Best File Manager Apps for Android

10 Best File Manager Apps for Android
Best File Manager Apps for Android

Today’s world has been shaped by technology. It has been the inseparable part of our lives. More than 80% of the world population are smartphone user. Nowadays, we use our smartphones for every aspect of our lives, from reading the newspaper to taking pictures.   

Smartphones are nowadays being used as dedicated camera, newsreader, chatting machine, multimedia device and many more. Apart from that you can also use your mobile phone as a phone storage to store different files and applications.

To manage those files, most of the phones have inbuilt file manager apps. However, these inbuilt file manager apps are basic in function and doesn’t offer much as compared to the functionality of third-party file manager apps or android file explorer.

Let’s check out some of the best file manager app for android of 2022.

Best Free File Manager for Android 2022

Here we have listed some of the best android file manager app available in the market.

Amaze File Manager

Amaze file Managers was one of the best Android applications for managing files in 2021. As of 2022, it is still receiving thumps up from its Android Users. Amaze File Manager is free, simple app with a clean UI and no ads.

The basic functions like cut, copy, delete, compress, extract, etc., are accessible with ease with this app. You can work on multiple tabs at the same time. This app also has a navigation drawer and multiple themes.

Amaze file manager

Amaze File Manager has a built-in app manager feature that lets you open, backup, or directly uninstall any app and share files quickly. It also provides a root explorer for rooted devices.

With its too good to be true features, it sets easily among the best free file manager for Android in 2022.

Key Features of Amaze File Manager

  • Basic task like copy, cut, delete, compress, and extract are easily accessible
  • Multiple tabs can be opened at the same time.
  • Built-in application manager allows opening, backing up, and uninstalling applications.
  • Quick access to favorite files.
  • Integrated search engine allows finding any file.
  • Customizable desktop themes. Navigation drawer for quick navigation
  • You can access history, access bookmarks, or search for any file.

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Amaze file Manager apk download

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is one of the best free android file manager app for long time now. Most of the android user uses this android file explorer because it lives up to its expectations.

Solid Explorer is one of first file manager app in this segment to have dual-panel layout. Apart from that, it has simple and unique UIS which are easy to interface.

Besides that, it is jam-packed with file manager features; it has all the features a file manager app may need to provide.

Solid explorer

Managing files is much easier thanks to the dual-panel layout. AES encryption is strong in this app, and the storage analyzer is fantastic.

Apart from internal storage, the app allows you to manage your external storage. It supports several network protocols.

Not only that, it also allows you to connect your device to cloud storage and acts as a file manager for it as well.

Key Features of Solid Explorer

  • Dual Panel Navigation
  • Create an FTP server and transfer files directly between two devices
  • Create LAN and SMB connections in a few taps.
  • Connect all those cloud service providers in just a few simple steps and navigate through them like any other folder or memory.
  • Easy to hide a file or folder.
  • Easily encrypt files and folders with AES256 encryption.
  • Store & extract files and folders
  • Solid Explorer supports native memory browsing.
  • Rename in bulk

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Files by Google

If you want the cleanest, ad-free, no-bloat file manager app on Android, you can go for Files by Google.

With its cleaning recommendations, you can free up phone storage and find any file faster. Along with being the best file manager apps for Android, it is one of the powerful file sharing app as well.

Offline file sharing and cloud storage can save you phone storage space and allow you to share files without using mobile data. This application is free to use and also ad-free.

Files by Google offers three tabs: Clean, Browse and Share. The ‘Clean’ tab shows how much space your Android device has left and how much you currently use. This is also where you get suggestions for cleaning your phone’s storage.

Files by Google

The ‘Browse’ tab makes it easier to find any files by dividing them into different categories, such as Images, Videos, Downloads, Audio, Documents, and more.

There is also a Favorites section and a Safe Folder for confidential files and documents, password-protected.

The ‘Share’ tab lets you send or receive files with anyone without the need for an internet connection.

Key Features of Files by Google

  • With just a few taps, free up space by deleting old photos, removing duplicate files, erasing unused apps, clearing your cache, and more.
  • You can see how much space is left on your SD card and device by using Files.
  • It suggests files you may want to delete to avoid overusing your device.
  • Simply browse through categories and filters to find the files you want.
  • You can also share a document, image, video, or app with other nearby app users.
  • A secure file transfer is ensured by WPA2 encryption, which provides offline sharing of the file.
  • Store file backups in the cloud.

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Files by Google apk download

Astro File Manager

It is one of the oldest android file manager app and is among the best file manager for android used by most of the android users.

Different features of Astro File manager are file compression, SD card support, app management, cloud storage support and archive extraction support (RAR and ZIP).

This application comes with a nice-looking User Interface. Moreover, it is ad-free and completely free.

ASTRO File Manager is another best file manager for Android that is developed by Metago. You can avail of the beta version to get a taste of the latest features faster.

There are a number of basic file manager features included in this application, such as moving, copying, file sharing, and renaming your files.

Astro File manager

Astro File Manager provides cloud storage backups. Among the apps all around, Astro File manager is often classified as best android file manager because of its superb app cleaning capability. Besides, manages SD cards, and acting as a backup and recovery tool are also the prominent features of Astro file manager.

Key Features of Astro File Manager

  • Files can be copied, moved, shared, and renamed on the internal drive, SD card, and cloud storage.
  • Utilize this Android file manager and browser to access all of your files on your internal and external storage devices.
  • From the home screen, you can browse all your images, videos, tools, music, apps, and recent files.
  • You can manage downloads by viewing the files that have been downloaded recently and moving them to another folder.
  • Easily move, copy and backup important files to SD cards or any cloud storage space, and cleanup your storage space with this data manager.
  • Organize your apps: backup multiple apps to your SD card, quickly restore your apps after a factory reset, or delete them all simultaneously.

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Astro File Manager apk download

X-Plore File Manager

X-Plore’s unique UI/UX has made it stand out among the android file manager app. Though it seems difficult to operate at first, you’ll have good overall experience at last.

What makes X-plore distinct with its counterparts is the dual-pane tree view that allows you to display files in multi-tabs. You can also perform copy/paste operations between two folders in quick succession because of this feature

It also serves as a root explorer that supports cloud storage and pretty much anything else you might need. The encryption is also very good.

X-Plore File manager

The app supports various types of files, cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox,, and network storage protocols like FTP, SMB, etc.

In addition to root support, the application comes with a built-in hex editor, USB OTG support, and more.

Key Features of X-Plore File Manager

  • Displays in dual panes
  • Changes can be made to read-only files with root access (on a rooted device)
  • View your disk map to find out which files consume the most space.
  • Servers for FTP, FTPPS, LAN (SMB/Samba), and DLNA/UPNP
  • Storage Cloud Access: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive
  • PDF viewer
  • View APK files as ZIP

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X-Plore File Manager apk download

Total Commander

Total commander is the powerful file manager app in the list. Android users often rate Total commander as the best free file manager for Android because of its rich and distinct features. You can also explore android files/folders, browse and copy or move entire subdirectories using this application on your device

The application also supports drag-and-drop, directory creation, renaming, file deletion, file archiving, file sharing and other features.

It also supports various file sharing protocols like FTP, SFTP, LAN, OBEX and supports cloud storage through plugins.

Other features include directory history, media player, feature to alter permissions of a file, and more.

Total commander

One of the best features of this Total Commander is that it is ad-free. Total Commander supports root functions that allow it to write to system folders like system or data.

The application will warn you before writing anything to system folders if the folders are write-protected.

Key Features of  Total Commander

  • Creating a new folder, copying and pasting, cutting, moving, renaming, as well as deleting
  • Sort directories and files
  • Handling apps
  • ZIP and unzip support encryption; UnRAR supports multiple volumes
  • Integrated text editor
  • Provides plugin support – currently there are three available (FTP and FTPS, Windows Networking – LAN, and WebDAV).

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Total Commander apk download

Cx File Explorer

It is a good yet simple android file manager app. This app features relatively modern UI basics and supports shared storage servers like FTP, SMB, and cloud storage services.

Specifically, we appreciate the parts of the dashboard that make it easy to locate things like SD cards, main storage, download folders, and browse network drives. There is also an app manager, and it appears to function as expected.

With no in-app purchases or advertisements, it is among the best free file browsers.

Cx File Explorer

Key Features of Cx File Explorer

  • Users can use the intuitive user interface to browse, move, copy, compress, rename, extract, delete, and create file.
  • Use the cloud storage service
  • Using FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SMB, WebDAV, or LAN, you can access files stored on remote or shared storage
  • Material Design interface.
  • Analyzes storage space in a visual manner so that you can scan and manage it quickly.

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Cx File Explorer apk download

FX File Explorer

It is one of the android file manager apps that highly prioritize your privacy. It doesn’t contain any ads or any user activity tracking.

FX File Explorer has one of the best UI/UX design. With this app, you can use the cloud storage and manage the there too. Not only that, you can also control the computer networks like SSH FTP, FTP etc.

FX File Explorer

It lets you handle ZIP, RAR, and similar compression formats as well as manage installed applications.

This is just a small sample of the app’s functionality; it is quite flexible.

Key Features of FX File Explorer

  • Featured home screen with bookmarking capabilities
  • No limit on open windows
  • Multi-tasking
  • FTP, WebDAV, FTP-S, FTP-ES, SMB (Windows Networking), SSH, FTP-S, SSH, FTP-ES
  • Permission and configuration management for apps
  • Text editor/viewer
  • Media player, pop-up audio player and Image viewer
  • Can archive and extract files

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FX File Explorer apk download

RS File Manager

RS File Manager is a free, fast, and full-featured file manager application for Android. It provides all the standard file manager features that include multi-select, copy, cut, paste, move, rename, create, delete, search, hide, shares, zip/ unzip, etc.

Other notable features of RS File Manager include access to cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive, network storage support like FTP, FTPS, SFTP, LAN and many more.

10 Best File Manager apps for Android

RS File Manager comes with a integrated app file manager and root explorer. It also supports compression and decompression (ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP, OBB), SD cards.

In addition to accessing files on your phone from a PC, you can also share them via email, Bluetooth, and more.

Finally, RS File Manager allows you to manage folders and files in the cloud and supports encryption.

With this application, you can control your file system, enabling you to organize everything on your phone.

Key Features of RS File Manager

  • You can inspect the size of your recent files, large files, file categories and file categories, space used and large files
  • You can access Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Yandex Drive through Cloud Drive
  • Access your network storage devices using FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and WebDAV
  • Local area network
  • Efficient file search: Search for your file immediately
  • Easily work with Zip
  • File Encryption: 128-bit encryption

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RS File Manager apk download

Root Explorer

Root Explorer is an Android file manager and Explorer for rooted devices. It has been a favorite file manager for most power users for quite a long time.

The features of Root Explorer include cloud support and multiple tabs.

Also supported are SQLite database viewing, a Text Editor, ZIP/TAR/GZIP/RAR archiving, RAR extraction, multi-selection, script execution, remount, permissions, bookmarks, and more.

Root Explorer

Key Features of Root Explorer

  • Manage Files and folders: – You can open and manage the files.
  • See the hidden content you have downloaded, such as data from the apps and games.
  • Several cloud storage options are available, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud.
  • Additionally, users can view SQLite databases, select files multiple times, remount files, send files via Bluetooth, e-mail, and much more.

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Root Explorer apk download


While the dedicated android file manager may be good enough for most users, power users need enhanced functionality that only third-party file manager alternatives can offer.

So go ahead, try out some best file manager for android 2022 on our list and pick the file manager that suits your needs and wants. Once you try these apps, don’t forget to tell us which one you chose and why in the comments section below.

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