Best News App to Keep You Updated

10 Best News App to Keep You Updated
Best News App to Keep You Updated

Gone are the days when radio, TV, and newspapers were the only means of getting daily news updates.

The Internet has changed the way, and the mobile app development world has conquered the TV and newspaper industries.

Now, people can access the latest news updates whenever and wherever with just a tap on their smartphones. You just need to identify and download the best news apps for iOS and Android gadgets.

Installing a reliable news app that covers breaking news can help you stay informed and updated about the world around you. This tool goes beyond just headlines to provide a range of options that keep you informed.

With several news applications flooding the market, it’s critical to pick the one that interests you and satisfies your reading needs. Most importantly, you need to identify the best unbiased news apps that cover true stories.

10 Best news app to keep you updated

Here, the best news apps of 2022 are listed to keep you updated without compromising the busy ongoing routine.

Best Free News App 2022


Flipboard is the most trendy and engaging news app that provides brilliant visual qualities best suited for users in creatively presenting news stories.

Flipboard accesses news and content from worldwide and lets you see what matters to you.

Additionally, there is a tab called “For You” that allows you to see the content you are interested in and to explore stories you might not usually find. Additionally, there is a great reader that makes accessing the content simple.

It provides a rich blend of content from various sources across the web that has been personalized according to your interests. Users can choose from a variety of subject areas, topics, contents, and websites or include their own.

Get the latest breaking news in your notification tray or read articles repackaged into media-centric reader views.

Flipboard is available for download for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Download Flipboard News App: Android, iOS

BBC News app

BBC is an internationally recognized news organization that provides readers across the globe with the latest news stories and video content.

It is considered one of the best world news apps for iOS and Android that provides fascinating ways to engage readers with the latest news.

With the help of “My News” options, users can explore whatever they wish to, such as top headlines, breaking news, or interest-based news.

Moreover, it also provides live-streaming news channels within the app, which takes after the experience on TV.

Users will likewise have convenient access to breaking news through notifications on choosing to get notified.

Just like the Flipboard, BBC News app is available for download for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Download BBC News App: Android, iOS

Google News

Google News analyzes and delivers the news feed as per the users’ interests. For instance, it offers readers personalized news briefing of the best five stories, the latest news, and updates every day, based on national or international news according to user’s interests.

Google News app is just like the Apple News app targeted primarily for Android users, although it is compatible with both the Android and iOS devices.

Throughout its history, Google has played an important role in the news industry. One of its strengths is its aggregation engine. Those of us who get news through the browser have depended upon it for many years.

Using Google News, you can find content that suits your interests based on an analysis of your tastes.

The finest part of Google News is the “Full Coverage” button under which each headline raises various perspectives and articles focused on a similar topic — a method that offers a comprehensive view of the news story.

In addition, you will be able to subscribe to websites, newspapers, and magazines that you would like to read.

The iPhone and Android versions of Google News app are both available for download.

Download Google News App: Android, iOS

AP News

Associated Press’ mobile app is one of the best news apps with a traditional look and feel.

AP News delivers news from all three Associated Press news divisions: local, national, and global. 

A custom news alert system lets users get customized news alerts based on their favorite news topics and local AP-affiliated news sources. Users can browse photo galleries, listen to audio and video, and subscribe to their favorite news topics. 

The app constantly updates the content that provides relevant and fast results to keep readers engaged.

The latest news articles or breaking news are arranged in a stripped-down style. This helps make users’ browsing superior and quicker, making your browsing experience even better and faster.

Download AP News app: Android, iOS

CNN News

CNN news is a pioneer in the realm of around-the-clock news. The mobile app of CNN news channel provides a summarized version of its news website.

 It offers a wide variety of articles. It also has several unique CNN-exclusive contents that you can’t find anywhere else.

CNN, as a video news channel, provides a wide variety of video-based content that viewers would appreciate.

Both iPhone and Android smartphones users can download and enjoy this news app for free.

Download CNN News app: Android, iOS


Digg is quite similar to Reddit, which accelerates the best of what’s available on the news websites to you through the power of algorithms and some tremendous traditional human categorization.

The tagline of Digg is “what the internet is talking about right now,” which justifies it pretty well.

The Digg mobile app summarizes the most important news stories or breaking news updates of the day on the home page. Different sections let you go further into Digg’s news categorization service anytime you want to look.

And you can even save your favorite news articles or contents for later to read or to share with anyone you want to.

While the app is not that popular customization, it tends to be your stop-off point for news and videos that interest you.

Download DIGG News app: Android, iOS


Feedly is one of the best news apps that include RSS readers. The app pulls all the essential news feeds from various sites and sources. The objective of Feedly is to build your news network from trustworthy places.

The app integrates well with various social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Evernote, etc.

In addition, you can get access to your feed on your smartphone. Feedly is a way to find out the news story you care about.

Additionally, it is enhanced with AI that determines the type of content you’re interested in and follow.

In addition to providing easy access to the content you care about, the app also provides an engaging, full-screen interface to read articles on your smartphone. Also, it comes with a night mode so you can read articles when it’s dark.

Feedly offers a free plan on both of its mobile and web version which allows you to follow upto 100 feeds. You have to go for higher version if you need more than that.

Feedly is available for download for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Download Feedly Mobile app: Android, iOS

Best paid News app 2022

The New York Times

The New York Times news app is another popular news source that has all you want. The news app presents everything perfectly – from breaking news alerts to social media sharing, online and offline reading, and many more.

Also, it provides a few of its unique, forward-thinking features: audio and video options.

One of the great features of this news app is the ‘Augmented Reality’ that enables you to explore news related to sports or fashion by checking out the celebrity’s fashion wardrobe or meeting sports athletes. Access to these unique features is chargeable.

The New Yourk Times subscription costs $0.25/week and the mobile news app is avalilable for both the Android and iOS.

Download The New York Times News app: Android, iOS


The Reuters news gives a comprehensive perspective to world news and an option to limit and customize news streams based on your favorite topics.

The Reuters news app highlights the news, content, articles from more than 2,000 journalists in 180 countries worldwide.

A comprehensive view of world news is available through Reuters News. You can also narrow down and create a tailored news stream based on topics of interest to you. The stories you choose will be relevant to your location as well. 

In addition, you can get related stories based on your location or area. Users can get the editorial highlights and follow the news with their market watchlist. Furthermore, users can save articles or stories from Reuters news for offline reading.

With the Editorial Highlights and Market Watchlist, users can stay up to date on the latest financial news.

Reuters news is free upto five stories, and after that will cost you $34.99 per month.

Download Reuters News app: Android, iOS


Inkl falls under the category of best ad-free news app where you can find curated list of premium news resources.

By subscribing to inkl, you have access to many sources of content, including Straits Times, The Economist, Bloomberg, The Guardian, and many others. 

With Inkl news app, you can filter newsroom according to your preference so that you always get the articles you want to read.

Inkl is here to give you unbiased and breaking news with fast, modern and ads-free experience, although it will cost you $9.99 per month. The good news is you can start a free 7-day trial and verify whether it gives everything it has to offer.

Download Inkl News app: Android, iOS


The avalanche of news that breaks every day can be daunting, but with the right news apps at hand, it doesn’t have to be—you can get updated with the news you want, in the way you want it, and keep up to speed with what’s happening around the world.


Which is the best news app for current events?

The best news app to help you stay informed on current events is Google News. It aggregates current news from all over the world and make it available swiftly.

Which is the best app for breaking news?

The best app for breaking news is Digg. Its homepage is curated with breaking news stories and other big news of the day.

What is the best way to keep up with current events?

The best way to keep up with current events is to use current news apps as mentioned in this article. These news apps are best in collecting and providing information in a quick and efficient manner.

Which is the best news app for unbiased news?

Apart from some of the apps mentioned in this article like CNN, New York Times, and BBC, which are independent media organizations of their own, other apps like Feedly, Digg, and Flipboard do not present their own information. These apps collect information from different sources on the internet on any topic of your interest and present it, which avoids the chances of biasness.

Are there any ad-free news apps?

Most of the free news apps depend on ads as a source of revenue. However, Inkl is one of those apps which is completely ad-free.

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