7 Best Customer Database System

customer database system

Want to know about the best customer database system?

Customer data management is one of the most difficult tasks in an organization. Due to the data being distributed in numerous media and applications, businesses cannot control their data, thereby losing potential customers and frustrating the existing ones.

There’s a solution: use a customer database software system. Customer database software systems offer organizations a way to effectively manage customer data and use the information as the basis for strategies that can be used to achieve success.

If you want to enhance and take the next step in meeting customer data management needs and building better customer relationships, maybe it is time to invest in one of these highly-rated customer database software solutions.

This blog discusses the top seven best customer database software systems currently available to help you decide on a database software system. These top-ranking systems are highlighted for their features, integration capabilities, and efficient automation tools.


  • Customer databases are computer-based applications employed by business organizations to possess all the information concerning their customers.
  • The top seven customer database software systems right now are Zoho CRM, Freshsales, Bitrix24, Monday Sales CRM, EngageBay, Pipedrive, and HubSpot.
  • To choose the right customer database software, you should know about budget, team size, scalability, and integrations with other tools.
  • The key features to look at in customer database software are customer database, Data migration, Profile enrichment, Reporting and analytics, and Multichannel lead generation.

What are Customer Database Software Systems?

Customer database systems are applications used by companies to manage all the details regarding their customers. They manage information such as client names and phone numbers, call history, telephone orders, and preferences. When this kind of data is sorted, it makes it easy for businesses to know their customers, hence increasing customer satisfaction.

These systems assist business organizations in analyzing their customers to make business decisions. For instance, the business community can identify which foods are likely to attract many consumers or which advertisement strategies are effective. These systems often have the possibility of creating e-mails, setting up reminders, and so on, which will make work quicker and result in fewer errors.

In general, customer database software systems help businesses build relationships with customers and expand their business.

Why are Customer Database Systems Important For Businesses?

Customer database software systems are important for businesses because they assist firms in ensuring that all information about the customers is well collected and stored systematically. This includes names, contact details, purchase history, and interaction with the company.

With all this data available, businesses can deliver better services and experiences, making customers happier and more likely to return.

These systems also assist businesses in determining the trends or patterns leading to customer information for decision-making purposes. The customer database system also provides benefits such as customized follow-up emails that can be efficiently executed without having to expend as much time as possible, reducing the probability of errors. These systems make businesses work more effectively, trust customers, and increase revenues.

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Top 7 Customer Database System

Here’s the list of the top seven database systems:


Key features

Free plan

Starting price

Mobile app
Zoho CRMSales Force Automation
Sales Enablement
Process Management
Yes$20 / user /monthYes
FreshsalesTeam management
Website Builder
Online documents
Yes$11 /user /monthYes
Birtix24Team management
Website Builder
Online documents
Yes$61 / 5 users/ monthYes
Monday Sales CRMMarketing Automation
Email marketing
Role management
Live Chat
Yes$15 / user/monthYes
EngageBayMarketing Automation
Email marketing
Role management
Live Chat
Yes$14.99 / user/ monthYes
Pipe DriveSales Automation
Email builder
Manage contracts
Marketing automation
Yes$14/ user/month Yes
HubSpotLive chats and Chatbots
Reporting and Analytics
Document management system
Email tracking and Automation
Yes$20 / user / monthYes

Zoho CRM

    Zoho CRM is a software tool that is used by businesses for sales marketing and customer support processes.It is popular due to its flexibility, which enables users to fully adapt the solution to their businesses.

    Zoho CRM provides great automation tools that can help with sending automated messages, such as E-mails, and updating records. It has an AI tool that can be used to perform specific tasks, such as Zia, which is an AI that may help in sales, forecasting, trending, and coming up with decision-making processes.

    Key features:

    • Omnichannel support
    • Sales Enablement
    • Process management 
    • Sales force automation
    • CRM Analytics


    • Affordable pricing plans.
    • Easy to use.
    • Automation on all plans.


    • AI features are available only in the top tiers.
    • Limited custom fields.

    Zoho’s Subscription plan:

    Standard Professional EnterpriseUltimate
    $20/user/month$35/ user/ month$50/ user/ month$65/ user/ month


      Freshsales is a CRM software through which businesses can manage their sales alongside their customer relationships. It has a clean and intuitive layout, so it is easy to control and navigate even for the sales teams, and they can efficiently monitor leads, deal flow, and communication with customers.

      Other features that Freshsales provides include efficient email integration, which allows its users to send, receive, and even track emails directly within the application. The application also employs AI-based features to help in lead sorting and sales forecasting and delivers features that enable the sales team to perform efficiently.

      Key features:

      • Deal management
      • Integration
      • Customization
      • Automation
      • Sales Intelligence 


      • User-friendly Interface.
      • Direct support options.
      • Strong sales features, including built-in phone.


      • No business card scanning tool.
      • No internet-scraping lead-generation feature.

      Freshsales’s Subscription plan:

      Growth ProEnterprise
      $11/per user/per month$47/ user/ month$71/ user/ month


        Bitrix24 is complete business management software that covers customer relations management, project management, and team collaboration. It is meant to assist various companies in using appropriate strategies to enhance their operations and increase their efficiency. 

        Bitrix24 allows individuals to interact and share information on clients, sales status, client relations, and projects. Its clear and simple design, easy navigation, and extensive instrumentation make it the best CRM for businesses of any size.

        Key features:

        • Team management
        • Website Builder
        • Automation
        • CRM access permissions
        • CRM analytics


        • Provision of free plan.
        • Facity of multi-channel communication.
        • Wide integration capabilities.


        • Has a steep learning curve.
        • Its UI needs improvement.

        Bitrix24’s Subscription plan:

        $61/5users/month$124/ 50 users/ month$249/100 users/ month$499/250 users/ month

        Monday sales CRM

          Monday Sales CRM is an effective and easy-to-use customer relationship management program that can be used to manage daily sales and customer communication. It provides a user-friendly and attractive platform, with the ability to customize the layout, track leads deals, and work with the team.

          The software enables the business to design its own work processes, handle repetitive tasks, and visualize its sales funnel. Monday Sales CRM is appropriate for companies of any size and serves as a support for performing all activities related to sales.

          Key features:

          • Activity tracking
          • Import your data
          • Contact management 
          • Email sync & tracking
          • Contact management


          • It is a useful project visualization tool.
          • It supports integrations with other platforms.
          • Encourages transparency and accountability.


          • Expensive if you have a small team.
          • Lacks advanced task-tracking features .

          Monday sales’s Subscription plan:

          $15/user/month$20/ user/ month$33/ user/ monthContact sales


            EngageBay is high-level customer relationship management software that combines sales, marketing, and customer support with one click. It is intended for small and medium enterprises to enhance operational efficiency, customer relationships, and sales.

            EngageBay offers contact management solutions along with customer relationship management, campaigns, and support. Because of its user-friendly design, companies can easily get started and increase their efficiency quickly with EngageBay’s help.

            Key features:

            • Marketing automation
            • Email marketing 
            • Role management 
            • Live chat
            • Web Analytics


            • Offers all features in one platform.
            • It is affordable.
            • Simple to use.


            • The interaction between the contact list and the companies. Not ideal.
            • No integration with Canva.

            EngageBay’s Subscription plan:

            $0/user/month$14.99/ user/ month$64.99/ user/ month$119.99/ user/ month


              Pipedrive is a business-oriented CRM platform that helps various companies manage their sales cycles and interact with customers more effectively. It is appreciated for its user-friendly and pleasing design that allows salespeople to follow leads, organize deals, and monitor pipelines.

              Pipedrive is dedicated to helping organizations manage complex sales environments with its visual, customizable pipeline, features, and automated reminders. It can be especially beneficial for companies that seek to optimize their sales process, which will help to improve team efficiency.

              Key features:

              • Email builder
              • Marketing automation
              • Sales automation
              • Contracts management
              • Web visitor tracking


              • Workflow automation is available in almost all plans.
              • Offer autofill contact info feature for high-tier plans.
              • Built-in telephony feature on most plans.


              • Limited custom fields and reports on most plans.
              • Phone support is available only on the highest tier.

              Pipedrive’s Subscription plan:

              EssentialAdvancedProfessionalPowerEnt           erprise
              $14/per user/per month$249/ user/ month$59/ user/ month$69/ user/ month$99/ user/ month


                HubSpot is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to help businesses manage their sales, marketing, and customer service activities all in one platform. Known for its user-friendly interface and powerful features, HubSpot enables businesses to attract, engage, and delight customers effectively.

                It offers a range of tools for contact management, email marketing, lead generation, and customer support, making it a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes. HubSpot also provides a free CRM plan with essential features, allowing businesses to start without any initial cost.

                Key features:

                • Live chats and chatbots
                • Reporting and analytics
                • Document management system
                • Email tracking and Automation
                • Integration capabilities


                • Has annual payment discounts.
                • Powerful free CRM core.
                • Free tier available.


                • Expensive beyond the free tier.
                • Limited reporting functionality.

                HubSpot’s Subscription plan:

                Free toolsMarketing hub StarterStarter customer platformMarketing Hub Profesional 
                $0/user/month$20/ user/ month$20/ user/ month$890 /3 user/ month

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                Key Features to Look for in Customer Database Software

                The key features to look for in Customer Data Base Software are:

                • Customer database: The customer database contains all of the necessary information about your customers in an easily accessible manner. This also means locating information such as contact data, purchase history, and interactions is very easy.
                • Data migration: Data migration tools allow users to transfer customers’ data from old systems into the new software without deleting it. This guarantees continuity and up-to-date documents throughout. 
                • Multichannel lead generation: Multichannel lead generation is the process of collecting new customer leads from various sources, including websites, social media, emails, and others. It contributes to expanding customers because people engage in the platform from one point to another.
                • Profile enrichment: Profile enrichment is a feature that inserts information into the customer profiles and updates it occasionally. This provides you with a better understanding of your customers and enables you to improve your service delivery to them.
                • Reporting & analytics: Reporting and analytics features help to process information concerning your customers. This enables you to make good decisions and determine how effectively your business strategies perform.

                How to Choose the Right Customer Database Software

                To choose the right customer Database software, you need to consider following factors:

                • Budget: Select products that have clear pricing policies and estimate the possible costs per future growth of the application. Here, free trials or free tiers can be helpful in analyzing whether the software is appropriate for the business without risking money.
                • Team size: Another consideration when selecting a customer database software system is the appropriate team size. Know if the software can support the current number of employees and more in the future by providing adaptable user licenses or a pricing scheme.
                • Scalability: Scalability is crucial when choosing your customer database software because it must grow with your business. Select a system that will accommodate future expansions in the number of users while maintaining efficiency and without the need for frequent enhancements. 
                • Integrations with other tools: Integration with other platforms is useful for workflow and data handling. Your customer database should easily integrate with your current tools, such as email marketing, CRM, or project management applications. Determine the extent of integrations and their applicability to your business and the tools that you intend to use.


                Customer database management software systems are important in organizations to facilitate proper management and processing of customer details. Such systems provide features like contact management, email logs and other sales control features which make it easier to run the business and detect patterns.

                Some of the top customer database software are Zoho CRM, Freshsales, Bitrix24, Monday Sales CRM, EngageBay, Pipedrive, and HubSpot. These platforms include features such as automation and integration, collaboration, and project management and can benefit companies of all sizes and types. When selecting a system, the factors to consider include cost, organization size, compatibility, and flexibility to accommodate the organization’s growth.


                What are the 4 types of customer data?

                The four types of customer data are:

                1. Basic data: This includes simple personal information like names, physical and mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.
                1. Interaction data: This type include information on the relationships that customers have with your business.
                1. Behavioral data: Behavioral data captures the activities and actions of consumers visiting your website, mobile application, or other digital platforms.
                1. Attitudinal data: This data gathers information on customer attitudes towards certain products or services.

                What is the difference between a customer data platform (CDP) and a customer database software?

                Customer Data Platform (CDP) is designed to gather data about clients from different sources and accumulate it in one place, assisting in marketing and analytics. While customer database software is mainly intended to stock simple customer data, including names and purchase records, it usually does not encompass multi-database integration as we bring extra features and functions.

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