PowerPoint.
  • You can export Keynote files to PowerPoint easily.
  • It has incorporations with iWork software and QuickTime.

Cons of Keynote:

  • Keynotes are accessible only on Mac and iOS devices.
  • It is little complicated to use for the first time.


SlideDog, a powerful alternative to PowerPoint, is an interactive multimedia software package that incorporates PowerPoint, Pdfs, video files, and other multimedia into a single, user-friendly interface.

You could build a playlist such that all of your files are loaded on the presentation screen instead of alt-tab to them. This helps you to toggle between your multiple channels effortlessly.

slide dog PowerPoint alternative

Using SlideDog, you can also monitor the presentation from your mobile, tablet, or even another device.

This software provides you access to the website, where you can make enhancements to the presentation and monitor it with the click of a finger.

SlideDog has interactive features, including polling, questions, reviews, and a chat mode so that the audience can participate in the conversation. They will also view and follow along with slides and documents you want to share.

Key Features of SlideDog:

  • SlideDog design library provides and uploads media for your presentation.
  • SlideDog allows you to link with numerous types of applications and media such as PowerPoints, Prezi’s, videos, web pages, and more than one presentation.
  • You can share your presentation with your audience and others in real-time.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • SlideDog is free to download.
  • SlideDog is compatible with PC desktops.

Pros of SlideDog:

  • It has easy to use interface and clean design. 
  • SlideDog lets you load files into a playlist with comfort so that the numerous media shows indeed on the screen.
  • It has YouTube integration so that you can make a media-rich professional presentation.

Cons of Slidedog:

  • You need to download and install the SlideDog software locally, and it has got some restrictions.

Zoho Show

Zoho Show is an online-based version of a standard demonstration platform part of the Workplace Bundle.

Like the other PowerPoint alternatives mentioned here, this presentation app allows users to build and view presentations from any browser or computer connected to the Internet.

Zoho Show PowerPoint alternative

The wide range of themes and styling tools accessible in the Zoho Show modify presentations to your perception, Boost images with filters, fill shapes with color gradients, and many more.

Fundamentals can now be assembled using connections, and directing them had never been easier.

Key Features of Zoho Show:

  • Offers built-in templates with a huge collection of animation and slide transition effects.
  • Allows you to do a presentation with slides, like PowerPoint.
  • Teams can have access to view and modify presentations in real-time.
  • Zoho Show is very calm to use, with slight features arranged out clearly in just a few labels, so all handlers can use the application no matter what their knowledge level is.
  • It is very compatible as it works on all operating systems and Android devices.

Pros of Zoho Show

  • Zoho Show offers you a conferencing option.
  • It is super easy to create superior presentations using Zoho Shows.
  • It provides different online embed tools to make effective and interactive presentations.
  • Zoho Show offers good samples of templates, attractive layouts, and color combinations.
  • You can download presentations in numerous file formats, such as pdf and ppt format.

Cons of Zoho Show:

  • Zoho Show will smash and shut down if the internet connection is missing.


Visme is a web-based drag and drops presentation application with a built-in library with many images and high-quality vector icons.

It provides you with all the tools needed to create captivating presentations like infographics, data conceptions, bits of intelligence, product samples, and CV.

Visme PowerPoint alternative

There are many free professional design templates with high-definition background images and attractive layouts according to the field and subject of a presentation in Visme. You also can design your custom content virtually. 

Visme has access to content management tools, and all the teams can create, view, and edit it live.

Key Features of Visme:

  • Publish and post your work in various places: Share the URL or integrate it into a website.
  • Organize your privacy: You have full power over who will see the designs.
  • Offline version: Save the presentation as an image, PDF, or HTML5 format.
  • Animation and interactives: Add call-to-action controls, animations, polls, quizzes, and other interactive elements.
  • Build-in templates: Check a built-in library of 900+ templates for the exact slides you need.

Pros of Visme:

  • You can create any visual content effectively.
  • You can add including infographics, charts, reports, and images to your presentation.
  • Using Visme, you can add animation, audio, media, and links to make it fully interactive.
  • Visme is completely free.
  • You can create on any device with a browser.

Cons of Visme:

  • It is little complicated and takes time to learn all features as Visme has a high degree of versatility and a range of choices.


Before switching to any PowerPoint alternatives, compare the features, critically evaluate both, and always look for the latest technology and presentation trends.

As there are many PowerPoint alternatives, we tried our best to make this list and understand the selected applications’ features, pros, and cons.

Hence, if you think we have missed some, you can comment below; your feedback is important for writing better for the next content. 

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