Best Microsoft Excel Alternatives

Best Microsoft Excel Alternatives
Best Microsoft Excel Alternatives

Microsoft Excel is the king of data management and analysis that we have all known from the start of time or from our time in the respective field of work. We have at least heard of the name even though we have never used it. Someone who is a computer owner or uses a computer for work cannot deny this fact.

Excel is a software that has spreadsheets, different rows, and columns on which we can apply formulas to store, organize and get a quick analysis of data. It is mainly used for financial analysis.

As there is an end to every king’s reign, it is time for Excel to retire as well. It’s not because Excel has lost its efficiency or has become incapable of carrying out the task, but there are many aspects of data analysis that Excel cannot simply fulfill.

Therefore, there are some alternatives for Microsoft excel.

What Does a Modern Spreadsheet Do?

We use modern spreadsheet software for many tasks and are not only limited to a financial tool. They have become a new and dynamic way of collecting, organizing, and analyzing business data, deriving notions, and proposing conclusions. 

  • Accounting 

New spreadsheet software does all the work that Excel can do but in better ways. They keep track of simple numerical data like budget, invoices, wages, attendance. They have an intriguing user experience.

  • Analytics

They help build a perspective on data by observing similarities, repetitions, dependencies, and other factors. They help us make future strategies, predictions, and hypotheses regarding the execution of our business plans.

  • Presentations 

Modern spreadsheets have many visual representation tools. If we represent data in a visual form, they are better understood. So, a spreadsheet helps us to represent our data in lucid graphic illustrations to derive conclusions.

  • Project Management

New spreadsheets have cloud-based services that make it possible to collaborate with many people on one project, track progress and statuses. This feature is one of the foundational aspects of modern-day office work that offers remote work opportunities to employees.

Why Look for Alternatives?

Nowadays, people are like gypsies, meaning that they need to move from one place to another for work. Remote employment, frequent relocation are not new concepts nowadays. 

We have also heard about restrictions for the use of computer software because of bad political relations between countries.

Also, nowadays we work on one project from different teams, departments, offices or even countries. Collaboration is a major issue. 

After the happening of COVID-19 outbreak, we all have realized the fact.

Many problems have arisen while doing all forms of table work, which has allowed many alternative apps and software to come into use.

It’s good to have one or two alternatives as our work computer tool every day. 

Modern spreadsheets are of two types based on cost-free and paid. It costs nearly $5 to $10 per month at a minimum for one business license. Although there is no difference in the simple use for data evaluation, the quality of experience varies between paid and free software.

Let’s see some tools that are popular as modern spreadsheets.

Best Microsoft Excel Alternative

Google Spreadsheet

An alternative to Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheet webpage picture with a laptop image on the left and some subtext under the heading "Sheets" on the right.

It’s free. You need a Gmail account, and just like that, after entering the URL in the browser, you are good to go. The most important feature of google spreadsheet is that it is a part of google workspace and operates in a google cloud. Data is secure, sharable, and cosmopolitan because of it. The setup and design are similar to that of Excel, so it won’t be difficult to get used to google spreadsheets.


  • Real-time editing of spreadsheet data. Multiple users can use it.
  • Integration with other Google products.
  • Supporting different file formats. 
  • Explore information regarding data using internet service.
  • Offline editing is possible.

Microsoft Office Excel Online

Microsoft Office Excel Online webpage picture which is the online version of Microsoft Excel, different folders and tabs with the green theme color can be seen.

Microsoft Office Excel Online helps to gather data, view them and analyze them. It is an exact copy of desktop excel when looked at quickly, with some additional features, mostly internet features. You can download it free of cost on any device, mobile, or computer. You can create, edit and share excel spreadsheets with your team members. Other features of the Microsoft suite come into use in integration with it.


  • Offer more than 400 inbuilt functions.
  • No need for a third-party survey marker; survey directly.
  • Add Ons available.
  • Use between multi-users.
  • Mention a comment

LibreOffice Calc

Green themed color webpage of LibreOffice Calc, an alternative to Microsoft Office, is seen with an image of a calculator, glasses, and datasheets.

Libre Office Calc is an open-source excel alternative developed by the open-source community known better as Linux. It has all the basic features like of excel sheet. The user experience is also somewhat similar; maybe the events handled are different. It’s free as any other open-source product.


  • Can insert the PDF file.
  • Better drag and drop feature.
  • More options in delete.

WPS Office Spreadsheet

An alternate to Microsoft Excel, the WPS Office Spreadsheet webpage is seen in the picture with four cards of features with the green and blue theme color.

WPS Office Spreadsheet is an online free open office suite supported across many platforms like mobile, tablet, and computers. It is one of the best alternatives to excel and provides many additional features regarding collaboration and sharing. The user experience is a very good comparison as it is built to be supported on many platforms. However, it has fewer features than Microsoft Office Excel, and sometimes users mistake that both excel alternatives are the same.


  • Advanced modeling is possible.
  • A million rows are available.
  • View multiple documents.
  • Collaboration tools are available.


A girl wearing glasses, a black coat, and grey trousers is sitting on a tool and smiling at us on the left side of the web page picture of Smartsheet, a Microsoft Excel alternative.

Smartsheet is a platform that has many sets of utility features for better productivity and data management. It can replace the desktop for many of its collaborative features where multiple users can contribute simultaneously. You can synchronize across critical business systems in a secure environment. The user experience is also better.


  • Automatic process available regarding content management.
  • Security of data and request management.
  • Can share assets to see their performance.
  • Variety of configurations available.


A media play button is seen on the right side of the webpage image of ClickUp, alternate to Microsoft Excel, with the blue and white theme color.

ClickUp is probably the best easy to use spreadsheet platform. The user experience is quite good with easy setup and standard looks. It has many things to offer performance-wise. It can be integrated with others for collaboration through the internet. It boosts an organization’s performance by simplifying cross-functional teamwork.  


  • Advanced permission and security setting custom configurations.
  • Best UI experience and world-class setup.
  • Easy usability for non-technical personnel.
  • Multiple use-cases.


It is a webpage picture of Monday, an alternate to Microsoft Excel, with the heading "Work Without Limits" in the middle and has yellow and blue theme colors.

Monday is the best solution to cancel the vibes of the word itself for working personnel, with its emulating colors and templates. It is impressive how good its user experience is. It has all the features that any other spreadsheet platform has, like collaboration, visual representation, progress monitoring. Monday is very easy to use and also has a quick guide for non-technical and first-time users.


  • Complete project management tools, including a Gantt chart.
  • Structured HR processes.
  • Robust dashboard and user support tools.
  • Customizable automatons are available.

Zoho Sheet

Zoho sheet, an alternate to Microsoft Excel, has light green and red theme color, and the webpage image seen has a big red button in the center.

Zoho Sheet offers functions, charts, pivots, comments, and all the essential features for collaborative data analysis. It is free to sign up and work with 45+ integrated applications. Zoho Sheet provides fully customizable Customer Relationship Management(CRM) solutions and workplace collaboration with team communication and file storage. Many features cannot even be summarized, which makes it one of the best alternatives for Microsoft excel.  


  • More than 350 predefined functions.
  • Data cleaning tool available.
  • Flexible with different file formats.
  • Spreadsheet publication on the website with essential security.


Alternate Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice webpage image is seen in the picture with its logo on the top left corner and various listing in the center.

Apache OpenOffice is a free product to download, use and distribute. It is compatible with other office suites and is easy to use. It has a standard-compliant that has its file format.


  • Free to use with all the features.
  • Have a file system.
  • Integration with many other platforms.
  • Better user experience.


A  boy with dread hair is looking at his laptop facing toward us with cupping his mouth with his right hand on the webpage of Airtable, an alternate Microsoft Excel.

Airtable provides all qualities of a relational data model with the familiarity of spreadsheets. It has customizable view space according to the project work requirement. The usability is easy and has broad use cases. The free package is good for individuals or small workplaces, but there are paid services for enterprises. So, according to the business need, there are various plans available. It is a good alternative for desktop excel spreadsheets with modern functionalities. 


  • Filtering, sorting, and grouping
  • Customizable according to the use case.
  • Power of database with spreadsheet view.
  • Advanced security with paid plans.


Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for office work. Many of us are dependent on it and are comfortable with it. But the time has changed, and different alternatives are available now.

They offer better services, qualities, and features that make our work more productive. It’s scientific to move on to a better platform, and technology is changing. Every day, there are new updates in the programs that we use. It’s only sensible to cope up with changing platforms.

The tools mentioned above and their analysis are only based on few aspects of usability like cost, user experience, and added features. The selection of spreadsheet alternatives is dependent on the use-cases adopted in the workplace. 

It is best to take free trials of a few of them before declaring your alternative for an excel spreadsheet. After all, personal choice is always the best alternative.

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