Best Apps for Book Lovers

10 best apps for book lovers
best apps for book lovers

Reading books is good for you – books can enhance your life, kickstart your self-improvement, and help you learn more.

Book reading can also help in reducing stress and increase your productivity. But managing the time can be hard. So, why not use this simple method to help you read books with ease?

Our book reading habits are shifting and evolving as technology advances. While visits to the libraries or bookshops used to be an old pastime, smartphones and tablets have transformed reading into a digital habit that is accessible to nearly everyone, everywhere.

These book reading apps have had such a huge impact on these new reading habits, owing to features that serve the distinct reader and offer the full experience within your fingers.

Our pick for 10 best book reading apps for book lovers are as follows:

Best Book Apps for book lovers in 2022


Goodreads is a book-centric social networking platform. It is the most popular site for finding new books, joining groups, following authors, and reading reviews.

Goodbooks is easily one of the best free apps for book lovers as it contains a lot of information for several reasons, including personal suggestions, recommendations from friends, various collections, such as Best Books 2022, a list of quotes, and a section for reviews.

You’ll receive surprisingly accurate suggestions once you start tracking the books.

This book app also brings together authors and consumers, with over a billion books and 40 million users.

The Goodreads app is designed to help readers find new books that fascinate them by providing reviews, suggestions, and other information.

The barcode scanner is one of the most incredible features of this ebook reader, allowing users to scan books they have located (usually in a bookshop or library) and add them to their “to-read” shelf. Never forget the title of a book you’d like to read again!

Feature of Goodreads:

  • A barcode scanner for your phone that lets you add printed books to your digital “to read” list.
  • Scanning book covers allows you to read reviews right away and save them to your “Want to Read” shelf.
  • Get references created specifically for you.
  • To locate more books that you’ll enjoy, look through the highlighted books and categories.
  • Purchase or borrow books with our group or friend or links.
  • You can Save the books you wish to and have read.
  • Enhance your status notifications for books you’re currently reading.
  • Converse books via messages, reviews, and groups.
  • Mention books to friends.

Available platforms: iOS, Android, browser


Wattpad is a great place to go if you’re bored of reading print books. It’s a new platform for the electronic era that allows authors to communicate directly with their audience.

Wattpad is an ebook reader app that adds a social element to reading. You can also communicate with other users by leaving a comment on a particular section, sentence, or phrase inside a book.

Wattpad lies among the best free book reading apps that is free to downlaod and offer free books. For premium service, you get a 7 day free trial before choosing a subscription.

Wattpad will also assist you in transitioning from a reader to a writer. You can establish an audience for yourself by using the Wattpad community.

Wattpad is a storytelling platform that allows you to read 75 million various stories and upload your own if you’re a published or inexperienced writer.

This ebook reader allows you to have a more interactive reading experience by allowing you to contact the writer and see who else is reading the same stories. You can read for free on any device and even offline.

Features of Wattpad:

  • Makes it easy to find top trending titles and browse popular genres.
  • Create your library.
  • Download for offline reading.
  • Begin your story-writing journey and share by your own.
  • Leave your thoughts in the comments section and vote for your favorite.
  • Receive notifications when new chapters or books are published.
  • Read a variety of stories in different languages.
  • Join a community of storytellers.

Available platforms: iOS, Android 

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle connects its users with the most advanced and probably biggest ebook platform in the globe.

You can read your favorite newspapers and publications in high-resolution color on the Kindle app, making it a one-stop-shop for all your reading needs.

Amazon Kindle allows you to simply and easily access books in search of a particular subject or character to investigate. You may look up definitions for words right away and write notes as you go. This is the best pocketbook reader app.

You can even read the first chapter of a book for free in this ebook reader if you aren’t convinced before buying.

You can highlight text, look up word definitions and translations in dictionaries, and alter the font and size of the page on the Kindle. 

Features of Amazon Kindle:

  • Bookmark navigation option – Page Flip.
  • If you see any books that interest you, you can add them to your ‘Want to Read’ list for future reference.
  • It lets you choose between two themes – dark and light. 
  • Books can be classified and stored in collections.
  • You can remove books and redownload them using the automatic archive option.
  • Using the search bar, you can quickly look for downloaded books as well as books in the bookstore.
  • If you swipe right, you’ll see options like Wikipedia and Translate, as well as further information.
  • This feature also includes more information about the author.

Available platforms: iOS, Android 


Blinkist is perfect for individuals who are just getting into reading. It’s also a great option for people looking to improve their professional skills.

 This book reading app has a large selection of books, including over 3,000 bestsellers. To summarize, Blinkist is jam-packed with innovative ideas that can help you better your life.

In just 15 minutes, the ebook reader delivers the main points and the substance of a book. A blink is a short synopsis of the story in the book that you can read or listen to.

Feature of Blinkist:

  • You can choose between listening and reading modes, depending on your preferences.
  • You can look for a book by title or by an author’s name.
  • Blinkist has 27 different categories.
  • Explore through the famous book categories.
  • Start by looking at the titles they’ve just added.
  • This simple setup saves time.
  • Saving your entire library offline
  • The reading interface is straightforward and uncluttered.

Available platforms: iOS, Android


Kobo is free book app to download, however you have to pay for a book subscription.

Kobo Books is a famous and top competitor among the best eReader apps because of its convenient feature called “Reading Life” that allows you to join a community where you may share your reading interests, recommend books to friends, and share quotes and subject notes.

There are many categories to pick from on Rakutens Kobo Books, and you may download novels to read them offline.

Whenever you buy eBooks and audiobooks from Kobo, everything appears in your library right away, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Features of Kobo:

  • Change your reading by enjoying crisp, clear language in the size and style you choose.
  • Night Mode makes reading calmer on your eyes before bed and locks the screen in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Great UI/UX
  • Determine recommendations just for you for eBooks and audiobooks based on the search history that you’ll love.
  • Read thousands of free eBook showings or listen to audiobook trials to help you find your next favorite.
  • You can read on one device and then switch to another. The Kobo permanently remembers where you left off, so you can continue reading across all your smartphones and devices.
  • Rate and review the ebooks you’ve read or read reviews from bookworms like you.
  • It is a pocketbook reader for android and ios. 

Available platforms: iOS, Android, desktop


Audible is the most popular audiobook service. The library’s size and compatibility with its service are both impressive.

Because of Audible Originals, the Amazon team’s creative series product, Audible is a regular host in book app rankings.

Audible also works with a variety of devices, including smartphones, smart home devices, Amazon products, tablets, and laptops.

It can be difficult to settle down with a book and begin reading without being distracted; however, the Audible app eliminates this problem by allowing you to listen to your favorite and new bestsellers while on the go.

With the Audible feed, you may download books while listening to another, track your progress, and learn about authors, events, and more.

Features of Audible:

  • While listening to an audiobook, you can use bookmarking, variable narration speed, sleep mode, Chapter navigation, and button-free mode.
  • Performs background downloading and listening at once.
  • Keeps track of your listening habits.
  • Whispersync for Voice also allows you to switch between listening and reading modes.
  • Share the audiobook title you’re currently listening to on Facebook and Twitter.
  • With the Audible Newsfeed, you can learn about author events and more.

Available platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone


Inkitt is a fiction-reading app made up primarily of indie authors. It only covers a few fiction genres, such as romance, fantasy, and science fiction. The application is appealing to the eye and enjoyable to use.

This app is solely for reading and contains no social networking features. This software was created by a publishing house to help writers in releasing their novels.

The reading experience is also well-planned. It tracks your monthly and weekly reading habits, displays a list of books you’ve read, and allows you to construct a wish list.

Features of Inkitt:

  • Get custom-made references based on your tastes
  • Onboarding is simple and step-by-step the very first time you use the app.
  • Can find new genres, discover must-read bestsellers
  • Gives you personal recommendations according to your choices
  • This is an app for ios and android. 

Available platforms: Android, iOS

Libby, by OverDrive

The Libby app, originally known as OverDrive, is an app for book lovers that offers an excellent user interface and allows you to browse through millions of audiobooks and eBooks.

In this book app, you can borrow titles rather than buy them, giving you the ultimate online library experience.

You can download and stream your chapters for offline reading on your phone.

If you’re analyzing in the United States, you can also send eBooks using your amazon Kindle app. It also has a request collection feature, which allows you to remind yourself what books you want to read later.

Features of Libby:

  • Onboarding is simple and step-by-step the very first time you use the app.
  • All of your library holds are instantly placed on your Shelf, allowing you to find all of your books in one area.
  • You can begin reading immediately after you borrow books; there is no need to select a file format.
  • View your progress through each book on your Shelf in real-time.
  • Navigate quickly between your Bookshelf and the catalog of your library.
  • All of your libraries’ cards can be added, removed, and renamed from one spot.
  • Tags can be used to categorize books in any way you like.
  • Set your browser and list options to only display material that you’re interested in.
  • This is an app for ios, android, and amazon kindle.

Available platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon


Bookmate is a social network-enabled eBook Reader program that allows you to browse through your friends’ bookracks and libraries to see what they’re reading.

You can also make new friends and join groups with the same reading preferences by sharing your labels and receiving likes in this ebook reader.

Bookmate is a digital library of recommended reading material based on your personal preferences. You can read books at any time on your devices or phones.

Features of Bookmate:

  • Keep your eBooks, audiobooks, quotes & notes with you.
  • Collection of eBooks and audiobooks in 14 languages.
  • Get references from friends, experts & editors.
  • Users can explore new genres, identify must-read bestsellers, listen to audiobooks, and discuss books with other app users.
  • Bookmate makes references based on your favorites.
  • read comics, new fiction, classics, romance, children’s novels, sci-fi, business books, and more from a vast library of eBooks and audiobooks.

Available platforms: iOS, Android 


SCRIBD is a complete platform for book lovers that will allow you to read more than just books. If you’re looking for expert advice, piano lessons, or breaking news, this offer is for you.

Scribd’s vast collection combines the best aspects of Audible originals and Kindle Unlimited.

Scribd’s goal is to give you the sense of an old-school neighborhood bookstore, complete with personalized suggestions and access to millions of user-contributed documents — real people’s evaluations.

Features of Scribd:

  • Also contains magazines, documents, sheet music, and audiobooks.
  • Gives you personal recommendations according to your choices
  • Lets you read the reviews and choose accordingly
  • Access to user-contributed documents

Available platforms: Android, iOS, web


The above applications for book lovers serve different needs providing you with different features. So, before diving into a variety and choosing your best bookmate, first of all, ask yourself a question, “What do I expect from an app?”.

What matters the most is your needs, the platform, and the frequency of usage. This guide will do you more good if you know about your situation.

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