Best Employee Monitoring Software in 2021

Best Employee Monitoring Software
Best Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software is a SaaS application to monitor and verify whether the employee is doing their assigned task or wasting their work time by watching YouTube videos, using social media, or engaging in a hateful performance that risks the security of one’s business.

Employee monitoring software is essential as there are many distractions in the current workplace for onsite and remote employees, particularly those who use internet-connected devices to do their work.

There is always a chance for them to be involved in unproductive actions on company time.

Employee monitoring software enhances companies’ employee supervision proficiencies, confirming that employees are doing best practices to job-related responsibilities, access to confidential company data, resources, and security.

It guarantees that all employee actions are stalked, providing great clarity and detectable actions.

Features of Employee Monitoring Software

The features of Employee Monitoring Software are as follow:

  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Time and attendance
  • Manual time entries
  • Employee Login
  • Task management 
  • Time tracking
  • Location tracking
  • Productivity Evaluation
  • Stealth Mode

Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

The benefits of using Employee Monitoring Software are:

  • Increases Productivity
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduce Administrative work
  • Identify process gap
  • Detect Inside threats

Things to be considered while using Employee Monitoring Software

Features of Employee Monitoring Software to be considered while choosing it for your company or business are as follow: 

  • Content filtering and blocking features
  • Time tracking and activity monitoring
  • Application, website, and email monitoring
  • Screenshots and keystroke recording
  • Reports and notifications
  • Archive storage
  • Ease of use and support
  • Mobile apps

The Best Employee Monitoring Software of 2021 are as follow:


Hubstaff is employee monitoring software with its exclusive combination of features, including activity monitoring and time tracking, that effort on helping your employees get their work done.

It’s reasonable, with a choice of plans and a minimum user requirement of just two users, and it’s easy for both employers and employees to use.

Hubstaff is a decent option for commercial possessors who want to make sure they’re compensable employees for a job.

It has a wide knowledge base, FAQs, video lessons, case lessons, and a blog on its website and offers 24/7 support by help ticket and email.

Key features of HUBSTAFF

  • Time tracking
  • Online timesheets
  • Productivity monitoring
  • GPS tracking
  • Automate time tracking with Geofencing
  • Headache-free payroll
  • Team scheduling
  • Task management
  • Over 30+ integrations with your favorite business apps
  • Tracking holidays and time off requests


  • It is compatible with an operating system like Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Chrome browser, etc.
  • Monitors staff activity and productivity.
  • Features include GPS tracking and geofencing.
  • Detailed and accurate time tracking.
  • Easy to schedule shifts for employees.


  • The software lacks content filtering, file and print tracking, and keystroke logging.
  • It has just a basic reporting feature.


Teramind is an employee productivity analysis software that monitors websites, emails, instant messages and tracks file transfer of employees in-office hours. Also, on-screen content with OCR.

It creates monitoring profiles for employees, groups, or departments based on your monitoring needs.

Teramind User behavior analytics (UBA/UBEA) can distinguish malicious activity and incongruities that specify aberration from the usual behavior baseline.

It has dynamic risk scoring and weakness scanning features to identify insider functions before representing a real risk.

Key features of TERAMIND

  • Employee Monitoring
  • Email Monitoring
  • Internet Usage Monitoring
  • Application Usage Monitoring
  • User activity monitoring
  • User behavior analytics
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Compliance and Audit
  • Insider threat prevention


  • Teramind provides you with advanced plans provision regulatory obedience standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, SOX, and FISMA.
  • It provides you with a choice of deployment options: cloud, private cloud, and on-premises.
  • It starts a constant feedback loop to improve and regulate your company workflow via tracking schedules, projects, and employee engagement rates for complete efficiency enhancement.


  • This app does not monitor company-owned mobile devices.


ActivTrak is an employee monitoring software that helps you understand how your employees work and give insights into their productivity across the teams.

It provides visions into how work time is being used up, giving officials a data-driven way to assess workloads, processes, and resources.

ActivTrak helps to monitor all the application usage and web habits of your employees. It instills a culture of trust and transparency between employees and the company.

Key features of ACTIVTRAK

  • Employee monitoring
  • Workforce analytics
  • Remote workforce
  • Productivity monitoring
  • Operational efficiency
  • Compliance & privacy


  • Effective, easy-to-use solution that is free for up to three users.
  • Competitively priced plans for companies that require more advanced features or want to monitor more devices.
  • It has a free plan and is compatible with an operating system like Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android, iOS.


  • ActivTrak lacks a keystroke logging feature.


Controlio is a web-based employee monitoring software to monitor browser, application usage and watch staff screen live or on-demand and check their search history, file transfer, or open history.

It offers you reports and insights on employee work and activities during their office time.

Controlio has a constant screen recording facility instead of screenshots, and the video is connected with keystrokes and actions for the best search results.

It is for productivity optimization and helps to solve issues and risks to grow your business.

Key features of CONTROLIO

  • Calculate Productivity Score
  • Real-Time Surveillance
  • Continuous Screen Record
  • Web Filtering
  • Ultimate Keylogging
  • Track App & Web activity
  • Cloud-based dashboard
  • Stealth Mode


  • It has insightful employee monitoring features to focus on employee productivity.
  • It tracks productive and disturbing activities.
  • It provides reports of productivity marking for users and departments.
  • It takes employee video snapshots from multiple demonstrations.
  • It provides a synchronized keylogging facility with video recordings.


  • The video capture features have no AI or OCR function.
  • It doesn’t have universal search functionality.


Veriato employee monitoring software offers a simplified employee investigation feature that includes monitor, recording, and reviewing all on-screen activity of your employee.

It is suitable for companies of any size to conduct forensic investigations of employees with visible evidence to provision your decision.

Veriato monitors remote work employees’ activity (PC, MAC, or Android) and provides you with productivity reports, dashboards, and alerts. It also monitors your employees’ activity (PC, MAC, or Android).

It has AI-driven user behavior analytics and user activity monitoring to integrate and reduce risk intelligence.

Key features of VERIATO

  • Screen Capture & Playback
  • Website Activity
  • Email Recording
  • Chat/IM Recording
  • File & Document Tracking
  • Keystroke Logging
  • Program Activity Recording
  • Network Activity Recording


  • You can track unmatched prominence into employee tasks and communication.
  • It has a supportive jeopardy score dashboard to detect many types of intimidations.
  • It has influential insider-risk detection security warnings.
  • It measures and evaluates employee engagement.
  • It offers you a great blend of monitoring and analytics facilities in one interface.


  • It may be expensive for bigger teams.
  • The remote and covert setting is difficult.


InterGuard Employee Monitoring software helps you record and track all your employee’s productivity and stalk as it reveals in real-time with desktop screenshots & video playback.

It produces reports and alerts on how employees use their work time, app, and website usage.

InterGuard offers you detailed reports of your employee’s web and search activity and gives you a cloud-based monitor over your employee’s termination even though they work from home.

It creates custom-made role-based web entree policies to safeguard each employee has access to the sites they need to complete their tasks.

Key features of INTERGUARD

  • Monitor Computer Activity
  • Measure Productivity & Idle Time
  • Manage Remote Employees
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Risky Keyword & UAM Alerts
  • Remote Incident Response
  • Advanced Reporting & Blocking
  • User & Group Based Policies
  • Monitor from the Cloud
  • Session Recordings and Screenshots
  • Internal Investigations


  • Interguard provides you with a wide selection of add-on modules and features.
  • Its refreshed UI is more spontaneous.
  • It offers a suitable search function.
  • It has endpoint lockdown capability.
  • It offers outstanding reports and notification robotics functions.


  • The need for more than 10 authorizations might put off reduced SMBs.
  • Components can fast add up in price.


WorkPuls employee monitoring software can track computers for you, creating a more productive workplace.

It provides details on how employees use their work time, application and website practice, and overall output.

It takes screenshots to prove employees are doing their work or not at any second during the day.

WorkPuls create automatic, efficient, and effortless project milestones without an error insight. Its comprehensive reports will aid you in staying on top of project development.

Hence its automatic time mapper allocates labor to projects automatically without troubling your employees.

Key features of WORKPULS 

  • Employee PC Activity tracking
  • Take Periodic Screenshots
  • Verify Employee Attendance
  • Time Tracking
  • Definitive Proof of Work
  • Project Overview and Budgeting
  • Eliminate Human Error
  • Hands-Off Time Allocation
  • Precise Project Insights


  • It is an ideal choice for you to visualize team productivity.
  • Modern and intuitive user interface with SMB-friendly pricing.
  • Employee Desk Application puts monitoring in employee’s hands
  • Its emphasis on remote employee and group productivity.
  • It has basic Kanban board functionality.
  • Cloud and on-premise installation options


  • Less flexible Mail reports feature. 
  • Test and setup require a conference and a demo.
  • It doesn’t have mobile apps.


StaffCop employee monitoring software programs are installed directly on employees’ computers to capture and monitor their activities, trace and stop leaks of confidential information, and monitor their performance by analyzing employee activities on the computer.

StaffCop creates performance reports on how many hours each employee spent in a particular application.

You can easily learn how much time a particular employee worked in Outlook during the last week, as well as see how much time she spent playing Solitaire or using a Web browser.

Using StaffCop, you can monitor employee action in real-time and produce and access summary reports about personnel efficiency and compare reports for different employers in an easy way to see who is competent and who is only made-up to be busy. Hence, helps Human Resources evaluate the efficiency of employees.

Key features of STAFFCOP

  • Screenshot Recording
  • Email and Website Monitoring
  • File Monitoring
  • Folder Monitoring
  • Keystrokes Logging
  • Skype Tracking
  • Chat Monitoring
  • Website Monitoring
  • Search Keyword Tracking
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Clipboard Monitoring
  • Encoded Network Monitoring
  • Website Blocking
  • USB-Device Blocking
  • Application Blocking
  • Invisible Mode
  • Analytics


  • It has inclusive on-sites tracking features.
  • It has influential reporting and data visualization dashboards.
  • It can control audio, video, remote desktop and is extremely configurable.
  • The webcam capture capability takes various screenshots of employee activities for full-proof work.
  • It has OCR functionality for screenshots and documents.


  • It doesn’t have a cloud-based admin interface.
  • No mobile app integration.


VeriClock employee monitoring software has a simple interface that integrates flawlessly with the devices you already have made it easy to use and even easier to implement.

You can view employees clocking in and out, when and where it happened. Also, you can use the app, call in by phone, clock in by text message, or use our website.

VeriClock provides all-in-one integration with your accounting, bookkeeping, or payroll software.

Whether you’re using QuickBooks, Sage Simply Accounting, Peachtree, or another software, your payroll data can be transferred from VeriClock is a well-suited format that can be introduced directly into your bookkeeping software.

Key features of VERICLOCK

  • Cloud-Based
  • Track employee clock in and out
  • Real-time employee track
  • Monitor your employee costs in real-time
  • Integration with payroll software
  • Custom Data Gathering
  • Real-Time Email Alerts
  • Manage Employee Locations
  • GPS Geotagging


  • Easily integrate with trusted payroll software.
  • It is perfect for the supervision of remote workers.
  • The price model is favorable.
  • It has adaptable clock-in and clocks-out options through mobile, SMS, or phone.
  • The perfect blend of time tracking and geolocation features.


  • The user interface is just basic.
  • Mobile app kicks certain functions to a browser window.


DeskTime employee monitoring software insight random screenshots of employees’ screens to check for doubtful activity, track problematic employees, and use the blur function to protect privacy.

It lets an employee know you’re about to use auto screenshots, see the results improving or worsening, and find the exact cause of why they’re having difficulty staying productive.

DeskTime is a time tracking application that starts mechanically when you turn on your CPU, then runs inconspicuously in the background.

It will track the offline time when you’re not at your desk and allow you to yourself log it into the time tracker.

It helps you keep track of the most common reasons your employees need to work offline and guarantees that all the productivity reports are accurate.

Key features of DESKTIME

  • Automatic time tracking
  • URL & App tracking
  • Screenshots
  • Project time tracking
  • Project Cost Calculation
  • Shift scheduling
  • Offline time tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Employee Absence Calendar
  • Mobile app
  • Custom Reports
  • Private Time Options
  • Document title tracking


  • It has an automatic time tracking feature.
  • Invoicing feature.
  • Calendar feature.
  • URL, app, and document tracking.
  • Employees can switch to private time mode if urgent.
  • Project and task management.


  • Limited reporting
  • Only XLS export; no CSV
  • No shift scheduling


Employee monitoring software enhances companies’ employee oversight abilities, safeguarding that employees are ensuing best practices regarding work-related responsibilities, access to sensitive business data, capital, and security.

It guarantees that all employee actions are stalked, providing total perceptibility and traceability into actions.

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