Best Business Networking Apps to Advance Your Career

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A system needs coordination between different entities involved to function effectively. This is true for every system; it can be mechanical, anthropological, cosmic, or even child play. So, whatever business we got, it is the mismanaged system, that we need to bring in order with necessary tools adaptation.

Communication and link building is very important in business networking. And, business networking is important to increase business or advance your career. Everything is connected to another.

So, we have to implement necessary business networking apps in our practice to advance our careers, succeed, and bring happiness in life.

What is Business Networking Apps?

The apps can be of different use. Some are concentrated for a person to audience communication, and some are for personal conversations. Some provide virtual experiences of distant events and, some can be for tutorials and skill sharing.

There are all sorts of activities going on, and we have the possibility to join many communities of our interest. We can be hopeful or say believe in these apps because they run for a simple task: to groom professional relations among strangers. There is no waste of time.

Business Networking Apps To Advance Your Career

Conveniently we can divide the applications based on their usability, for there are many on the Internet. Here are a few of them that are popular and hope are correctly under entitled use cases. 

Professional Networking


The webpage of LinkedIn, a business networking application, has an illustration image of a black man on the right and a sign-up form on the left.

LinkedIn is the most popular network to find jobs. If you have not heard about it, you are not thinking about your career seriously. It seems like I may be joking, but some of it is true, LinkedIn is popular.

Everyone is searching and posting jobs on LinkedIn. The active community is pretty big. It provides a hub for all job seekers and recruiters.

It has an “Open To Work” feature that helps you publish your employment seeking status, publicly or privately, according to your plan.

You can also connect to people and take advice from them, and learn new skills. There are abundant tutorials for your career on any subject or course. 

All the tutors are professionals with real-world experience.

Facebook Groups

The webpage of the Facebook group, business, and professional networking application.

Everyone who is on Facebook will have no problem using the application. It is a new section, more of a service, of Facebook considering its initial philosophies of community developments. And it is solely invested in the networking of like-minded people.

It has brought many opportunities to people who want to increase their business. Facebook has one of the largest user communities. So, Facebook Groups have the most engagements in sharing posts and comments.

With the help of links you are going to build through Facebook Groups, you will be able to advance in your career goals.


The webpage of Shapr, a professional networking platform for business.

Shape is an experience like a dating app where participants are serious professionals with career goals and link building.

AI will control the suggestions for your next best friend or mentor. Limited people happen to meet who have common interests or mutual benefits. Others are filtered out automatically, which reduces noise and disturbances in the application.

Searches can happen based on goal, location, job, title, interest, industry. You can find new jobs, friends, learn new skills and search for mentors.

Shapr organizes busy professionals who like only serious people to be in their contact. It’s time-saving and good for advancing in your career.


Webpage of clubhouse, a social audio app for business and professional use.

It is a social audio app, new but already popular. It comes with the service, with a unique idea to crack conversation between two strangers.

There are many audio chat rooms available. You can just be a listener or get engaged in a conversation in the middle. You can even host a room with a topic of your own. People will come to your room to give their advice. You will talk to the best people.

The audio-video conversations are a promising lead for your better career and success. Clubhouse will be like the original club experience. 

1 Million cups

The webpage of 1millioncups, a business and professional networking apps.

As the name suggests, the platform was developed for entrepreneurs that solve the problem of the community after a million cups of coffee. 1 Million cups solve the problems of new local entrepreneurs by providing them with necessary resources and guidance.

It is the place for entrepreneurs to educate, engage and connect with each other. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are the base of the programs conducted. Events are organized by the volunteers where there are interactions and discussions.

Individual Meets and Events


The webpage of groupme, one of the networking apps used for collaboration and business.

GroupMe is a mobile chatting app that operates on smartphones. All kinds of people in your life can be part of your GroupMe chat group.

You will have a free group messaging service where there can be multiple chat groups of personal and professional needs. 

The application is a device compatible with all the operating systems and has no complexity in user experience. 

The best thing about GroupMe is that it works over our mobile SMS. The application and sim card message service can communicate.

It has all the message functionalities like sharing photos, videos, likes, emojis, notifications, etc.


The webpage of Brella, an event platform for business.

Brella is the event platform where we can host virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. It is a dedicated platform to provide the visual experience of events around the world.

Attendees and sponsors can make necessary connections with the target customers and consumers or just make a friend with similar interests. As the platform is visual-based, the experience is intriguing and engaging.

Interested people can join the platform before the meeting starts and get along with other participants. You can discuss your curiosities and develop an understanding of the upcoming event subjects.

It facilitates networking and matchmaking with the relationship goals for advancing career. It integrates most of the relative web tools which can scale up your business venture.


The webpage of LetsLunch, an application for business people and individuals.

LetsLunch has made it possible to meet like-minded professional people during lunch hour. It has a sociable and collaborative environment that develops knowledge about various topics relevant to life and your career.

You can experience a behind-the-scenes tour of a company before applying. You can observe the company culture, get a feel of the office setting, and know the team. 

Among many applications, LetsLunch has opened a new door for link building and efficiency. We can now use our lunch break as learning time from experienced people irrespective of ranking in the position. 

We will have a big business network and career advances without dedicated time for job searches.


Webpage of Meetup, a platform for business professionals.

You can meet new people through online and in-person events. There are communities for your interest, and you can start hosting an event and build a community as well. You don’t need to be an experienced one to host an event.

Events for a wide range of activities are welcomed here. It may not be only related to work. You can share your thoughts on any area of interest. 

It has helped to build communities, develop new skills in people, start business and make new lifelong friends. The application is popular, maybe because of the free account.

Event Management


The webpage of Whova, an event platform for business.

Whova provides engaging activity for attendees with polls, messages, and sharing photos.

Event management has become easier with a reduction in repetitive, tedious tasks.

Sponsors and exhibitors can advertise their products and services here. 

It has embedded lead generation tools like business card scanning, promotional opportunities, QR code scanning.

Whova has made events modern and trendy, giving attendees immersive event experiences and saving time with event logistics. 


The webpage of Eventbrite, an application for business events.

Eventbrite is used to create engaging and seamless events for your attendees, and ticketing tools are available to sell tickets; you can even sell them from your website. You can customize beautiful event pages and bring many attendees together for an event. 

It is helpful to reach customers, understand demands and build relationships. Many webinars and live streams are available for tutorial classes of selected topics.

It helps to make decisions based on analytics of the data. The repetitive tasks for event management are organized without any repeated errors.


The webpage of Bizzabo, an event management platform for businesses and other professionals.

Bizzabo is the best application for event organizers that needs a virtual solution. It tries to maintain a more human experience, through the digital medium, for both participants. 

Networking, event management, content management, and other digital management tasks can be easily carried out by Bizzabo.

It is an open platform. It has implemented a Serendipity engine. It is an AI implementation that personalizes event experiences and creates magical moments for every participant. This makes the visitor experience more valuable. 

Various tools are available to manage the schedules and tasks of an event. 

Building networks in the field of your interest is only limited by your imagination in Bizzabo.


Business and profession both need guidance and learnings to advance. The growth of knowledge is essential for the growth of your career. You should never hesitate to take advice from experienced people.

The apps are just mere tools to make contact. The most important thing comes from inside of you. The energy and enthusiasm to meet new people and share ideas.

Without any doubt, you must take the step and apply these networking apps appropriately in your business. Success is not guaranteed, but meeting new people and learning new things can be the disguised versions.

Please find your networking apps best for your business.

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