Best HR Management Software

10 Best HR Management Software
10 Best HR Management Software

Employees are an organization’s most valuable commodity. A company’s ability to recruit and retain top employees affects its ability to achieve better market performance.

Companies are now engaged in HRMS software to examine various dimensions of the business’s day-to-day operations to deal with this.

HR tools and apps will also monitor employee success and recommend further training.

HR software is essential for delivering an optimized workflow experience for any organization, whether a small business, a SaaS startup, or a large corporation.

10 Best HR Management Software

Here’s a rundown of a few common HR Management software better for small and medium businesses. 


Zenefits is a flexible, web-based, free HRIS solution that handles all HR, accounting, time management, and benefits operations from a single online dashboard.

The best option for a low-cost payroll platform for small firms. It gives small firms the resources they need to scale as their company expands while still keeping their employees comfortable and profitable. 

It lets them invest less time on things that are not as important and has less priority. This will increase the efficiency of the company by reducing paperwork.

Key Features of Zenefits:

  • In only a few clicks, real-time reports are generated. 
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.
  • Provides a central location to store all employee records.
  • Managing Documentation. 
  • Managing Employee.

Pros of Using Zenefits:

  • Free trial is available.
  • Easy to customize and configure. 
  • The design is smooth and plain and is visually pleasing. 
  • Payroll processing is quick and automatic. 
  • Provide a supportive atmosphere for consumers. 

Cons of Using Zenefits: 

  • Support Center is hard to access.
  • Support response can be slow.
  • It may be aggravating to wait for a website to respond.


One of the most effective human resource management systems is Bamboo HR, which provides an end-to-end workforce optimization approach.

It captures and organizes all the details you need over an employee’s whole life cycle in the organization. 

It provides an applicant monitoring system, payroll management, compensation management, employee retention and satisfaction software, automatic reminders, and data analysis to handle all employee life phases. 

Key Features of BambooHR:

  • Single and stable databases of strong, engaging reports. 
  • This software package’s main capabilities are recruitment management and talent management. 
  • Latest up-to-date interaction assessment methods. 
  • Applicant monitoring is mobile-friendly. 

Pros of Using BambooHR:

  • It runs smoothly and has a great implementation. 
  • It fits well in all forms of companies, including SMEs. 
  • Improves simple HR procedures, which keeps employees motivated. 
  • The service is user-friendly and easy to understand. 

Cons of Using BambooHR: 

  • Expensive compared to other software.
  • The functionality of the mobile app is minimal. 
  • The reporting system is inflexible and tedious. 
  • Payroll integrations are minimal (no integration with ADP). 


Workable is a recruiting tool designed to help hiring managers and in-house recruiters save time and money.

It includes AI-powered and streamlined resources to help you get through the recruiting process faster, from requisition to proposal letter. The platform facilitates recruiting teamwork and keeps the team linked at all times. 

You can quickly monitor and manage the candidate’s profile and review the applicants under job requirements from a single location. 

Key Features of Workable:

  • Analytics and documents.
  • Mobile-friendly application forms.
  • Offer compatibility with Gmail and Google Calendar.
  • It allows you to contact candidates one-on-one or in bulk via email. 
  • Provides candidates with adjustable questions and conditions. 
  • Evaluation and interview tools are integrated.

Pros of Using Workable:

  • Super easy to implement.
  • The software is gradually improving functionality. 
  • Feedback platform for recruiting managers and hiring teams.
  • It’s simple to create work, post them, and keep track of them.

Cons of Using Workable:

  • Searching through tabs and supporting features requires enhancement. 
  • Lack of integration with broader HR networks. 


Planday is a user-friendly, advanced employee scheduling software

It is one of the best human resource management programs that help handle job scheduling, operating hours, shifts, holiday demands, and payrolls. 

It has an online collaboration platform that enables managers and workers to communicate through text or email. 

Key Features of Planday:

  • Employees can take time off, and rescheduling is performed automatically. 
  • Attendance and time management provides staff with consistent shift dates. 
  • Payroll visibility makes it easier to monitor regular, weekly, and monthly payroll spending. 
  • Generates payroll management results by the end of the month, saving administrators time. 

Pros of Using Planday:

  • Save HR management time and money.
  • The software is user-friendly, and the staff enjoys using it.
  • It’s easy to create and change schedules with a drag-and-drop interface. 
  • It’s very simple to use, perfect interface, so it’s straightforward for team members to use it. 

Cons of Using Planday:

  • Even though understanding how it operates is pretty easy, it does necessitate some attention and help from the management team.


Namely is an all-in-one approach for HR, talent recruitment, accounting, and rewards. The platform makes it easier for organizations to enhance their HR procedures while staying effective. 

If an organization needs HRIS or a more comprehensive HR, payroll, and profit approach, Namely will satisfy any company’s HR needs. 

The Namely mobile app enables users to access the software from everywhere. It provides the employees with quick access to all HR details they can need through an employee portal. 

Key Features of Namely:

  • Database of Employees.
  • Management of Incentives.
  • Monitor outcomes and achieving goals 
  • The back-end is configurable and flexible. 
  • Time to monitor work and priorities. 
  • Workflows based on positions and other factors. 

Pros of Using Namely:

  • Provide free demo.
  • Employee retention report.
  • Generation of real-time reports.
  • Integration of payroll. 
  • ACA documentation is built-in. 
  • Customizable Performance templates.

Cons of Using Namely:

  • Customer service is complicated. 
  • Namely, time isn’t user-friendly.
  • It’s a hassle to report in the system. 
  • It does not respond promptly when support is requested.
  • Time management is limited, and it isn’t easy to make improvements to the setup without Namely. 


Paycor is a human resource management platform that offers cloud-based orientation and training, HR, accounting, and time recording software features.

Automates manual HR and payroll tasks while offering an efficient user experience at any process stage. 

Predictive analytics capabilities tools are integrated to help you gain insight into your HR activities. 

Key Features of Paycor:

  • Attendance and Time 
  • Analytical tools installed. 
  • Data analysis and reporting.
  • Human resources management.
  • Enhance the commitment of employees 
  • Simplified payrolls and tax administration. 
  • The interface is both powerful and simple to use. 

Pros of Using Paycor:

  • Enhanced payrolls
  • Seamless handling of recruiting
  • Detailed monitoring and analysis
  • Coordinated record of time and attendance
  • Reduces documentation tasks(paper-based)

Cons of Using Paycor:

  • Security and consistency issues.
  • Reporting lack of customization.
  • Time and attendance reporting isn’t the most user-friendly.


Freshteam framework is a versatile recruitment management platform. It is a cloud-based platform that offers recruiting solutions and employee monitoring processes through a single GUI. 

Users get all the resources they need to schedule, execute, and monitor their recruiting practices. It assists you in making strategic HR decisions that will help your business expand. 

It also provides a career posting management module that helps you share job opportunities on multiple social media sites. 

Key Features Freshteam:

  • Automatic Applicant monitoring.
  • The operational dashboard is easy to use. 
  • Collaborative recruiting and job referrals. 
  • A user-friendly interface is provided for conversation.
  • Details about recruiting records are stored in a centralized database. 

Pros of Using Freshteam:

  • Employee tracking.
  • Free trial available.
  • Management of job postings.
  • Custom documents and graphs. 
  • Electronic records are stored safely. 
  • Automatic workflows and authorization. 

Cons of Using Freshteam:

  • Can take time to respond to customers.
  • Improvements to pipeline features are essential. 
  • Require some evaluation features for different jobs.

Sage HR

Sage HR is an HR tech firm that helps customers worldwide track participation, results, and recruiting. 

The platform is suitable for small to medium-sized enterprises. It is user-friendly and mobile-friendly and is built to be easy and convenient for staff and managers. 

This increases staff participation and business identity while still providing high-quality results without paper or spreadsheets. 

Key Features Sage HR:

  • Easy User interface.
  • Effectively perform targeted staff evaluation.
  • Exclusive, user-friendly, and realistic workforce management software.
  • Each employee’s contact and activities are centralized in a system. 

Pros of Using Sage HR:

  • A trial account is easily available. 
  • Responsive service to the consumer.
  • Simple to manage and report staff absences.
  • Shift preparation module is both scalable and efficient.
  • Facilitate the hiring process, whether it’s external or internal.
  • Simple to manage and report staff absences.

Cons of Using Sage HR:

  • Filing System needs an upgrade.
  • Some mobile app’s features are a little slow.
  • Setting up personalized holidays/days off can be difficult. 


Workday is a cloud-based platform aimed at its simple user experience and booming functionality. 

This software synchronizes multinational companies’ HR, finance, and payroll processing solutions.

It has a separate module to address educational institutions’ concerns, covering admissions, program management, funding, etc. 

Key Features of Workday:

  • Planning career and growth
  • Track operations and workflow 
  • Strategic Workforce preparation 
  • Performance and revenue Management
  • Tools and customized reports used for revenue management 
  • Internally and externally, monitor procedures and workflows. 

Pros of Using Workday:

  • Comprehensive software
  • Updates regularly 
  • Advanced analytics and reports 
  • Integration of Big Data Analytics 

Cons of Using Workday:

  • Expensive for small companies and startups.
  • The platform can be a little sluggish at times.
  • Complex objectives and self-assessment process.
  • Pre-screening questionnaires cannot be customized to each work announcement.  


Paylocity is a web-based payroll and HR provider designed exclusively for small businesses. 

It is an HRM approach that streamlines business HR, accounting, collaboration, resource management, and integration processes. Its onboarding solution is mobile-friendly and flexible. 

It enables managers to streamline workers’ performance through observations and performance assessment analysis. 

Key Features of Paylocity:

  • You can schedule trips using the built-in calendar system. 
  • Tracks hours, examine plans, and investigates all other aspects of the workforce. 
  • Provides a centralized database where all employee records and documentation can be stored. Arrange workers within an organization’s hierarchy and maintains a database of their salaries for the assigned position. 
  • Employees can view current and previous pay stubs, as well as additional compensation records, through a self-service web portal.

Pros of Using Paylocity:

  • Committed customer service
  • Software with multiple features 
  • Employee participation and problem-solving can be boosted by forming a group.

Cons of Using Paylocity:

  • Navigation lags at times. 
  • Not ideal for organizations with foreign scope 
  • Time off requests is not always guaranteed. 


Managing staff, accounting, time-off demands, and other facets of your company can take a lot of time.

But with the help of the best Human Resource Management software, the process will be simplified and even less burdensome. HR software comes with a range of services and packages to select the best suits the company.

Based on your requirements and choice for an HR solution may change. It is important to pay careful attention to the features available or how they can be modified to comply with your HR processes. 

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