10 Best B2B Growth Hacking Strategies

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The Internet has become the single best marketplace with the addition of technology in every aspect of a business. Buying, selling, research, analysis, and finance, every task is done through digital media.

In B2B, you don’t need to be conscious to find and use new strategies. You can implement and nurture the basics and evolve its magnitude of use through the Internet. And, they give you better results than new strategies.

Growth is based on the company’s online activity, whether it is a website or social media.

B2B growth hacking can be conducted with strategies that help us to reach our target customers.

We have found some of the ways to conduct growth hacking but first, let’s understand what it is.

What is Growth Hacking?

Everyone will make assumptions about the definition of growth hacking with the literal interpretations at first. But there is more to the meaning than just hacking and growth.

Growth hacking is the process or standard protocol for the rapid growth of a business. It is conducted by the collaborative work of marketers, designers, engineers, and executive officers. It raises the competition to a whole new level because everything happens fast.

The research, development, deployment, feedback, and reconsideration, all the work cycles in B2B business are conducted repeatedly until we have better sales results and continue afterward.

B2B Growth Hacking Strategies

Strong Foundation

Foundation color is rubbed on a sheet of paper, representing the best B2B growth strategy being the foundation.

Foundation check is the first step to have when we want growth in a B2B setup. There are many factors involved in the wholesome prosperity of an organization, and we should organize all the aspects and keep a balance between the foundations of a business.

Brand, sales, design, communication, lead generation, and other different attributes must be organized in their functioning. No one should not delay or rush activities in another department.

Let me explain.

If you have a delivery service and have no inventory management, you will not be able to deliver in time. If you have inventory but no good advertisement and social media activity, you will not be able to have any orders. And, if everything is in right functioning, but there is poor delivery service, all the good work is of no meaning.

Every business is supported by many groundings, and all of them should be on the level.

Marketing Events

Exposure of your products or services is needed to create demands. People get used to things they see or hear. So, it becomes easy to grab their attention when we can be in their visual memory, though unconscious.

There are many events in public spaces where we can apply our marketing strategies. The fairs and exhibitions are great ways to develop relations with new organizations. We will be able to say that we exist by being visible among other competitors. 

Either B2B or B2C, the art of participation in public events is a great way to express our ideas among the consumers. It is the direct link between us and our business intended, and they respond with equal exhilaration.  


We must know about our customers and competitors when thinking about rapid growth. It must be a day-to-day analysis, and every detail and activity, if possible, must be observed, not in person but through analytics.

We have to develop methods of aggregating customers’ and competitors’ data to plan our strategy. The information is vital to understanding the demands of the market.

Social media activities help to stay in contact with target consumers. Many professionals prefer LinkedIn because it fulfills much of the requirements of B2B marketing. Therefore, it is the best place to find like-minded people.

If we get along with market data and new developments, we remain ahead in our business.


Free usages invoke two things in customers. One is complement toward the product or service they have just used without paying anything. And, second is well they have paid nothing. It is a thing to share among friends. 

Giving customers the opportunity to try on a product before selling it gives them faith and belief in the company. Such goodwill is hard to receive from marketing and advertising, and it’s a trust built without words.

Trials can be damage the sales if not conducted well. We have to give a sneak peek about the experience the customers are going to get rather than the whole service. We have to be able to sell our idea before selling our service.

It is very effective in customers’ evaluation and remarks. We can even gain some helpful suggestions before the main production line is functional. 

So, any form of free usage is good for products and services.

Easy tutorials 

Many products have a web application for use. But most of the users are not technologically literate, and they may be used to the conventional type websites or applications but are unaware of new designs and technology.

Our products details and usability must be made user-friendly, remarking the basic knowledge of consumers that are in our community. It must be simple, and everyone should be able to use the product or call for service without any supervision.

If complexity arises, we have in-built an easy tutorial in the form of videos or documentation in our application. The definition and process must be step by step and well expressed.

When we are able to presume the difficulty of our customers, they become emotionally attached to our business objective. They may turn into unofficial advocates for our product; we never know.

Three pictures collaged of a tutorial for making dough, the growth of the b2b is best described as personalized customization.

Personalization / Customization

Emphasis on the personal benefits of the product gives customers an influence to take a product or a service under consideration. If we are able to communicate the fulfillment, we can grow the number of users. 

Customizing the services or the products according to the customers’ interests is a difficult task. Everyone has different opinions, likings, and dislikings, and considering everything is also not practical.

We have to develop a way to provide appropriate answers to their questions. A method to receive their remarks. It is only possible with an engaging website. Everyone is looking for solutions online, so the Internet is the best way to understand public concerns.

Even the demands of other organizations can be easily understood through online mediums and applications.


We can carry out surveys and Q/As about the business among the customers. The suggestions are very useful to improve the quality of our service.

Customer experience is dependent on the design and brand of our product. Only a catchy logo or emblem can put an immediate leash on the customer, and the quality emphasis comes later. 

We can offer a newsletter, referential links, or any other advice on the webpage. That way, they can share and report their views with others, our potential customers.

Sharing Experience

The advertisement should be in trend in the field of our business. Customers get engaged if they experience anything popular, and they will share their experience with others if they are satisfied.

We have to be active on the social media platform with our business plan. Advertising in social networks gives us an easy way to share our objectives, values, and even day-to-day activities with our customers.

Our experience will become their experience, and if they are convinced of our business, they will bring their social network to us. 

Lead Management Tools

There are many strategies to be implemented for lead generation in B2B type business. The use of online tools to coordinate all the activities in the process can make our work efficient.

The tasks of lead management consist of tracking ideal customers for our product, filtering among many users, activities patterns they prefer, preparing reports, predicting their next interest, and many others. The strategies are planned accordingly.

Many leads cannot be managed manually. So, tools available for lead control and management will give us a less hectic way of doing work and increasing the number of customers.

Community Goals

Any product or service that makes a community a better place automatically generates interest in peoples’ minds. 

When we are planning sales for our business, we must display our community responsibility in our advertisements. Some may solve daily problems, and some may bring people together. 

The objective of a business can be anything, but if we highlight even the minimum impact in social life, we can sell anything fast.

The goal is to make our society a better place with B2B marketing, and under this guideline, growth hacking will advance well.


Whether it be B2B or B2C business models, there are many similar strategies for customer satisfaction. In the end, it is the end customers that value the works’ worth.

The competition is fierce in the market, and others’ strategies tempt every business owner. The insecurity of falling back is also high.

Therefore it is advisable to follow the ground rules and climb to the top when implementing the ideas to boost the business in your team. 

It takes only one guy to fly or fall in the teamwork of growth hacking.

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