10 Best Calender Software for Business

10 Best Calender Software for Business
10 Best Calender Software for Business
You may be confused in selecting the best calendar software for business, which is why we have made a list of solutions.

Time, the more we have, the less we feel, and at important times even a little seems to be a lifetime. It was never easy to understand how different people are on a productive scale even they have the same number of hours in their life.

Work time, family time, and private time have always been difficult to maintain time for everyone. It has become the valuable resource we ever had. No wonder people are saying, “Time is Money”.

Calendar Software and Business

The business has been sloppy downhill in the past few years. We all have been affected by the pandemic and the consequences afterward. Every organization is practicing remote working mechanisms and different ways of team collaboration. Everyone has their software preferences.

Calendar Software is one of the frequently used online software. It has helped every person in business to be efficient and productive in their team. It helps in the following different ways.

  • It helps the user organize their personal and professional time.
  • It is efficient in managing timetables for appointments, meetings, and group chats.
  • The visual representation in software helps us see our time distribution.
  • Some calendar software even has machine learning technology embedded that gives recommendations to us regarding time management.

After technological advancement and everybody busy with their mobile phone, we now have no time to spare and forget about spending some.

In such a scenario, it is impossible to conduct business with so many duties and involvements. The human brain can not perform efficiently with the fear of forgetting things, now and again. That fear has led us to browse the best calendar software for business, professional, and private.

The problems elevated regarding time consumption by technology should be solved by technology. And it has. There are many calendar software and applications available dedicated to managing our time. We need to figure out which one is best for us.

Best Calendar Software for business 


The calendar webpage, calendar for a business, with signup offers and buttons on the right, and snapshot image of the calendar on the left.

The calendar is the epitome of productivity with time. It gathers metadata and represents analysis which will be a visual description of your time.

Machine learning is embedded in the app that helps understand patterns in your daily schedules. In that way, it can make recommendations on where you are slacking off.

Other features that a modern calendar should have are present in this app. You can schedule meetings with team members, discuss and plan the workouts in a project and execution dates.

Bonus, you have blog feeds that will keep you updated with ongoing events and news.

Google Calendar

Many users favor Google Calendar because it is free of cost and easy to use. You have to have a google account to use this google service. It is integrated with all other tools in google suite like Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Sites, Meet. 

The user interface of google calendar is simple and clean. Even first-time users will not be confused and get used to easily. It has multiplatform accessibility, phone, tablets, or watches, and you can use it.

You can schedule events based on coworkers’ availability. You can share meeting information among team members.

Business calendars from other systems are easily transferred here, and you can publish a calendar to your peers.

Outlook Calendar

Outlook calendar sheet, a business calendar, with time graph space at the center and calendar menu at the left.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a free calendar service and scheduler that is integrated with other systems of outlook. It is helpful to make appointments, organize events and meetings, and team schedules.

The user interface is simple and easy to use. You can click on any time slot and start typing, justify your time.

You can view group schedules, view calendars comparatively with the overlay view feature. Group meetings, sharing event details, emailing the calendar itself, and many other tasks can be done by outlook calendar. 

You can also manage other people’s calendars with appropriate authentication. Outlook Calendar has a big user community, and you should give it a thought to use it if you are looking for a free product.

Apple Calendar

Apple has a reputation for fast-running apps and the best user interface. The apple calendar is an easy-to-use app with all those features. 

Even though Android phones have an app that can synchronize with iCal, having an apple device gives you a better experience. And, yes, Apple calendar is also called iCal.

It allows a person to handle multiple accounts, like a secretary can manage the boss’s work schedules.

The best feature of iCal is a map navigator that will guide you to your rendezvous point. All the modern requirements for maps are undoubtedly embedded in iCal. Team meetings, publishing dates and events, planning schedules, and other features are there for all use cases of business personnel.

Fantastical 2

A business calendar, Fantastical 2 webpage with colorful boxes on both sides of the screen, Fantastical text written in the middle.

Fantastical 2 is a multiplatform calendar app available in the apple store. So, it is preferable to sync with Apple devices like iPhones, mac books, tablets, and watches.

It has many advanced features with an optimized user experience. Different themes are available according to the user’s needs. 

You can do file and photo attachments and upload from this app to any other platform events. You can organize and execute events quickly, according to work personnel’s availability time.

One of its features is to customize a template for a recurring event that you can easily use next time.

It is a premium app with a 14day trial with all the premium features. From a business perspective of view, it is very beneficial.


Business calendar any.do webpage with mobile screen illustration on the right and bold text and blue button on the left.

Any.Do is a full-functioning calendar tool that is easily operable by the smartphone. It helps organize our tasks, lists our scheduled meetings, and reminds us of our free events.

The calendar events and to-do tasks work side by side to bring productivity to our work life. It has smart reminders if anything is forgotten. 

It has beautiful themes and a simple UI. You shall be comfortable using it as your daily planner.

When talking about modern calendar features, it syncs in operation with other calendar tools. It may have fewer team building and meetings features, but it delivers more than enough for a free tool.


Colorful webpage of teamup, a business calendar, has a blue background, a screenshot of the app on the right and white texts, and a green button on the left.

Teamup is a simple and fulfilling calendar app which is good for business, and it is scalable.

So, if requirements increase, it performs just fine.

There are many features embedded in it which a user must decide how to use. Therefore the user community of Teamup is varied, from kids using it for online classes to scheduling UN meetings.

You can categorize event info with color-coded tabs, keep information in context by photo attachments and comments. You have customizable access with various permission grants designated to different members.

The user experience is pleasant with different views options and templates. The reminders perform well.

Integration with other calendar tools and sharing resources is easy.


Light blue background of the webpage of Zoho, a business calendar, with an illustration of two men shaking hand before a calendar pad on the right and bold text and red button on the left.

Zoho is a SasS company that delivers a package of software and app for business purposes. Zoho Calendar is one of the apps. It is available for both Google and Apple devices.

The user experience is satisfactory and easy even to a first-time user. 

You can easily manage events and collaborate with members to find out a suitable time for all. Appointment scheduling and communication can be made in a few simple touches or clicks.

It integrates with other platforms just fine. Data can also be shared and published. 

BusinessCalendar 2

Business calendar 2's webpage with turquoise blue wallpaper, a skyline image on the background, on foreground tablet and mobile erect on the right and white text on the left.

BusinessCalendar 2 is the best calendar app when it comes to smartphones. It provides a very good user experience.

It has different app themes, widgets, and widget themes that are not too much sophisticated.

You can check events, tasks, weather, and personal events in a single screen view. You can incorporate multi-events at once. 

Sharing and attaching documents, photos, and even voice recordings to the events is possible.

Time Tree

A graphic background in which the father is swinging his son upholding under his arm on an evening with yellow sunset view, in the webpage of timetree, a calendar for business.

Time tree is an ideal app to use for coordination in teams. It is not only useful for business but a community, for family, for friends. It makes every collaboration effortless.

You can work out your plans and plan the precision of doing your tasks. Using this app for appointments and meetings is like talking with someone who is in front of you. You can share your resources with your better half, quarters, or as many people in your team.

Memos are available; you can write down your notion and pin it to the event. Others can view and comment on the memos.

It can integrate with public calendars and event APIs, and you shall never miss an event in your life. User Interface is plain and easy to use.


There are many options in calendar software, but it depends on the business criteria. How many people are involved, how frequently are meetings held? There are many questions. All of them are best in their ways.

The bottom line of all these analogies is that there is no need to think about trivial things like time management. Now, we can be dependent on calendar software. 

We should not be afraid in our house anymore for forgetting a birthday or an anniversary. How cool is that? Just think about it.

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