Best AD blocker for iPhone

Best iPhone AD Blockers

Is it often that you are bothered by advertisements? You are indeed.  After all, we are all the victim of unbearable ads that take control over our internet experience.

Do you want to get rid of this advertisement? Why not? Just imagine the relief some adblock for YouTube or any other applications or web browser gives. Not only will they enhance your surfing experience, but they will also prevent tracking your online activities.

Ad blockers are so hot right now and you should definitely get one without giving a second thought to it. You can find a lot of iPhone AD Blockers on the app store and this might confuse you to identify the best iPhone ad blocker for you.

In this guide, I am going to mention few ad blocker for iPhone to help you select the right one.


AdLock is a powerful ads blocker program that allows you to block all kinds of ads on Safari while being resource-efficient. The feature set of its free adblocker is quite impressive, particularly given the fact that it also comes with a lot of functionality beyond just blocking ads. By using AdLock, you can block all advertisements from your browser, games, applications, and instant messaging.

AdLock iPhone AD Blockers

AdLock protects you from tracking scripts, adware/malware, and bugs run by advertising companies such as Facebook, Google and others. The best part? It doesn’t burden your operating system with unnecessary work. Just like the ads, you won’t notice it working.

Key features of AdLock

  • Exceptional ad blocking: No video ads, No pop-ups and no cryptocurrency mining ads. No matter what you are using safari or YouTube, the service blocks every ad.
  • Protection from harmful links: Adlock checks all potentially harmful links before enabling you to access a dangerous website.
  • Safe Browsing: Optimize website performance by filtering HTTPS traffic.
  • Saves Traffic: It filters internet traffic and fine-tune internet use regulations.

Pros of AdLock

  • It allows you a distraction free internet experience by blocking all kinds of unwanted banners or pop-ups.
  • It can be customized to allow ads on specific sites or to block specific types of ads.
  • It prevent your system resources for crypto-mining.
  • It supports almost every platforms, including Windows, Android, Chrome, Safari, iOS.
  • It offers add-on features that includes spam and scam warnings.

Cons of AdLock

  • Although termed as free ad blocker, some of its best features require a paid subscription.


1Blocker is free ad blocker for safari that makes browsing sites safer and faster. It blocks ads by default, but you can switch it on to also block trackers, widgets, Web fonts, and adult sites, among a large number of other categories.

1Blocker perfectly justify that privacy is not for sale by introducing a multitude of filter rules to block unwanted content in safari. You can set rules to block URL, cookies, hide elements and save bandwidth. 

1Blocker iPhone AD Blockers

1Blocker’s user-friendly toggle-based interface makes it simple to select which forms of ad, tracking, and other content-blocking you wish to utilize. Its blocking parameters are selected automatically, so you won’t have to fiddle with them after installation.

Key features of 1Blocker

  • Block Ads: Helps you to get rid of troublesome banners and other types of conspicuous ads on sites.
  • Block Trackers: Guard you against online tracking and data accumulators.
  • Block Annoyances: Helps you to block cookie advertisements, crypto-currency mining, smartphone app signs, and more.
  • Block Widgets: It blocks your social media widgets, share buttons, and other social icons.
  • Block Comments: Blocks your comments where they aren’t the main focus.
  • Block Adult Sites: Helps you to safeguard your kids by blocking adult sites.

Pros of 1Blocker

  • It cooperates with Safari to provide a smooth and speedy browsing experience.
  • It doesn’t examine your browsing history.
  • Automatic updates and a simple user interface.
  • A large number of blocking tools are available, allowing for a high level of customization.

Cons of 1Blocker

  • For new users, the number of options might be daunting.
  • The free version has a lot of limitations.


AdGuard disables dozens of different sorts of advertising to speed up your Safari surfing on iPhone and iPad. Using Safari’s Share sheet, create restrictions for specific websites and manually block advertisements.

AdGuard iPhone AD Blockers

On top of the AdGuard filters, you can utilize at least two dozen predefined filter lists, such as EasyList, Malware Domains, and EasyPrivacy. It cleans up Safari and eliminates trackers from social networking sites, making your surfing experience more pleasant.

Key features of AdGuard

  • Ad Blocking: AdGuard will bring an end to bothersome banners, pop-ups, and video adverts.
  • Privacy Protection: AdGuard protects your data from the swarms of trackers and activity analyzers that flood the internet.
  • Secure Browsing: AdGuard prevents you from any fraudulent and phishing websites as well as malware threats.
  • Parental Control: Restrict your children’s access to improper and adult materials on the internet.

Pros of AdGuard

  • Adblocking: AdGuard block all the annoying banners, pop-ups, and video ads.
  • Enhancing page processing: AdGuard hides edges and blank spaces left after the advertisement is blocked.
  • Keeps traffic and speeds up loading: AdGuard saves traffic and speeds up page loading by blocking ads before they are delivered to the browser. 
  • Defense from annoying ads: AdGuard delivers a different filter to block the most irritating essentials (like signup forms, online consultants, etc.)
  • Filters any browser or app: Ad Guard works flawlessly in all apps and browsers.

Cons of AdGuard

  • AdGuard can sometimes cause problems with websites that require pop-ups.
  • It’s not free of cost.


Wipr is a lightweight and straightforward ad and tracker blocker for Safari for iOS. It keeps your surfing free of advertising and trackers by updating automatically, and it also allows you to clean your favorite websites in additional ways.

Wipr iphone AD Blockers

Wipr does not charge money to allow particular ads to appear, unlike some other ad blockers that have controversy in the past. If you have any problems, Wipr has an active developer who is always accessible to help.

Key features of Wipr

  • Time, Data, and Battery Saver: Wipr speeds up web page loading and reduces the amount of data that must be downloaded. This is great for your batteries.
  • Private: Wipr protects your privacy against a plethora of trackers. Wipr cannot and does not want to know what you do on the internet.
  • Wise: Wipr can be set up in seconds and will automatically update in the background to prevent further annoyances. There is no way to configure it.
  • Fast: Wipr can perform its work without slowing down Safari, thanks to a new technology called Content Blocking Extensions.
  • Up-to-date: To keep up with the ever-changing web, Wipr’s blocklist is updated twice a week.

Pros of Wipr

  • Smooth and efficient on resources.
  • Invasive site components such as cookie consent forms and GDPR notifications are removed.
  • It’s compatible with both iOS and macOS.

Cons of Wipr

  • Outside of Safari, it does not disable advertisements.
  • Users are unable to custom-block missed advertisements or other page components.


An open-source content blocker for iOS, ka-Block, uses an extension to operate with Safari. You’ll get a quick and selected filter list with Ka-Block. That will eliminate almost all of the obnoxious adverts you’ll discover on the Internet. Ka-Block also blocks the annoying trackers, so you don’t have to bother about them.

Ka-Block iphone AD Blockers

Transparency is an extra security feature of Ka-Block. Anyone can look at the app’s code to make sure it’s not up to anything nefarious.

Key features of Ka-Block

  • Reduces website load time, data use, and battery life
  • Open-source Application.
  • Also available for Safari on Mac.
  • Fast, curated filter list

Pros of Ka-Block

  • This curated list targets a wide range of advertising and trackers.
  • Does not have the ability to read or send material from a site.
  • As a Safari extension, it’s available on macOS.

Cons of Ka-Block

  • It only works in Safari.
  • Limit the number of Customization and whitelisting options.


What are AD Blockers?

Ad blockers are software applications that prevent advertisements from appearing on websites and gives you the best browsing experience. Ad blockers are usually browser add-ons downloaded for Safari, chrome, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Ad-blockers have the advantage of reducing page load times by preventing the browser from loading extra (and perhaps malicious) JavaScript. Ad-blockers cut bandwidth use for the same reason, making them a must-have for consumers on restricted data plans. They also promise to extend battery life, though we doubt the ordinary user would see this effect.

Benefits of AD Blockers

Some of the benefits AD Blockers are:

  • Disables all pop-ups and banners, cryptocurrency mining advertisements, and video adverts.
  • Improve the speed of web pages
  • Stop ads from tracing you throughout the internet.
  • Reduce your bandwidth use and load page faster.
  • Reduces the utilization of the battery.
  • Block bogus news; several firms “advertise” pretentious news to attract readers.
  • Defend yourself from malware.

Why are AD Blockers on the controversy?

Online advertising is responsible for the great majority of websites on the Internet. Millions of websites, ranging from tiny blogs to prominent corporate-owned publications, rely on internet advertising revenue to stay afloat.

Due to Ad blocker use is on the rise. That might impact accurate impressions for PPC and display marketers (you believe they see your ad, but they aren’t). For the time being, ad blockers will not affect social media advertising.

To combat ad blockers, vary your advertising channels – both search and social – and make sure you’re using all of the ad targeting choices accessible to you.


Ad blockers are pieces of software that are designed to eliminate adverts from the websites you visit. They’re simple to set up, accessible as browser extensions, and work on almost any device or platform. You need to choose the app for your device wisely.

A good adblocker will keep you secure from viruses and pop-ups by preventing annoying adverts from loading on the websites you visit. On the other hand, Ad Blockers keeps websites accessible and a balance between discreet, helpful advertising and clean surfing.

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